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Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir [Profiles]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Keileon, May 21, 2015.

  1. Their perfect beast must overcome
    Challenges to they named "dragon"
    The gods wait for the path to go wrong
    And so they sing Euthora's song.


    Euthora's Radiant Era was a time of relative peace. Humans worked to build their sprawling cities across the landscape, under the watchful eyes of the most powerful mortal beasts on the planet: those dragons granted the title of Tiirenkári, Skykings. Rightful rulers of the sky, these dragons lorded over large areas of land called protectorates, protecting and guiding the humans inhabiting the area in exchange for the population's loyalty. Though many Skykings did not require it, offerings were common, groups of humans coming up to the Skyking's altar with gifts of meat, metal, and wine. With dragonkind protecting their thralls with claw and fire, the Radiant Era was arguably the peak of Euthora's peace, the pinnacle of harmony despite only being the first era.

    But absolute power corrupts, and not all Skykings were peaceful guardians. Through an ability-like affinity with dragons known as dracomancy, some humans were able to communicate with or even control their rulers. Known as masters to their dragons, these humans could even form a bond as powerful as the one Skyking Shyr himself had as the first dragon- binding the dragon as a Familiar, the master and the dragon equals and ever loyal to one another. Familiar to one of these dracomancers, Stormcloud Firedrake Súndávr, ruler of the Teílos Range in southwestern Forvolrasuls, aided his master in a daring crusade.

    The takeover of Euthora via the control of all of the planet's dragons.

    Ultimately thwarted by Shyr himself and sealed away after an intense battle, Sundávr and his master still left quite a mark on the planet. Dragons were feared for their raw power, dracomancers distrusted for the havoc they could wreak. The creatures that once ruled with peace soon were mutinied against, facing minor rebellions that their arrogance could not understand the cause of. A few individual Skykings were able to quell the uprisings and once again make peace with their thralls, but many more were forced to enforce their rule with fire and brutality, or were simply killed in the struggle.

    But now the Skykings that could not resolve the rebellions peacefully are all gone, and with them the Radiant Era comes to a close. With only two known living Skykings remaining- Skyking Shyr and his son Ausurath- the Dissonant Era comes with the persecution of the lesser dragons. And because of the species' inherent aggression and affinity with destruction, the True and Stormcloud Firedrakes have been driven to the brink of extinction. As if in response, the True Firedrake has given rise to several subspecies via interspecies breeding, but their volatile cousins of lightning have not properly been seen in years.

    A small group of lesser dragons in southern Durasken finds themselves in the middle of the conflict; dragonslaying is an increasingly common profession, and the mountains and forests in which many dragons nest are no longer safe refuges. Attempting to move to more remote, inhospitable locations, they find that they are drawn to the Southern Range, towards a deep canyon-like valley. Instinctive territoriality would drive them to fight for this spot of land, but a battle will not even break out before they find that they are not alone. A voice seems to tell them "Rala kelai, ria rah-kiiru" before their adversaries reveal themselves.

    They can puzzle the Drakine words out later. For now, they must survive.



    [b]Next Level:[/b] 
    [i]-- Alignment:[/i]
    [i]-- Disposition:[/i]
    [b]+ Name:[/b] 
    [b]+ Name:[/b] 
    [b]R-Ability:[/b] [i]Name:[/i]
    [i]-- Name:[/i]
    [i]-- Name:[/i] 
    [b][u]Burst Mode:[/u][/b] [i]<Burst Mode Name>[/i]
    [i]<Flavor Text>[/i]
    [i]-- Burst Meter:[/i] [[color=gray]//////////[/color]]
    [i]-- <Effects>[/i]
    [b]+ Burst Skills:[/b]
    [i]-- Name:[/i]
    [i]-- Name:[/i]
    [b]~ Stats ~[/b]
    [b]Temper:[/b] {[color=red]/////[/color][color=aqua]/////[/color]}
    [b]Skill Points:[/b]
    [i]-- Burst Points:[/i]
  2. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir

    -- No X-Ability or Excess Trigger; these are replaced by Burst Mode (below)
    -- Temper and Disposition (below)
    -- No B-Ability; two S-Abilities, but may only start with one
    -- Alignment (Species-based and determined by GM)
    -- No Upgrade Points

    -- Burst Mode is an Excess-driven process that changes the dragon's appearance and improves combat ability according to the user
    -- Dragon age is not an issue in this statplay

    -- Replaces X-Ability
    ---- Dragon-exclusive
    ---- Second Job and later
    ------ Burst Meter is locked until level 10

    -- Triggered manually
    ---- Must meet the following conditions:
    ------ Burst Meter at 10
    ------ Temper Gauge above 6 (Aggressive) or below 4 (Defensive), depending on the dragon's Disposition
    ------ NPCs only: Less than50% health
    ---- Burst Mode lasts for the duration of the battle or until the Burst Meter reaches 0
    ------ If the dragon was in Burst Mode at the end of the battle, the Burst Meter is automatically reset to 0 after battle, regardless of how many Burst Levels the dragon still had

    -- Provide stat boosts correlating to Disposition and access to Burst Skills, similar to Overdrive and O-Skills in Shadow's system
    ---- Burst Skills use Burst Levels as energy consumed rather than MP
    ------ Burst Levels carry over between battles
    ---- New Burst Skills are obtained via Burst Points
    ------ One Burst Point is obtained every five levels; an extra one is given at Job Promotion
    ---- Burst Mode can be "upgraded" upon Promotion to third and fourth jobs to stay within the standard set by level

    -- Tend to follow a specific naming convention, describing the dragon more than the effects, similar to the name of a Profession

    -- If Temper Gauge is aligned with Disposition, the Burst Meter cannot be lowered except for as costs for Burst Skills.

