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Crossover: Mission One - Day at the Museum

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Wonder Smash, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. "Welcome to the Crossover City Museum Official Tour." said a voice in front of the crowd. "I'll be your tour guide, Mario." The guide looked familiar to the crowd, who felt like they knew who he was, but he was wearing a yellow museum cap, so it was hard to tell. "Let's begin our tour..." he said. About three hours later, everyone in the tour group was exhausted, partially because they had been walking for three hours, but also because there was no air conditioning in the museum. "And that concludes our tour." Tour Guide Mario said. "Feel free to get some refresh-" Suddenly, most of the group ran towards the food court for some water or other drinks. A few members of the group stayed behind, curious about who the tour guide was.

    "Mamma Mia, we really need to get an air conditioner in here…" said Tour Guide Mario. As he was about to take off his cap, the sound of breaking glass was heard. "What was that?" said the tour guide as he ran towards the sound. Suddenly, a small army of Goombas crashed through the skylight, causing nearby museum visitors to panic and run for their lives. The group members were suddenly surrounded by the creatures. The five group members, consisting of Riku, the Medic, the Chinese Chef, Kay, and Steve, looked around them. There were about ten Goombas. Clearly they wouldn’t get out of this without a fight.

    Task One - Defeat the Goombas
  2. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    The Medic was confused. One moment, he was pondering why this tour guide looked so familiar, and the next moment, they were surrounded by some type of...things. And to make things worse, he was hungry. When the 'goombas', as they call it, started moving towards him and the group, he quickly thought of a plan. Normally, in his line of work, he wasn't the best to be in the frontlines alone. His syringe gun wasn't even barely powerful against the Scout, and his Medigun was only used for healing, and it took about a minute for the Ubercharge to even be ready.

    The Medic started to wonder why he had brought all these weapons in the first place, let alone the security letting him past with said weapons. As the goomba was inches away, he quickly brought out his bonesaw and whacked the goomba with it, knocking it back. He felt victorious, but only for a moment, as they were still surrounded by goombas.
  3. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    All throughout the tour Steve just could not figure out who this guide was... Albeit how familiar he was. Steve seemed to remember building a statue of large proportions to someone who looked quite similar, but he forgot the name of it as it was long gone by now... As the tour was ending, and the goombas crashed from the skylight, he had a bit more of "Deja Vu" as he somewhat recgonized the creatures, yet could not quite place the head of his pickaxe on it. He looked down into his pocket to see what he had with him, and then realized why security had not taken anything from him, They could not detect his items as they were made of wood. Steve pulled out a wooden pickaxe, and jammed it into one of the creatures heads, thinking that he should have brought some diamonds from back home with him...
  4. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    For the majority of the tour, Kay's mind wandered elsewhere, occasionally rolling his eyes or yawning as the trip progressed. He was still unsure why he let Su Ling talk him into going, it's not like he had anything in common with any of the other guests, albeit he found the guide much to his liking.

    As the tour eventually came to a stop Kay gave a sigh of relief and began to head for the refreshments. Unfortunately he was interuppted by a swarm of creatures flooding in from the skylight. Instictively he drew his sword and placed a hand in front of his face to shield his eyes from the shards of glass. As he moved his hand away he got a clear look at whatever had invaded the museum. The small brown monsters bobbed in perfect pace with each other, while they all wore identical frowns.

    Kay growled, It had been a while since he'd actually had to fight anything, longer still that he'd had to use his master's old sword. He took a few swings to ready himself before lunging at the creatures allowing a small portion of his magicks to set his sword ablaze.
  5. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    As the creatures crashed through the skylight, Riku figured out who the guy was. But before he could mention it, he had to summon Way to the Dawn. As he did so, a Goomba walked at him at a leisurely pace, making him question it's intelligence. in one swift movement, he had speared the creature on the end of his blade. The creature suddenly turned upside down and dropped through the ground as if it wasn't there, disappearing. He suddenly had the urge to jump on the creatures, but decided against it, choosing to attack another that came close.
  6. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Meanwhile, the tour guide continued to search for the source of the sound, and eventually found a broken window. In addition, most of the wall surrounding the former window was gone, with the hole that remained shaped like someone had broken through. And the shape looked big... "Uh-oh... That's not good." Said the tour guide.

    After the heroes defeated seven of the Goombas, the remaining three looked nervous. However, they charged at the group of five anyway, knowing that running away would mean a lack of pay for the month.
  7. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Noticing everyone else attacking the goombas, the Chef produced a brick from... God knows where, probably a sleeve somewhere on his back, and joined in. He exclaimed something in Chinese before proceeding to throw bricks at the goombas, but unlike the other weapons, his bricks didn't seem to be doing very much when he threw them, and he wasn't about to try to smash the goombas in the face with them, so he retreated momentarily. Then he had an idea. Taking his cleaver from its sheath on his leg, which back at the restaurant had been used for slicing up zombies, of all things, he ran at the goombas and began slicing furiously -- or, at least, in identical diagonal slashes one after the other, as that was for some reason all he could do.
  8. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    The Medic began to wonder why these goombas were so weak. Normally, things aren't this easy to kill. But he was greatful to at least still be alive. It took a while to notice that there were others around him. The weird thing is that they were also holding weapons of some sort. Is the museum security really this bad? Seriously? And what is with the talking cat?

