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Cult of Ustream ~ OoC Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Not to be a starrbug but...who's next to post? I'm sure I'm not, but seeing the RP slow down like that is making me want to post to keep it up :|

    To those who need to, please? We can probably timeskip to night in a bit if we do. Just imagine actually getting out of this rut-day. No more dealing with post-Vale trouble and actually getting on with our lives. Or, their lives.

    Thank you. We can definitely keep things up.
  2. I thought we were trying to figure out who should do the timeskip, because we're pretty much done with this scene now.
  3. Huh, either I don't remember or I wasn't around at irc when it was decided. Or I wasn't ever told. Nvm then!

    Now...I guess I'll just wait until the timeskip happens. And since I'm not around on irc much anymore, it would be cool if someone kept me up to date on important decisions regarding the RP.
  4. It occurs to me that if we are moving Ganro's arrival to this IC night as planned, Kyton's thing can very easily happen when everyone heads to bed tonight.

    Or is that clustering things too much?
  5. Kyton's thing as in dreams? If so, I am SO going to have fun with that. Wait.....I don't think Starr was ever influenced. Daaaaaang. Ohwell, might post later today.
  6. Kyton doesn't have to influence someone before giving them nightmares. He just has to give off a general feeling of fear while his target is asleep.
  7. Ganro's appearance purely depends on what FlimzE tells us of how Ganro would get there. Also, I thought David would be returning this night?
  8. The idea was that he would return with Ganro in tow.
  9. Oh, well explain more plz. David and Ganro know each other then? Or is it just coincidence?
  10. Mostly coincidence, David's out looking for some staff thing and stumbles across Ganro before getting caught in the path of whatever's coming for Darkside.
  11. Tow birds with one stone then... whoopie!
  12. Will post when I get home from school tomorrow; got a four-day weekend because lolsemesterfinals.
  13. Awesome~

    Everyone get ready for a fun ride, this'll be a time of ackshun and awesomeness, so yeah! Let's get to it!
  14. Yeah, so much for that intention. Been distracted by Minecraft. ^^; Promise to post tomorrow morning.
  15. Well, alrighty...~

    Just a note to everyone, I probably won't be so chat-savvy for awhile. Mom is discouraging computer use severely, so me being on the down-low is probably best for now. Shoot me a PM or ask someone for mah phone numbah. I'm completely free on my phone so yeah!

    I trust we'll get through dis night scene and get some ackshun. Keep on it peeps!
  16. Posted for Fricai; will handle the others later when I know what to do with them.
  17. http://www.zejroleplaying.org/threads/holidays-and-vacations?pid=17747#pid17747

    Gonna post sometime after I come back.
  18. Hopefully, that'll inspire a comic.

    Will edit in Deathstorm later.
  19. . . .That can be arranged. :I

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