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Fate/Lunaterra ~ RP Thread

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Shadow, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. "Well, Berserker, unlike your Master here, I'm actually competent at magic." Xander shot Hailey a glare of irritation at her comment, but the girl's tone was casual, almost playful, rather than sarcastic. Hailey kept a content grin as she countered Berserker's retort. "Besides, Xander's got the Command Spell, so he won't let you--" She stopped as he interrupted with something that sounded like a threat and suddenly used a hole in the roof to jump outside.

    Xander and Hailey stood there for a few seconds, before the girl looked sharply at the Master and nudged him toward a broken section of wall. "Why are you just standing here? You can't let a Servant like Berserker just run around unattended."

    Xander startled, but regained his composure and nodded, heading outside himself with Hailey following. "Right." Grabbing his coat from the back of the undamaged desk chair, he slipped it on as he jogged outside, grabbing his cell phone and car keys for good measure. "Berserker, wait!" The words were sharp, not a true order, but showing that Xander was quickly adapting to the situation.

    When he and Hailey arrived outside, they stopped and looked at Berserker almost warily. Xander stepped forward, pocketing the phone and keys before addressing the Servant again. "You said something about food, right?" He asked. Then he looked around, used his phone to check the time, and shook his head. "If you want something to eat, we could grab a bite... if you can make yourself look normal, that is..." Hailey sighed behind him, but he ignored her. "What do you eat, anyway?"
  2. Blaise felt the scathing words that the man spat at her, but she was not disillusioned from what her true motive was. No. It would take far more than this to keep her from moving forward. Instead, she smiled through her tears, still extremely overjoyed that something this fortunate was occurring for her. Dissuasion was not an option, and she would not have things go any other way.

    "Monsieur, I do not offer services of any sort. On the contrary, it is you who should offer yours to the Grail."

    She kicked the cigarette butt away as she was walking closer towards the man.

    "You have the power to fight in the War... and achieve your wildest dreams... whatever they may be."

    She walked around the blond man, letting what she said sink in, if he wasn't too dense to open his mind to possibility.

    "I'm sure that someone of your stature has some desire that you would wish to be satisfied..."

    She let this trail off and waited for his response, which most likely would be less than amiable, given the earlier discourse. Men.
  3. "It's too bad, too. I could have made a much better base of operations myself."

    Carl turned back around and squinted at his servant, trying to decipher whether or not he should be insulted. There was a brief moment of pause before he spoke, sounding somewhat embarrassed with himself. "Oh yes, the area creation ability." Carl thought back to Caster's display of shadowy power from before and shook his head Solemnly. "No. Not now. I can't imagine you summoning anything that doesn't look extremely menacing." Carl gestured around the empty room. There where a few potions, simple rations, and what looked like some office equipment lying around in various corners, but nothing of real importance or interest. "We're just fetching lab equipment and artifacts. Please go scout around while we do. We can torment everyone from a giant foreboding bunker later." With that, Carl placed the back of his right hand to the Glyph. His body dissolved into wisps of light, that looked as if they were falling out of place, and into the portal.

    Almost as soon as Carl had left, the dragon, Dise returned from the wisps of light, which all bounced up back into place to form his body. On his back, he had tied various sacks, shaped strangely by all manner of weird tools and vials. He eyed Caster nervously as he untied them and placed them about the room, but did not say a word to her directly.
  4. Caster gave no glance around the room as Carl had gestured toward their present location. She had already seen enough of it prior, and even if she did look again, nothing would have interested her. The initial idea of using this building as their base of operations insulted her. She was then reminded of her menial task of scouting through the apparently abandoned building.

    We can torment everyone from a giant foreboding bunker later."

    Caster turned back toward Carl, seemingly prepared to speak to him in response to everything he had said. But before she could get the opportunity to do so, he had already dissolved into the glyphs, having almost immediately been replaced by the dragon Dise. For only a few seconds, she eyed the nervous reptilian creature crawl about the room, placing various objects within it before taking her attention off of him. Her gazed went back down to her shadow. In a way, her shadow was previously used to demonstrate her ability. Once again, it would be used to fulfill a purpose. Her right hand moved downward toward it.

    As I told him, he might as well have instructed me to stay in this room and do nothing. She then gradually channeled Dark Mana into her shadow. In the dim lighting of the room, the Dark Mana flowing into her shadow seemingly caused it to undulate beneath her. And that's exactly what I will do. They can do all of the searching for me. Soon, she stopped channeling Dark Mana into her shadow, which at this point had seemingly gone into a frenzy, independent of her own movement. Or lack thereof. And then, her chaotic shadow began to divide.
  5. He had to hand it to her; the tramp was… persistent if nothing else.

    In spite of this, Alasdair could feel irritation rising within him. It seemed that the woman recognized him, and was therefore very set in pursuing some sort of transaction from him. This would not do, not in the slightest. He narrowed his eyes as she advanced towards him, kicking the cigarette butt out of the way without even sparing a glance or a thought to the implications of him casting it between them. No, she continued to smile in spite of… were those tears welling up in her eyes? She fed him some poppycock line about “fulfilling his wildest dreams,” to which he gave a snort of derision.

    Did she not understand that he was not interested?

    The woman continued to circle him, as though sizing him up. It unsettled him slightly. Alasdair cocked an eyebrow as she returned his earlier comment – referring to him as monsieur. He responded to this in crisp French, “La pute parle français? Ah. Bien. J’insiste, mademoiselle, que tu me laisse seul. Il ne me faut plus tes services; en fait, j’ai horreur que tu continue à essayer de me serrer.

    Switching to English, he continued, “I surely do not have a single ‘desire’ that someone as yourself would be able to fulfill. I have no interest in fighting in some war. I have business to attend to.” His fingers began to spark to life, crackling with the red energy he had just used to light his cigarette. Filled with warmth, and dotted with an irritation that grew as the woman continued their dialogue. Though it was not intended to be a malicious gesture, Alasdair could feel himself clenching his teeth together. He did not want to cause more of a scene than necessary, but if the woman would not leave him alone… “Surely, as a businesswoman of a different kind, you can comprehend that you will be receiving no ‘business’ from me.
  6. Blaise listened to the man as he spouted insults at her, insisting that she was some cheap whore who had the intention of attempting to seduce or persuade him to do something against his will. Given how well dressed he was, he most likely wasn't even aware that his latent power had even greater implications for the grand scheme of things. If only he could understand the situation at hand, this conflict would never have happened, and the summons would have proceeded without a hitch. Time was of the essence, and he wanted to simply trifle with her. Men.

    She had to hand it to the man, though, he did have a way with words.

    Tittering, she knew she found the one who could offer her solace and grant her wishes. The spark of energy was all she needed to confirm that she had The One. The name was rather irrelevant at this point, but the night was growing old, and things really needed to move along if this would be her chance at glory. "You think I am here for business, do you? If only you knew the true reason behind my appearance, perhaps this would be a different scenario. Perhaps you would be more willing to listen to me instead of having your head up your ass."

    Wiping her eyes, she took a step forward towards him and brought her hands to her pendant, feeling a current flow through her fingers. She listened intently for sounds of desire, things that the man might have wanted, either in a past life or in the here and now. Perhaps if she could strike a heartstring, he would be more willing to listen to her...

    "You desire for bigger and better prospects, do you not? This place, this city, it is far too small for your tastes, and with someone of your mind and stature, you could certainly rule the economic world with the greatest of ease..."

    She smiled and looked into his eyes.

    "Am I mistaken?"

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