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DISCUSSION Describe an RP/CP/RP Fic badly

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Red Starr, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Title says it all. This follows the trend that I've seen on Twitter and FB of "Describe a video game badly". Basically you try to describe the entire point of an RP or it's variants in as little words possible...and as bad as you could. Example

    Strange Chemistry: "Space Johnny Cash-san tries to court female Space Vladimir Putin while Space Donald Trump stomps on worms."

    Kirenyun's Imprinted (QI): "Privileged asshole wants to get rid of an illegal alien that causes him to mispronounce "Nihon" throughout the entire story." 

    BGA: "Deranged snake asshole desperately tries to get some ass because she owes him some ass but a space cowboy won't allow it because he also wants that ass." 

    Pike Arc: "Spoiled kid wants to go outside." 

    Okay. Go.
  2. "Three demons and a lizard walk into a bar."
  3. Everything: Stuff happens.
  4. D A N K
  5. http://puu.sh/o9Ohx/0698b1649c.jpg 

    Night Kaleidoscope: "Man cosplays as boat to seduce Sakura from Naruto who takes him to meet her father, Giratina."
  6. "Sexy Eebit makes many love in contest in space."
  7. CoU: "Superpowered and volatile teenagers doubling as illegal immigrants set up camp in an abandoned military outpost, proceeding to enact Pokemon on the local dragons. Shenanigans ensue."
  8. You forgot the part where Jack dies.
  9. Nightfall: "stupidass magic kids keep drinking questionably lethal amounts of booze"
  10. CoU: "They survive this. *ding*"
  11. "Metal Gear with edgy magic."

  12. Hirasu Legacy: "sord"
  13. I missed out on an opportunity earlier. Let's try to remedy that now. :5

    "Eebit holds his golden rod and revives."
  14. KeM: "A group of lizards that generally hate each other discover the art of teamwork. Or don't. They might just set everything on fire instead."
  15. "Don't tell eebit there's no lore"
  16. "Some guy named 11 deleted System 32."
  17. DotH: A small town girl tired of playing in the sand ventures to the big city and falls for an older man much to the chagrin of his side hoe.
  18. AoF as we last left off: "Ragtag bunch of villains breaks out mental patient and escapes from the leader's ex as a man raves about the moon"
  19. Forsaken Malign: "What Elfen Lied didn't tell you was there are indeed male Diclonii."

    QI: "And they all have six-letter words as names."

    Newcanon: "yeeeeeep... every single one of them..."


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