    -- Bonuses:
    ---- User-defined
    ---- Certain statuses will be more or less effective on characters with Tempers of certain values
    ---- Further bonuses and drawbacks tend to vary between characters and can be noted under Disposition
    ------ Temper is a spectrum, as are its benefits- if a bonus is granted, the opposite must be a drawback

    -- Temper defaults to 5 and can be set outside of battle
    ---- [02:44:53] Shadow That said, I think a nice Thing would be have the scale be fully available at L1--and instead, have the Disposition /bonuses/ scale according to level, not the scale itself

    User must choose one of each applicable tier
    User can choose the other Tier 2 bonus at level 40, or the same one chosen at level 20

    Tier 1 = Every 10 Levels
    Tier 2 = Every 20 Levels
    Tier 3 = Level 40

    + Wind
    -- Tier 1
    ---- +3% Evasion or Critical
    -- Tier 2
    ---- +1 Move
    ---- +10% Effectiveness of buffs to Evasion, Critical, and Move
    -- Tier 3
    ---- Evasion, Critical, and Move cannot be lowered
    ---- User cannot be prevented from Moving or Acting
    ---- User can sacrifice a turn's Act Command to Move twice

    + Fire
    -- Tier 1
    ---- +1 Atk and Int
    -- Tier 2
    ---- +10% Damage Output
    ---- +1 Stat Point
    -- Tier 3
    ---- Total damage dealt (after Def or Spr) cannot be decreased or prevented
    ---- Upgradable Status conditions are automatically applied at the next level, if applicable
    ---- User can sacrifice a turn's Move Command to Act twice

    + Earth
    -- Tier 1
    ---- +1 Def and Spr
    -- Tier 2
    ---- +20% max HP
    ---- -10% effectiveness from incoming effects (not attacks) that do damage
    -- Tier 3
    ---- Permanent -25% Damage Input
    ---- 5% chance to negate damage from an incoming attack
    ---- User is 50% resistant to negative status conditions

    + Water
    -- Tier 1
    ---- +1 Skill Point
    -- Tier 2
    ---- -20% MP costs
    ---- +1 Burst Point
    -- Tier 3
    ---- Permanent +25% max MP
    ---- User starts battle with an extra Burst Level which carries over between battles
    ---- User can adjust Temper during battle, at 1 level per turn, as a free action

    -- Euthoran Dragons: >>
    -- Drakine: >>
  3. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir


    • -- 1.1 Seiátirtiu Drákiu >>
      -- 1.2 Vi Arsedaisizu >>
      -- 1.3 Kel er tsifézu Kelra >>
      -- 1.4a Femiçatiu irr Noshista >>
      -- 1.4b Krasi ait Ereíu, Arakári >>
      -- 1.5 ???
    • ---


    + New Sidequest
    ! Uncompleted Sidequest
    - Current Sidequest
    * Completed Sidequest

    • ---
    • Collateral Damage [Short | Recommended Level: 15]
      Fruxon gave us a sealed scroll case and advised us to open it when we felt ready.
      -- Open the Scroll Case and read its contents.
    • ---
  4. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir


    • Food
      Burned Flesh [Meat | Restores 5 HP; Raises Temper by 1] (I told you it tasted worse when charred.)
      Coal [Mineral | +5 MP, +3 Int for duration of battle] (A short-lived fuel, the carbon residue would remain on a dragon's teeth and improve their firebreath.)
      Gem Fragments [Mineral | Restores 5 MP] x2 (Scattered shards of gemstones. Dragons will eat them to improve scale luster, and magical ability.)
      Human Flesh [Meat | Restores 10 HP] x7 (A chunk of meat removed from a human. It has a slightly bitter taste to it that gets worse when charred.)
      Human Muscle x2 [Meat | Restores 20 HP] (Thick, bitter meat that can make a decent meal if you can take the taste.)
      Stale Bread [Grain | +1 Def (One Battle)] x2 (Why do humans eat this?)
      Wine Flask [Wine | Restores 10 MP and 10 HP] x1 (Though traditionally mixed with blood when consumed by a dragon, wine is still a favored treat. Too bad there isn't more of it in the flask.)


      Crossbow Bolt [Projectile | 50% Atk damage, chance of Poison] x5 (Bolts meant to be loaded into a crossbow. The tips smell like poison.)

      Out-of-Combat Items
      Metal Ore [Mineral | +1 Def (Permanent)] x1 (Rough, unrefined metal ore. You can't see this being useful to work with, but surely there's something to gain by eating it.)
    • Garnet Ring [Accessory | +10 MP] x1 (A silver ring embedded with a melanite garnet. Now that you've picked it up, you can feel a weak charge of Mana in the gem.)
      Jeweled Staff [Weapon | +10 MP, +2 Int, 3 Range] x1 (It might be difficult to carry and still use effectively, but it's better than fighting with one's natural weapons.)
      Studded Whip [Accessory | +2 Atk, Low Chance of Wound on BA] x2 (This can be tied to the end of one's tail, creating an effective alternate weapon.)
    • Bent Steel [Metal] x7 (Twisted scrap metal. This might be useful, though it is damaged.)
      Broken Horn [Bone] (A cracked and broken dragon horn. It's still sharp, and smoothly curved.)

      Cloth Scrap (Black) x4 [Cloth] (A scrap of black cloth. It's quite small, but maybe if you had enough...)
      Cloth Scrap (Blue) [Cloth] x2 (A scrap of blue cloth. It's quite small, but maybe if you had enough...)

      Dense Stone [Stone] (A chunk of rock fairly heavy for its size, which might be useful if you can find someone to work it.)
      Dragon Leather [Leather] x2 (Sturdy, fireproof leather. It seems insensitive, but the dragon this came from won't be needing it anymore.)
      Dragon Scales (Red) x5 [Scale] (Bright red discarded scales. You hope the dragon shed these naturally.)
      Dragon Scales (Silver) x3 [Scale] (Gleaming silver discarded scales. You hope the dragon shed these naturally.)

