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Goodbye Earth | Profile Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Spaughtyena, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    I: Welcome to the Family
    II: The Black Road
    III: The Fateful Few
    IV: Finale
    V: Goodbye Earth

    Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall - Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots

    Main Quests Active:

    Main Quests Complete:

    Misc Quests Active:

    Misc Objectives Complete:

    Secrets Found:

    Enemies Killed:

    The year is 3007, the earth as you know it, is dying – and soon it will be dead. In an effort to save the remainder of the civilized races, the global government system had conducted blood sample surveys and many other tests to determine who among the world's population was the purest and most likely to have strong, biologically superior children. After five years of testing, the government had discovered that only 5% of the worlds population. (Around 1 million at the time.) Were fit to have children, and were sent into the last remaining city, (known as 'Finale') to be kept safe as scientists and engineers prepared the shuttle that would take them across space towards a new, healthy planet.

    But what would come to those who didn't make the cut you ask? The government had already planned that out. They categorized them as 'the gray area' or even in some extreme cases, 'tainted, or the black.' The grays were allowed to stay in some of the ramshackle settlements, but were not admitted into Finale. The tainted were shunned from all society, as they were seen as the cause of all that had, and will occur – or so the propaganda would have the masses believe. In addition, the government gave Finale an airtight seal from the rest of the world, prior to filling the irradiated air with chemicals that were impossible to avoid, causing sterilization of the rest of the world, feeling that, since they would die with the world in the end, it was illogical to allow them to have offspring.

    In recent days, the earth is at its breaking point, and the government has decided to fire a fusion charge into the core of the planet as the shuttle takes off, putting the old planet out of its misery as the last remaining hope for earth's civilization floats towards the stars. But all hope is not lost for everyone. By some fluke, some children were born just after the nuclear bombs fell, leaving them in a twisted irradiated world to grow up in, and with such radioactivity, comes side-affects.

    On rare occasion, children were born with strange DNA. (Known as 'Type Zero') And while most of them died out before the chemicals took over the airways, some new children have been born with this mutation. The chemicals, while still sterilizing to the mutated individuals, also seems to give them supernatural abilities, such as speed, strength and durability, as well as other strange abilities.

    However, in the end, the government's powers no longer extend to outside the city, and the Microwave, or wasteland is void of any and all laws, as the fateful group who will meet, unaware of the role they will each play, and traverse through the wasteland, and finding their place among the stars.


    Humans, and any anthropomorphic animal – if you have questions, PM me.

    [b]Physical Description:[/b]
    [i][b]~Class & Skills~[/b][/i]
     + Weapon:
     + Armor:
     + Mutant Ability 1:
     + Mutant Ability 2:
    [b]Available Skill points:[/b] {8}
    [b]Melee Combat:[/b] 
    [b]Ranged Combat:[/b] 
    [i][b]~HP and Stats~[/b][/i]
    [b]HP:[/b] 10
    [b]LVL:[/b] 1
    [b]EXP:[/b] 0/10 
  2. ~Aesthetics~

    Name: Kareem “Vido” Vedalo

    Sex: Male

    Race: Anthro; Striped Hyena.

    Physical Description: Standing Six-foot-five, Vido is moderately toned from time spent surviving in the wastes. His fur is a light sandy color, changing to a dark burgundy as it reaches his belly, stripes, and mane. His face is rugged, carrying with it a layer of dirt and a few scars along his muzzle and eyes, as well as ears that resemble swiss-cheese. However, his face is often concealed by a rusted bronze facemask serving as a helmet and gasmask that mimics the contours of his head, leaving only his ears exposed as his eyes are hidden underneath a red-tinted visor.

    Personality: Vido was never a talkative sort, and only does so when it is absolutely necessary. He has lived his life facing many close calls, as well as learning to never trust anyone but himself. He is often seen as selfish and emotionless, often choosing not to aid someone unless the reward is worth the risk.

    Biography: To be revealed...

    ~Class & Skills~

    + Weapon: Colt, single action revolver. This tarnished gun once wore a coating of silk-black paint, with a darkly stained wooden grip. Now, spots of rust, scratches and dents adorn this trusty revolver.
    {Base DMG: 1+ ranged| Range: Field|Type: Pierce}

    + Armor: Rusted Metal plates. What once was a normal spring coat and jeans, has become a functional suit of armor. Adorned with rusted metal plates varying from license plates and other such scraps.
    {Base DR: 2|Effects: 20% Negate Pierce}

    + Mutant Ability 1: Air Mace: A burst of air centered on the caster is sent outwards, dealing damage, and having a chance to knock enemies back. {Type: Radius|Effect: Pound|Range: 2 cells|DMG: 3(air) 10% chance knock-back (1 cell)|Cost: 6}

    + Mutant Ability 2: Touch of Speed: On touch, the enchanted creature gains an additional action for 2 rounds plus occult level. {Type: Touch|Effect: Pound|Range: Adj|Cost: 6}

    Available Skill points: {0}


    Melee Combat: 2

    Ranged Combat: 2

    Endurance: 2


    Crafting: 1

    Occult: 1

    ~HP and Stats~

    HP: 10


    DR:2 {Block: 4|Flat-Footed: 2}

    LVL: 1

    EXP: 0/10 [/color]
  3. ~Aesthetics~

    Name: Betty Kline / Hina*

    Sex: Female

    Race: Anthro / Bengal tiger

    Physical Description: Betty (and by extension, Hina) is a fairly run-of-the-mill looking tiger, but with one key differece: the stark heterochromic appearance of the eyes. Her right eye is blue on white, while her left eye is red on black. She as well has black hair with white streaks, and in place of normal tiger stripes, she happens to have a largely black coat with white stripes. She usually wears a denim jacket layered over top of a Cheshire Cat shirt that she found at God knows where and a pair of black dress pants. She stands at a round five feet, five inches in height and is of an average female build.

