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Fate/Lunaterra ~ OoC Thread

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Shadow, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Oh boy here we go again. By popular demand, Fate/Lunaterra has risen from the ashes, ready to start anew.

    Refer to the original Interest Check for more information regarding the nature of the Holy Grail War and the Servant system, but otherwise, I'm going to operate in essentially the same way as in this roleplay's original run, which means that this:

    ...is perfectly valid here and will be how you get your characters approved. Those reusing the same characters from the previous iteration of Fate/Lunaterra are still highly recommended to send another summary PM, mostly to refresh my memory but could also be useful if you want to go a little more in-depth and/or change some things about the character. "Summary-Profiles" of other non-Master characters is also encouraged but not required at this point, but we aware that I may ask you for a summary at a later point in time.

    I'm also thinking I'll announce all Master/Servant pairings in this thread a little before starting the RP, so that should be fun as well.
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  2. I announced these yesterday in the Discord, but for the record:

    Official Master-Servant Pairings:


    The roleplay itself should be starting sooN™
  3. Hiya, now before anyone shoots the sudden newbie here, Shadow graciously told me there was still room for a non-Master to partner up with one of the participating Masters.

    I am open to ideas for my Magus in terms of backstory, if anyone is gracious enough to be interested on taking me in we can discuss further via PM or Discord ^.^
  4. @SilverySilver now that the roleplay is starting up once all the Masters find out the thread is up one might take you up on the offer. If not then I might.

    On that note, Lucas post coming shortly.
  5. @Keileon I was starting to get that feeling ^^; I guess I'll give it one more day or so to wait.

    @Shadow I have a write up I was waiting to send once I found a Master to pair up with, but I'll send it to you today so you an idea of what is coming.
  6. Wow, I've been dead forever, haven't I?

    Just posting in here to reiterate that I'll be picking this back up after Christmas.

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