      Iron Ore [Metal] x1 (A chunk of stone. Something in it has a noticeable, metallic glint.)

      Lancehead [Metal] (A conical, slightly blunted tip from a human's lance. It looks workable.)
      Large Feathers (Gray) x4 [Feather] (Slotted, gray feathers likely plucked from the wings of some large creature, but certainly too large for a bird.)
      Large Gem [Jewel] x2 (A large, glittering gem. You could probably eat it, but it seems like it would be useful for something else.)
      Leather Scraps [Leather] x2 (Tough leather that would make a sturdy, light armor if you had enough of it.)

      Metal Helm [Metal] x2 (A fine steel helm. It doesn't fit any of you, but you could probably use the metal for something else.)
      Metal Plate [Metal] (A relatively undamaged sheet of steel, easy to work with if you have the right tools.)
      Metal Rod [Metal] (Used by humans to leverage heavy objects, this might have use as reinforcement.)

      Shed Claws [Bone] x3 (Discarded claws of a large predator. They smell and look familiar.)
      Shield Scrap [Metal] (The torn and battered edge of a broken shield. The wood is jagged and unworkable, but the metal lining seems fine.)
      Spiked Gauntlets [Metal] (These weapons are too small to fit any of your party. If only!)
    • Knight Crest (A shield bearing the Tarikian Coat of Arms marks the holder as an official knight of Durasken. Or, well, it did.)
      Scroll Case (A tube of bone, sealed with a cap that carries a black and gold insignia. Something rattles inside.)

    [​IMG] Gold: 313


    • ---
    • ---
    • ---
    • ---
    • ---


  5. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir


    • + Durasken
      -- Southern Range Canyon
      -- Southern Pass
      -- Mountain Ridge
      -- Kurasa Outskirts Forge
      -- Sel Durasken Riverbank
    • ---
  6. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir

    -- See here


    -- Named Unit
    -- Boss

    • + Craftsman Class
      -- Blacksmith Striker [Level 6 | Defeated 1 | 5 EXP | Drops: Dragon Leather, Metal Rod, Crossbow Bolt x5, 10 Gold]
      -- Forgemaster [Level 7 | Defeated 1 | 6 EXP | Drops: Spiked Gauntlets, Coal, Metal Plate, 15 Gold]

      + Hunter Class
      -- Dragon Trapper [Level 4 | Defeated 2 | 4 EXP | Drops: Studded Whip, Dragon Leather, Stale Bread, 10 Gold]

      + Knight Class
      -- Apprentice Dragonslayer [Level 1 | Defeated 5 | 2 EXP | Drops: Bent Steel, Human Flesh, Knight Crest, 5 Gold]
      -- Guardsman [Level 4 | Defeated 2 | 4 EXP | Drops: Leather Scraps, Human Muscle, Metal Helm, 10 Gold]
      -- Guard Officer [Level 6 | Defeated 3 | 4 EXP | Drops: Broken Horn, Shield Scrap, Lancehead, 8 Gold]

      + Magus Class
      -- Novice Warmage [Level 2 | Defeated 2 | 3 EXP | Drops: Human Flesh, Cloth Scrap (Blue), Gem Fragments, 6 Gold]
      -- Battlemage [Level 5 | Defeated 1 | 5 EXP | Drops: Jeweled Staff, Garnet Ring, Wine Flask, 15 Gold]
      -- Sorcerer Initiate [Level 6 | Defeated 0 | ? EXP | Drops: ????? ????? ??????, ????? ???, ??????? ??????, ? Gold]
    • + Shapeshifter
      -- Valence Silverglow [Level 5 | Defeated 0 | ? EXP | Drops: ??????? ??????, ????? ????? ???????, ?????? ?????, ? Gold]
  7. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir

    Name: Feravel Blazewing
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Hex Color: #C21111
    Level: 9
    Next Level: 7/36

    Profession: Miçassei Seitir [Fire Affinity I] [Immune Burn] The one who holds this profession is a creature undoubtedly of fire, of the destructive force that brings change as often as it brings death. Feravel holds within him the power to harness this volatile element. What will he burn? What will he spare?
    *Fire Affinity I: User acquires permanent "Fire Affinity" Properties. Increases the Damage Output of Fire Elemental Basic Attacks or Abilities by 10%. In addition, Decreases the Total Damage received by the Fire Element by 20%.
    Job Promotion: Miçassei Seitir - Nésa'ausiv en Shika - ??? - [Redacted]

    -- Alignment: Fire
    -- Disposition: Aggressive
    Weapon: Blazing Claws (Claws cloaked in flame to better deal damage to the enemy. This flame never seems to go out.) [+2 Atk] [Fire Element] [Low chance of Burn]
    Armor: Scarlet Dragonscale (Brilliant red scales that offer minimal protection against both sword and magic.) [+1 Def/+1 Fai]
    Accessory: Amber Shard (A shard of yellow crystal that seems to glow with an inner fire.) [+5 SE] [Burn chance +10%]

    A-Ability: Kroal en Miara

    + Miirsii: Attacks the target with a claw coated in flames. 120% Atk damage, chance of Burn. Range: Adjacent cell. Element: Fire. 8 7 SE.

    + Memiça: Intensifies user's aura to concentrate damage more effectively. Damage output +10% for 3 turns, stackable. Critical rate +5%, nonstackable. Range: Self. Element: Fire. 8 7 SE.

    + Kora-Iri: Gives off an intense firelight, unlocking in it a soothing property to other dragons. 120% Atk healing to dragon allies only. Range: Surrounding Cells. Element: Fire. 10 9 SE.

