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Fallen's File of Failure

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by Fallen, Jul 13, 2013.

    • Yurok "Blaine" Navajo
    ~Appears in Original A.R.K.N.E.T.​

    Name: Blaine
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Weight: 153
    Height: 5'7"

    Description of Physical Attributes: Because of his Native American heritage, Blaine has a dark skin tone from being in the sun since birth.  His snowy white hair contrasts his black eyes, and his hair is tied up into a ponytail.  Adapting to current times, he wears a headband that has a skulls&bones that form a smiley face.  He also wears only a brown vest that covers his upper torso, slightly revealing his chest, and torn black jeans as well as sandals.  He can also be seen carrying a sword in it's holster, which is attached at his hip.

    Personality: Not knowing much about the outside world, Blaine is quiet, secretive man that likes to keep to himself and others he is acquainted with.  Unlike his brother, he was a very calm villager that thought of a plan instead of running head-on into a situation.  In arguments, he tries to play the role of peacemaker or very stubborn in his point of view.

    Theme: Scars - Papa Roach

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Necromancy: From his innate ability and his studies with the Cult, Blaine can summon apparitions of those who passed, or the bodies of the dead to serve him.
    +Shadow Manipulation: A unique ability to Blaine, the power allows him to hide in shadows and potentially "teleport" to other shadows.  He can also manipulate someone's actions while in their shadow if they have a weak will/mind.
    +Bone Wielder: With this ability, Blaine can take out bones from his body to use as weapons, yet his skeletal structures remains intact.  To this day, he has no clue of an answer for this.

    Skills: Blaine is efficient in the fighting style of his people and swordsmanship from his uncle's help.  From one of his infamous "one-night-stands", he learned how to wield a gun and use them properly, though he still has his off days.  Besides fighting, Blaine is an avid musician that plays the music of his tribe.


    Weapons: A Native-American blade passed down from his ancestors, dual Jericho-941 pistols, and a blow dart.
    Apparel: N/A
    Miscellaneous: Flute(Native-American style), Bass Guitar('Merican Style)

    <will fill in later, since I'm filling in few holes atm>
    • Benjamin "Benji" Walker
    ~Appears in Guardian Angels​
    Name: Benjamin "Benji" Walker
    Age: 22
    Sex: Male
    Race: Half-Human/Lycan.

    Physical Description: Being a hybrid, Benji has features of both Humans and Lycans. His outer appearance is similar to that of an average human of a height of around 5'7" with long brown hair that he usually ties in a ponytail. The only differences is that his face has canine-like whiskers and his teeth are sharp like the aforementioned family-type. His fingers are long, while his nails are sharpened to be compared to claws. He is seen wearing a gray hoodie and black shorts that contrasts his light blue eyes.

    Personality: Unlike his little brother, Benji has a laid back attitude that would rather have fun than work hard. He isn't school smarts, instead he has street smarts from his job and growing up. His temper is very short and he got into many fights when he was younger due to his behavior.

    Biography: After finishing high school, Benji did not want to waste his time and family's money for college. Instead, he got a job from his uncle at the local car repair shop. From a young age, Benji had a gift of putting things together or taking them apart. A year after Arty entered high school, their father died so Benji had to take care of himself and his brother. Through this predicament, the brothers bonded more and Benji swore to himself that he'd protect Arty no matter what.

    Important person/Loved one: Arthur "Arty" Walker, Benji's little half-brother. Unlike his older brother, Arty is human since the two have different mothers, but are brothers none the less. He is 17 years old.
    ~Class & Skills~
    Class: Mechanic

    Class Bonuses: (+2 to Crafting)


    Weapon 1 N/A
    Weapon 2 N/A
    Armor N/A
    Armor N/A

    Misc: Pocket Wrench, and Pocket Watch

    Available Skill points: (6) {8 if unemployed}
    Heal: 0

    Melee Combat: 1

    Ranged Combat: 1
    ADR Attack 1: Battle Claws: Lunging at the foe ahead, his claws swipe at the body, leaving behind blood and injuries. [Type: Touch. Effect: Pounding. Cost: 4; Base Damage: 1 + Stamina]
    Endurance: 1
    Security: 1

    Crafting: 4 (2 + 2 bonus)

    Stamina: 0

    ~HP and Stats~

    HP: 10
    Adr: 10

    DR: 0

    LVL: 1
    EXP: 0/1
    • Ortis Frekiz
    ~Appears in Unlocking Potential

    ~~Work in Progress~~​

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