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Fuck Mom's Knife

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by CerberusLycan, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. So I'm playing an Azazel run in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (if you have no idea what that is reading the rest of this post won't benefit you at all) and I get Anti-Gravity tears on Necropolis, giving me these awesome, short-range, delayed Brimstone portals. It probably wasn't as generally viable as just keeping my normal Brimstone laser, but it was so cool and fun anyway! Picking up Wiggle Worm a few rooms later added to the fun. At the end of the floor, I get a Deal with the Devil and there's Mom's Knife in there and I'm so excited, thinking I'll end up with knife-spewing portals.

    Picking it up reverted my tears to normal, boring, non-anti-gravity tears, as if I only had Mom's Knife. Not even Brimstone + Mom's Knife, just Mom's Knife. It was not fun.

    What makes it worse is that later in the Dark Room I get Spoon Bender and My Reflection. How My Reflection would have worked with my previous Brimstone portals is dubious at best, but Spoon Bender would have been so cool with the Brimstone + Anti-Gravity! Fuck.

    I won the run but got cheated out of my run. Fuck Mom's Knife. Edmund pls make everything synergize as you would expect pl0x my fun nuuuuu stupid kitchen utensils

    homing Brimstone portals I just

    screw Mom's Knife, never picking it up again

    wish I had saved the seed so I could do it again, without picking up Mom's Knife ;-;
  2. And then Afterbirth happened and answered everyone's prayers to the holy McMillen. Yeah, Mom's knife ruins Brimstone big - time, unfortunately. I feel like it's nowhere near as useful as it was in vanilla Isaac.Spoon Bender, though... that would've been amazing!

        Also to note, I finally won as the Lost in Rebirth yesterday. Sooooo many losses on my loss streak before that was over...
  3. i'd rather not fuck a knife tbh

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