    + Mem Kroalçá ait Norok: Reveals details of the target, such as elemental weaknesses, drops, and limited data on behavior. Range: 5 cells. Element: Neutral. Cast Time: Normal (1 turn). 8 SE.

    + Díamiir: Creates a vortex of flame around the target, trapping them while the fire literally cuts their flesh away. High chance of Immobilize. 50% Atk damage, low chance of Burn. Damage and Burn chance persist for the duration of Immobilize. Range: 3 cells. Element: Fire. Hit Rate: 90%. 12 11 SE.

    + Seiátir ait Kouhali: The user lashes out at an enemy, striking through their armor to sink sharp fangs into them. Though the wound bleeds, it is not just blood that pours from the wound- a blue, wispy, smoke-like substance hangs around the dragon's jaws before fading, absorbed. 30% Piercing Atk damage. Absorbs total damage as SE Healing. Range: Adjacent. Element: Fire. 0 SE.

    R-Ability: Teiurr-ta Kásedeí: If the user enters Critical HP, the user automatically casts Kora-Iri on himself and the Temper Gauge reverses. This does not dispel Burst Mode if the user has activated it.
    -- Blazing Soul (I): SE costs of the user's Fire-element Abilities are decreased by 10%.
    Temper Traits:
    -- Low Temper: Atk decreases by 10% for each level below 5, while Def increases by the same amount. Certain status conditions affect the user more strongly, while others affect the user more weakly (as determined by the GM). At 0 Temper, the user cannot inflict the Burn status or directly attack an enemy.
    -- High Temper: Atk increases by 10% for each level above 5, while Def decreases by the same amount. Certain status conditions affect the user more strongly, while others affect the user more weakly (as determined by the GM). At 10 Temper, the user has a 100% chance to inflict Burn with applicable attacks and must directly attack a unit (ally or enemy) within range once per turn.

    Burst Mode: Risen Phoenix
    "Stoke the forge and bathe the land in cleansing fire."
    -- Burst Meter: [
    -- The user becomes enveloped in an aura of fire that hits all enemy units within 3 cells with 10% Piercing Spiritual Atk damage per turn. Additionally, all Fire-Aligned allies within this aura gain a 50% increase to Damage Output. If the User or an ally within range of his aura is KO'd, there is a 33% chance that the unit will be revived with 1 HP automatically (that turn only).
    + Burst Skills:

    -- Miças tes Miçafriu: The user gives a feral roar, the fiery aura swirling around him as his expression darkens, some deep draconic instinct perhaps? A wide circle of fire blasts out from him, burning everything it touches in an uncontrolled blaze. 200% Destruct damage and chance of Scorch (detailed below). Corpses caught within range are destroyed and become Ash Piles. Range: Radius of 3 cells. Element: Fire. 4 Burst Levels.
    + Scorch: The afflicted takes 7% max HP damage per turn and Physical Stats are both reduced by 20%. All Fire-Elemental damage taken by the afflicted while this status is active is doubled. Default Duration: 3 turns.
    + {a} --- Ash Pile
    -- Trigger Command: Search!
    -- Can be passed and occupied.

    -- Arras ait Kor Féra: The user's aura intensifies, small flares of it splitting off like fireballs from the sun. The flares dance around the user as if gaining sentience of their own. For every 2 Burst Levels the user has depleted, a Will-o'-the-Wisp is summoned next to the user. The Will-o'-the-Wisps move independently of the user, are unaffected by Terrain cells, cannot use Abilities, and die upon taking damage from any source. Upon death, the Will-o'-the-Wisps explode, dealing [75% Feravel's Atk] Int Fire damage to all units in Surrounding Cells. Range: Adjacent Cells. Element: Fire. 2 Burst Levels.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 40
    SE: 45 (+5 Amber Shard)
    Atk: 12 (+2 Blazing Claws) (+2 Temper)
    Def: 7 (+1 Scarlet Dragonscale) (-1 Temper)
    Psy: 2
    Fai: 5 (+1 Scarlet Dragonscale)
    Evasion: 5%
    Critical: 9%
    Movement: 2 (+2 Firedrake)
    Temper: {

    Skill Points: 1
    -- Burst Points: 0

    + 1/12/2016
    -- Grew to level 7
    ---- +6 StP; +2 SkP
    ------ +5 HP, +5 SE, +2 Atk, +1 Def, +1 Fai

    + 1/19/2016
    -- Added Mem Kroalçá ait Norok
    ---- -1 SkP
    -- Added Díamiir
    ---- -1 SkP

    + 12/7/2016
    -- Grew to level 9
    ---- +6 StP; +2 SkP
    ------ +5 HP, +5 SE, +2 Atk, +1 Def, +1 Fai
    ---- +2% Critical, +1% Evasion

    + 12/19/2016
    -- Added Seiátir ait Kouhali
    ---- -1 SkP

    + 1/9/2017
    -- Updated Burst Mode and Burst Skills
    -- Added Drakine-English profile dictionary

    Miçassei Seitir --- Burning Fang
    Nésa'ausiv en Shika --- Herald of Divine Change

    Kroal en Miara --- Roar of Flame
    Miirsii --- Fire-Claw
    Memiça --- Aura Burn
    Kora-Iri --- Sun's Light
    Mem Kroalçá ait Norok --- Aura Speaks the Truth
    Díamiir --- Fire-Storm
    Seiátir ait Kouhali --- Trap the Spirit

    Teiurr-ta Kásedeí --- Breath and Focus

    Miças tes Miçafriu --- Burn to Ashes
    Arras ait Kor Féra --- By the Sun's Creation
  8. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir

    Name: Chaneak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Level: 7
    Next Level: 12/24
    Appearance: He was born sickly, and is somewhat scrawnier than the average Golden Firedrake. His scales, while reasonably metallic, have a strange milkiness to them. He drags himself about with poor posture and typically has a quilt over his back, folded under his wings. A cylindrical brass device is wrapped around his right foreleg, which looks like some sort of container, featuring several compartments that could be opened.