    Personality: Officially, Betty has split personality disorder, and therefore has two distinct personalities. Both will be explained.

    Betty Kline (normal): Betty, as she calls herself when she's all but normal, is fairly chilled. She's by no stretch the type to get back in the kitchen, however she has no problems with making food for those who are polite to her. This side of her prefers to meticulously plan her moves in battle, even sometimes managing to do it while in the middle of a hectic combat environment. Associated with Positive Energy.

    Hina (schizophrenic and unpredictable): Hina is the 'insane' side of Betty. Often unpredictable to the point of attacking her own team for reasons she's sure not even she will ever know, she's been known to completely ruin even the most basic outings. When she makes something of anything, there's a high chance of her sabotaging it. Associated with Negative Energy.

    However, despite the stronger association with one energy over another based on personality, that does not mean those energies are exclusive to their respective sides.

    Biography: Unknown.

    ~Class & Skills~

    + Weapon: Snappable bladed staff; can be broken in the center to form two shortspears or used as a full staff. [Staff mode | DMG: 2 + melee | Range: 2 | Type: POUND] [Spear mode | DMG: 1 + melee | Range: 1 Type: POUND | 20% to PIERCE] [Two attacks per round]

    + Armor: Plated denim jacket: A standard denim jacket that Betty filled with repurposed scrap metal to approximate armor. [Base DR: 2 | Effects: 20% Negate Pierce]

    [Note: Betty has a 50% chance to switch personalities on battle start.]

    + Mutant Ability 1: Augment Weapons: Adds extra damage type; Negative Energy to target weapon. Only usable by Betty. [Type: Touch | Effect: Pound | Duration: 3 | Range: Adj | Cost: 7]

    + Mutant Ability 2: Negative Wave: Fires a cone of negative energy in the form of a three-cell cone over a range of three cells. Only usable by Hina. [Type: Cone | Effect: Pound | Range: 3 cells | DMG: 2 + Occult (Negative) (Heals negative subtypes) | Cost: 8]

    Available Skill points: {8}

    Heal: 1

    Melee Combat:  2

    Ranged Combat: 1

    Endurance: 1

    Security: 0

    Crafting: 1

    Occult: 2

    ~HP and Stats~

    HP: 10

    MP: 12

    DR: 2 [Block: 3 | Flat-Footed: 2]

    LVL: 1

    EXP: 0/10

    [sub]1: Split personality; when she changes, she takes on a different name.[/sub]
  4. ~Aesthetics~

    Name: Phelix "Dex" Marzian

    Sex: Male

    Race: Human

    Physical Description: Matching his stealth-like fighting, Dex has a very "hidden" style of clothing. He covers his face with a skull-mouthed bandana and dark shades to cover his red eyes, only leaving his silky-white hair visible. He also has a black jacket, left unzipped, that covers a blue tanktop, which has several cut marks on it. His army-camo cargo pants used to be longer, but got ripped one day. One thing that doesn't help his stealth is his height, 5'11", and yellow bow & black arrows, residing in a makeshift holder from old materials.

    Personality: Matching his style of fighting, Dex is a very quiet human that let's his actions speak for him. Despite his quiet persona, he likes to mingle with his friends and is very open to new people. When it comes to things related to technology and stealth, Dex goes into his "fanatic" mode, which differs from his normal self as in he's talkative and loud.

    Due to his young obsession with ninjas, Dex thinks that he is now a ninja.

    Biography: Once I actually think of shit to put here...

    ~Class & Skills~

    + Weapon: Birch Wood Bow; Made from an old birch tree's remains, and uses the bones of the fallen for arrow heads. [Base DMG: 1 + ranged|Range: Field|Type: Pierce]

    + Armor: Camouflaged clothing; Specific clothing that helps to remain stealth-like amongst the environment/shadows. [Base DR: 1|Effects: 15% Evasion]

    + Mutant Ability 1: Air Art|Echolocation: A screeching noise is sent straight from the mouth of the user, causing headache damage to its targets.  [Type: Linear|Effect: Pierce|Range: 3 cell(s)|DMG: 2(Air) (15% Chance of Confusion - 3 Turns) |Cost: 8]

    + Mutant Ability 2: Lightning Art|Thunder Armor: Encases the directed target in an armor of electricity, improving defense. [Type: Touch|Effect: Pound|Range: Adj (15% Chance of Paralysis upon Touch)(Adds 50% DR for 3 turns; If DR is 0 or 1, then add 1 to DR)|Cost: 10]

    Available Skill points: {8}

    Heal: 1

    Melee Combat: 1

    Ranged Combat: 2

    Endurance:  2

    Security: 1

    Crafting: 1

    Occult: 0

    ~HP and Stats~

    HP: 10


    DR: 1 {Block: 3|Flat-Footed: 1}

    LVL: 1

    EXP: 0/10

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