    Profession: Jack of Wands: A rogue and a cheat who steals trinkets from mages that best him. He seeks to overshadow his weaknesses in convoluted magic and raging lights

    *Tellar: This character uses the weapon Tellar. Instead of changing the entire weapon, the gears are changed to allow the upgrading/purchasing of stats and bonuses.
    *Open Tellar: Fully opens the magical sword, Tellar, which floods the room with illusions of chains. Grants a free command "Open Tellar" all skills cast within the turn that would apply to a single target may be applied to selected targets adjacent to the caster, in addition to the initial target. Activating this free command costs 10% max MP for the turn.

    -- Alignment: Fire
    -- Disposition: Aggressive

    Weapon: Tellar: A bulky brass gauntlet around his right foreleg. It opens to reveal a compartment of gears that swirl about a miasma of scarlet chains. It draws it's power from physically manifesting the concept of fate. [Int BA/ 3 range]
        ---Slot: Rusty Gears [+1 Int]
    Armor: Dragonscale [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Quilt: A clearly stolen blanket with colorful stitching and patterns. He keeps it on his back, drooping under his wings. He seems mildly irritated by the elements when he is without it. [+1 Spr]

    A-Ability: Kelai Iriu

    + Kelai Iriu (Steal): Chaneak's root spell. A spiral of swirling lights that apply spinning telekinetic force to anything inside. They can be used to carry things through the sky. Attempts to steal an item or resource from an enemy. Very low chance of unequipping the enemy’s weapon. (Forcing them to manually reequip it.) 3 Range. 10 MP.

    + Kelai Iriu (Attack): Chaneak's root spell. A spiral of 5 swirling lights that apply spinning telekinetic force to anything inside. They have been used for all sorts of tricks and stunts in the past. Of course, shooting people with them is also valid. 100% Int damage. 5 hits. 3 Range. 15 MP.

    + Seiára Arras Shikel: Incapable of truly manipulating fate, Chaneak can use the power of Tellar to stagger people in it's convoluted push and pull. Chance of Immobilize. Range: 3 cells. 8 MP.

    + Seli Atiri: With lightning mana, Chaneak sends the Kelai Iriu through conduits to get a dirty hit in. 120% int damage. Element: Lightning. Total damage doubles if target is wearing metal armor or weapons. 3 cells. 10 MP.

    + Chamem Ztaseli: Seeps the telekinetic light of Kelai Iriu into the target, causing all they touch to spin and fling violently away from them. For the next three turns, any actions the target takes on an adjacent cell causes their target to be knocked back 2 cells. If the afflicted’s target collides with anything, they and the collided entity receive 20% piercing Chaneak's Int Damage. 2 cells or Self. 9 MP.

    + Shikel Dassiáng: Chaneak may guide his intent with the power of fate. By the nature of Tellar, scarlet chains literally guide attacks to their destination.  For the next 2 turns, the actions of the target are sure hit. Self or 3 cells. 12 MP

    + Seo Miça: With intense spinning speed the Kelai Iriu sets itself alight and drills into the opponent. 3 chances of burn. 3 cells. 12 MP.

    + Kári en Sedereí: An extreme cacophony of light, akin to the end of times. A bluff, intended to trick and scare. Chaneak spends one turn charging. As his action for the following turn, he may choose one of these as his action:
    ---Deals 150% Int damage to all enemies in a 2 cell range. Element: Light.
    ---High chance of stunning a single opponent in a 3 cell range.
    ---Cast any other spell of an equal or lesser cost.
    ---Delay this choice until the next turn, allowing both the effect and that turn's action. 
    16 MP.

    R-Ability: None.
    -- Unlimited Mage Works: Creates a temporary A-ability that may be used by the caster. This ability may only feature standard damage, healing, (de)buffing or statuses, and may not refer to specific targets or mechanics. The skill is costed normally. The skill may be used for a window of 3 turns before being forgotten.
    -- Se'endeí (Utility): The full potential of the telekinetic properties of Kelai Iriu. It allows complex manipulation of objects from a distance with magical light. Allows Chaneak to use Trigger Commands from a 3 cell range.

    Burstu Modo: LOCKED
    <Flavor Text>
    -- Burst Meter: [//////////]
    -- <Effects>
    + Burst Skills:
    -- LOCKED
    -- LOCKED 

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 30
    MP: 40
    Atk: 2
    Def: 5 (+1 Dragonscale)
    Int: 9 (+1 Rusty Gears)
    Spr: 7 (+1 quilt)
    Evasion: 5%
    Critical: 5%
    Movement: 2 (+1 Golden Firedrake)
    Temper: {//////////}

    Skill Points: 0
    -- Burst Points: 1

    7/27/2015 -- Applied level 2 stats. +1 Int / +5 MP / +5 HP
    7/27/2015 -- Added some possible skills. Unlocked Seli Atiri.
    7/27/2015 -- Forgot to change level lol
    9/22/2015 -- Leveled Up 3 times. +5 HP/ +10 MP / +2 Int / +2 Def / +2 Spr
    10/2/2015 -- Unlocked Kelai Iriu (Attack) and Se'endeí (Utility)
    1/31/2016 -- Leveled up twice. +2 Int / +1 HP / + 1 Def / +2 Spr
    1/31/2016 -- Unlocked Chamem Ztaseli and Shikel Dassiáng.
  9. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir

    Name: Ireísed "Ira"
    Gender: Female
    Color: Ira's Star [#27dce1]

    Age: An age!
    Level: 8
    Next Level: 19/36
    Appearance: Sky-Blue shaded Coralwing. As such, she has a long, slender body well adapted for under-water movement. Like the rest of her species, she has but two forelegs, while her remaining four limbs are a larger and a smaller set of wings. Coral growth partially envelops portions of her wings and head, forming a kind of protective crest.

    Profession: Lightkeeper: The one who claims this profession is adept in the art of channeling light. [Light Affinity I]
    Light Affinity I: User acquires permanent "Light Affinity" Properties. Increases the Damage Output of Light Elemental Basic Attacks or Abilities by 10%. In addition, Decreases the Total Damage received by the Light Element by 20%.

    -- Alignment: Water
    -- Disposition: Aggressive
    Weapon: Wing Crest: The natural coral growth on the dragon's wings. [+1 Int]
    Armor: Head Crest: The natural coral growth on the dragon's face [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Glittering Pendant: Shiny~ [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Setting Dawn

    + Lifebond: 100% Int Healing. Element: Light. Range: 3 Cells. 6 MP.

    + Starfall "Piercing Heart": "Let your fall be my anthem." 100% Int Damage. 2 hits between 1 or 2 targets. Element: Light. Range: 3 Cells. 10 MP

    + Starfall "Shadow of the Day": "The sun sets on whomever I decide it does." Increases user's Int by 20% for three turns, then 120% Int Damage Chain: One Setting Dawn skill; Max Chain: 1 Link. Range: 3 cells. Element: Light. MP 16.

    + Lambent Reprise "New Divide": "I've always liked the word 'asunder'." 100% Int Physical Damage. 2 hits between up to 2 targets. Chance of Spasm each hit. Range: 3 cells. Element Light. 14 MP.

    R-Ability: Morning Light "Red Dawn": "There is far more to life than living." During each enemy phase, the first time an enemy unit within 3 cells performs an action that damages Ira or an ally unit within 3 cells, Ira basic attacks the attacking unit. 50% of damage dealt in this way as HP healing to up to one unit damaged by the attacker within 3 cells of Ira.
    -- Aurora: Innately increases Int and MP by 10%.
    -- The Requiem 10% damage dealt or healing bestowed stored in Aura Gauge. Aura Gauge maximum set to 10% user's max MP (After bonuses). Action Ability: Healing Pulse: Up To 100% Aura Gauge Healing. Range: 2 cells. AoE: 2 Cells. Depletes amount of Aura Gauge used. AG Max: 5.

    + Temper Bonuses
    -- Low Temper: HP regenerates at 3% for each point under 5 while damage input increases at the same rate. While the user's HP is less than 50%, the user may perform an additional basic attack as a free action.
    -- High Temper: MP regenerates at 3% for each point over 5 while MP costs increase at the same rate. While the user's MP is less than 50%, the user gains Doublecast.

    Burst Mode: <Burst Mode Name>
    <Flavor Text>
    -- Burst Meter: [//////////]
    -- <Effects>
    + Burst Skills:
    -- Name:
    -- Name:

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 30
    MP: 40 [+5 Glittering Pendant] [+4 Aurora]
    -AG: 0/5
    Atk: 2
    Def: 6 [+1 Head Crest]
    Int: 12 [+1 Wing Crest] [+1 Aurora]
    Spr: 6
    Evasion: 8%
    Critical: 5%
    Movement: 2 [+1 Coralwing]
    Temper: {//////////}

    Skill Points: 0
    -- Burst Points: 1

    7/27/15 Applied level 2 Stat Points. +5 MP, +2 Int.
    9-23-15 Applied level 3 and 4 Stat Points. +5 HP, +2 Def, +2 Int, +1 Spr.
    1/13/16 Applied level 5 and 6 Stat Points. +5 HP, +5 MP, +1 Def, +2 Int, +1 Spr.
    12-11-16 Applied level 7 and 8 Stat Points. +5 HP, +5 MP, +1 Def, +2 Int, +1 Spr.
    |-> Crit and Evasion increased by 2% and 1% respectively.
    |-> Skill Additions pending.
    |-> Equipment Changes Pending.

    Kuda Edit: Remember to mark down things like new abilities, equip changes, etc, not just stats and level ups.

    [b]HP:[/b] 30
    [b]MP:[/b] 49
    [b]Atk:[/b] 2
    [b]Def:[/b] 7
    [b]Int:[/b] 14
    [b]Spr:[/b] 6
    [b]Evasion:[/b] 7%
    [b]Critical:[/b] 3%
    [b]Movement:[/b] 3
    [b]Temper:[/b] {[color=red]/////[/color][color=aqua]/////[/color]}
  10. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir

    Name: Stiria

    Age: 52

    Gender: Female

    Profession: Ethereal Guardian- Bearing a mystic power, the one who claims this profession unleashes the power of otherworldly energies to cripple her targets before slaying not their bodies, but their very souls. (Energy Void) (Damage: Int-based) (Range: 3 Cells)

    Energy Void: The user's attacks and abilities deal an additional 10% Piercing Damage to the target's MP.

    Alignment: Wind
    Disposition: Aggressive

    Level: 7
    Exp: 3/24

    Weapon: Amulet- None too flashy. [+1 Int]
    Armor: Veil Conjuration L1- The most basic of the basic. [+1 Spr]
    Accessory: Talon Ring- Just a metal band worn on the talons. [+1 Int]

    A-Ability: Pierce the Veil

    +RazeUnleashes a brilliant beam of scathing energy which rips through the target's spirit. 110% Int Damage. Reduces the target's Spr by 5% for Five Turns; stacks up to 5 times. Does not refresh. Range: 3 Cells. 8 MP.

    +WaneReleases a distorted growl which causes the target's soul to shudder, thereby weakening its natural defenses. No Damage. Chance of Deshell. Range: 3 Cells. 12 MP.

    +ScatheUnleashes a powerful burst of ethereal energy which sears the flesh and scars the target based upon the amount of potential energy within them. 100% Int Damage. Deals additional damage to the target's HP equivalent to 12% of their Max MP. Bosses have the effect reduced to 3% unless otherwise stated by the GM. Range: 3 Cells. [6 + floor(Level/3)*3] MP.

    +Withering GlareConcentrates energy through the eyes to force the target into submission, unable to cry out as they wither away. No Damage. High Chance of Silence. Target takes 3% Max MP Damage for Three Turns regardless of whether Silence was successful. Range: 3 Cells. 15 MP.

    +Spirit DiveFlies high into the sky and evokes the power of ethereal energies to weave a tight embrace around the user before dive-bombing the target. 140% Int Damage. Damage is mitigated by the target's Def stat. Range: 2 Cells. ? MP.

    +Ether SurgeSummons one's power into a flourishing array that spirals around the user in order to effectively increases the flow of energy. No Damage. Boosts the effectiveness of MP recovery for the user and those within adjacent cells by half for Three Turns. Range: Set. ? MP.


    +Mystic's PunishmentUpon being assaulted by magical means, unleashes a mighty cry which causes mystical energies to launch themselves at the offender. Whenever the user is assaulted by a magic-based attack, the user counters for damage equivalent to 25% of the damage the user takes/would have taken (if the user currently has Reflect; does not activate if the attack is evaded) dealt to the target's MP.


    +Shatter IThe user's attacks and abilities have a 30% chance to ignore effects that decrease magical damage.

    +Shatter IIThe user's attacks and abilities have a 60% ignore the effect that decrease magical damage have a 15% chance to dispel the effects.

    +Shatter IIIThe user's attacks and abilities ignore effects that decrease magical damage while also having a 30% chance to dispel those effects.

    +Iridescence IThe user starts the battle with Reflect status for its normal duration.

    +Iridescence IIThe user starts the battle with Reflect status which has a duration of Five Turns.

    +Iridescence IIIThe user starts the battle with Reflect status which has a duration of Five Turns. This effect cannot be dispelled by any means.

    Temper Effects:

    +Low Temper – Physical attacks and abilities targeting the user are treated as if there is a 10% buff to her defensive stat per level below 5, but the user's magical attacks and abilities are treated as if the target's defensive stat is buffed by 10% per level in return. Certain status conditions affect the user more strongly, while others affect the user more weakly (as determined by the GM). At 0 Temper, the user's MP costs are increased by 50%
    +High Temper – The user's magical attacks and abilities ignore 10% of the target's defensive stat for each level above 5, but physical attacks and abilities targeting the user ignore 10% of her defensive stat for each level in return. Certain status conditions affect the user more strongly, while others affect the user more weakly (as determined by the GM). At 10 Temper, the user's magical attacks and abilities deal additional damage to the target's MP equivalent to 50% of the damage dealt.

    Burst Mode: Mystic Repose: True Ethereal Release

    "Calm shall flood the body and free the spirit; the power within shall flow infinitely!"

    Burst Meter – {//////////}
    Active Effects – The user become Intangible. Increases Magical Damage Output by 20% and the user absorbs 20% of Magical Damage Dealt as MP.

    Burst Skills:

    +? – TBD


    HP: 30
    MP: 45
    Atk: 2 (+0 from Amulet)
    Def: 5 (+0 from Veil Conjuration L1)
    Int: 10 (+1 from Amulet) (+1 from Talon Ring)
    Spr: 5 (+1 from Veil Conjuration L1)
    Evasion: 9%
    Critical: 4%
    Movement: 2 Cells (+2 from Stellar Wyvern Species) 
    Temper: {//////////}

    Skill Points: 1
    Burst Points: 1

    -- L2 stats: +5 MP, +1 Def, +1 Int
    -- +1 Skill Point

    -- Kuda added a changelog for her own sanity

    -- L4 stats: +5 HP, +5 MP, +1 Def, +3 Int
    -- +2 Skill Points

    -- Purchased R-Ability, Mystic's Punishment
    -- -3 Skill Points

    -- L6 stats: +5 HP, +10 MP, +1 Int, +2 Spr
    -- +2 Skill Points
    -- +1 Burst Point

    -- Purchased A-Ability, Scathe
    -- Purchased A-Ability, Withering Glare
    -- -2 Skill Points

    -- L7 stats: +5 HP, +1 Def, +1 Int
    -- +1 Skill Point
  11. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Miir

    Name: Akensken
    Gender: Male
    Age: 84 years
    Level: 8
    Next Level: 19/24
    Appearance: Akensken is a large, proud dragon of firm and unyielding stature. His rough and darkly bronze hide is marred all over from scars and wounds of the past, though nothing has ever damaged him enough to impair his ability for self-reliance. From his chest protrudes a brilliant brass-colored crystal which courses with energy and allows him to manipulate the earth more easily. The way his tough skin erupts all around this magical stone as if it were caught in an uprising fissure of land makes it clear that he was not born with the treasure.

    Profession: Observer of the Mountain - The one who claims this Profession has undergone life's tribulations and emerged wiser for them. Bearing power they worked hard to discover, they go forth with willingness to influence the world around them. [Land Raiser I]
    -- Alignment: Earth
    -- Disposition: Defensive

    *[Land Raiser I] The User's Accessory undergoes Equipment Growth. When the User casts a Terraforming Skill, the MP Cost of the next Terraforming Skill cast within 3 Turns is lowered by 15%.

    Weapon: Rough Knuckle - A hard knot of bone at the apex of the dragon's wing. Not terribly strong, but effective. [Basic Attack: Physical / Range: Adjacent] [+1 Atk]
    Armor: Tough Hide - The rough skin of a weathered dragon, bearing admirable but non-debilitating scars all over. [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Heart of the Mountain - A captivating crystal possessing a brilliant brass color. Rooted in the wearer's chest, veins of energy are constantly coursing through it. [+10 HP] [+5 MP] [+1 Spr]

    A-Ability: Solid Start

    + Earth, Arise: "Ait roul en-i sken ita rela tarnihr darzu senetçá." Creates a Mound Cell which has an Indefinite Duration. Mound Cells passively increase the Damage Output of Ally Units Occupying them by 10%. Range: Self (Cell the User is Occupying) or Adjacent. Terraforming. 5 MP.

    + Hard Smash: A strong and punishing downward smash, sturdy as the ground. 130% Atk. Damage. Range: Adjacent. 7 MP.

    + Downfall: Creates a Pitfall Cell which lasts for 4 Turns. When an Enemy Unit ends their Turn on a Pitfall Cell, they take 20% Max HP Damage and are given a Chance of Stun (Mod. +2). Range: 2 Cells. Terraforming. 7 MP.

    R-Ability: None.
    -- Indomitable as the Crag - The User gains an HP Shield which absorbs Physical Damage by Acting and Moving. The Shield's value is increased by 15% of the User's Def. Stat per Command expended, which is halved to 7.5% if the Shield took Damage in the recent Enemy Phase. The Shield's Maximum value is equal to 20% of the User's Max HP, and when it is destroyed the User is unable to gain it again for 3 Turns. The Shield cannot be increased more than two times per Turn, and Spillover Damage is dealt normally.
    -- Tes Shika Zutánorok - Requires an Act Command. Influences all Cells set by a Terraforming effect to encroach and convert all Surrounding Cells to their type. 1 Use Counter.

    Burst Mode:
    <Flavor Text>
    -- Burst Meter: [//////////]
    -- <Effects>
    + Burst Skills:
    -- Name:
    -- Name:

    ~ Statistics ~

    HP: 45 (+10 from Heart of the Mountain)
    MP: 30 (+5 from Heart of the Mountain)
    Atk: 9 (+1 from Rough Knuckle)
    Def: 9 (+1 from Tough Hide)
    Int: 2
    Spr: 7 (+1 from Heart of the Mountain)
    Evasion: 2%
    Critical: 8%
    Movement: 2 Cells (+0 from Armored Wyvern)
    Temper: {//////////}

    Skill Points: 4
    -- Burst Points: 1

    December 7th, 2016
    • Level Up! Lv. 6 ⇒ Lv. 8
    • Gained 6 Stat Points. +5 HP / +5 MP / +2 Atk / +2 Spr
    • Gained 2 Skill Points.
    • Base Critical Chance increased! 5% ⇒ 8%!
    September 23, 2016
    • Another rock. Better texture, but the flavor on this one left something to be desired. +1 Defense.
    March 23, 2016
    • Ate a rock. +1 Defense.
    January 12, 2016
    • Level Up! Lv. 4 ⇒ Lv. 6
    • Gained 6 Stat Points. +5 HP / +5 MP / +2 Atk / +1 Def / +1 Spr
    • Gained 2 Skill Points.
    • Gained 1 Burst Point.
    • Accessory Heart of the Mountain undergoes Equipment Growth! Stat Bonuses updated. +5 HP ⇒ +10 HP / +5 MP / +1 Spr.
    October 3, 2015
    • Spent 1 Skill Point to gain A-Skill: Downfall.
    • Spent 2 Skill Points to gain S-Ability: Tes Shika Zutánorok.
    September 22, 2015
    • Level Up! Lv. 2 ⇒ Lv. 4
    • Gained 6 Stat Points. +5 HP / +5 MP / +1 Atk / +1 Def / +2 Spr
    • Gained 2 Skill Points.
    • Changed Innate - Land Raiser I. The User's Accessory undergoes Equipment Growth. When the User creates a Cell on the field, they gain 10% Current and Max MP for 2 Turns (Maximum of 2 stacks). ⇒ The User's Accessory undergoes Equipment Growth. When the User casts a Terraforming Skill, the MP Cost of the next Terraforming Skill cast within 3 Turns is lowered by 15%.
    • Changed A-Skill Earth, Arise. Creates a Mound Cell after a delay of 1 Turn, which has an Indefinite Duration. Mound Cells passively increase the Damage Output of Ally Units Occupying them by 10%. Range: Self (Cell the User is Occupying) or Adjacent. Terraforming. 4 MP. ⇒ Creates a Mound Cell which has an Indefinite Duration. Mound Cells passively increase the Damage Output of Ally Units Occupying them by 10%. Range: Self (Cell the User is Occupying) or Adjacent. Terraforming. 5 MP.
    • Changed A-Skill Hard Smash. 130% Atk. Damage. Damage Output raised by +20% if Indomitable as the Crag's Shield value is at least 15% of the User's Max HP. Range: Adjacent. 8 MP. ⇒ 130% Atk. Damage. Range: Adjacent. 7 MP.
    July 26, 2015
    • Level Up! Lv. 1 ⇒ Lv. 2
    • Gained 3 Stat Points. +5 HP / +1 Atk / +1 Def
    • Gained 1 Skill Point.
    [b][color=blue]A[/color]kensken[/b] (Armored Wyvern)
    [i]"Observer of the Mountain"[/i]
    [b]HP:[/b] 55/55
    [b]MP:[/b] 35/35
    [b]Atk:[/b] 10
    [b]Def:[/b] 10
    [b]Int:[/b] 2
    [b]Spr:[/b] 8
    [b]Evasion:[/b] 2%
    [b]Critical:[/b] 8%
    [b]Movement:[/b] 2 Cells
    [b]Burst Meter:[/b] [[color=grey]//////////[/color]]
    [b]Temper:[/b] {[color=red]/////[/color][color=aqua]/////[/color]}

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