    Honestly, he just didn't hope some type of magical rainbow horse or robot guy didn't burst in through the wall right now. Of course, they could probably burst in through the ceiling. But there is no ceiling to burst through, because IT WAS ALREADY BURST THROUGH BY AN ARMY OF WALKING MUSHROOMS. The Medic decided to not tag along with the Engineer to his science conventions anymore, as there are probably going to be small aliens with giant purple ships crashing through the ceiling there. But who is not to say that it probably was already burst through by flesh eating demons?

    Of course, the important thing right now was to just get out of this museum alive. Preferably before a full-scale alien invasion appears from a portal in the sky and destroys the entire city. But hey, at least they can come through the ceiling that was so nicely broken by the army of walking mushrooms.
  9. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Steve thought to himself for a minute about when he was back home. He had a good life, and many friends. He had braved many dangers, from the caves on the surface to the firey depths of the Nether. While thinking about his life before coming here, he lifted the pickaxe out of the mushroom-shaped monsters head and then flung him towards another one of the creatures. While he did this, he looked back at where the mushroom creature was to see what it had dropped. For some reason when ever he killed something, some of its escence would drop in item form. On the ground he saw a couple of mushrooms, a red one and a brown one. After picking them up, he looked at the large hole in the roof, and it reminded him of another creature back home, although he would recall its name later.
  10. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Kay looked about after finishing off a set of flanking Goombas. It occured to him that none of the creatures were leaving anything for him, other than a cloud of foul smelling smoke. He waved a paw in front of his nose. "Ugh, these things smell worse than Tak's lackeys, and that's saying something!" He looked at the other members of the group, between the strange square man, and the over-enthusiastic asian chef, he didn't know what to think. Most of all, he wasn't quite sure he liked the look he was getting from 'The Medic.'
  11. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Task One: Defeat the Goombas Completed.

    After all of the Goombas were defeated, the heroes stood still for a moment, hoping for a moment of peace, but they were disappointed when ten Koopas jumped down, breaking what remained of the skylight. From the sounds of various people screaming and more glass breaking, it seemed fairly obvious that Goombas and Koopas were invading the whole museum. Hopefully, the other visitors had as much skill in combat as the heroes did, because they were surrounded yet again by enemies, and wouldn’t be able to help them for at least twenty seconds. They prepared to fight again.

    Task Two: Defeat the Koopas.
  12. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Oh great, first mushrooms, now yellow turtles? What was in that water last night? The Medic had clearly had enough of this nonsense. He had been in some strange situations in the past, but Austrailium-powered rockets, bomb carts, and killer horsemen didn't have anything on yellow turtles and walking mushrooms. He honestly missed pushing a bomb-loaded cart into the enemy base. He missed the smell of flames, rockets, and grenades flying through the air. But right now, he had to deal with miscolored animals.
  13. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    As he killed the last Goomba, Riku jumped back, landing on a slightly disoriented Koopa who had, for some reason, fallen through the roof, rather than the already destroyed skylight. the creature immediately stopped all movement and retreated to it's shell. He grabbed it, not sure what to do, but had a sudden urge to throw it. When he did, it zigzagged across the room, hitting two more, and ended up on a crash course with the tour guide. The two that were hit flew into the air, and through the ground as the Goombas had. Before he could warn the guide, another Koopa leisurely walked toward him in a straight line.
  14. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    The tour guide turned back the way he came from to see if the large intruder had went in that direction. Instead, the second he entered a room with a skylight, he was hit with a Koopa shell. "Ow!" He said as he fell backwards. As he got up, he noticed that five of the visitors he had guided earlier were fighting against several Koopas, and were actually doing fairly well with their various weapons. "How did they get weapons in here?" The tour guide asked himself out loud. "I can't even get them to let me take my Tanooki Suit in with me..."

    Tour Guide Mario then noticed that a Koopa was about to attack him. Thinking quickly, he jumped behind the turtle, grabbed it by the feet, and spun it around for a few seconds before letting it go and throwing it right into the "Explosive Weapons" Exhibit, which unsurprisingly caused an explosion, but surprisingly didn't decimate the entire museum, and only a small area around it. Luckily, nothing was near it, other than the priceless artifacts that were the explosives.

    "That's coming out of my paycheck..." The tour guide said to himself. He remembered what he was looking for and ran in a seemingly random direction. "It looks like you guys have this covered, I'll find their leader." he said as he ran off. So much of the tour guide seemed familiar to the heroes, and all five of them now had a pretty good idea of who he was, especially after the Tanooki Suit reference, but there were still Koopas around them, so they continued fighting.
  15. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Steve thought things were getting quite out of hand here now. Living Mushrooms and Yellow Turtles, what kind of mod did this place have installed anyhow? Steve pulled the few blocks of wood he had brought with him out of his pocket, and seemingly out of nowhere, pulled out a bench, which he then put a few more blocks of wood on, which then again seemingly out of nowhere turned into a sword! Steve picked it up, and started using it to bash a couple of the Turtle-Like creatures that had come through the roof. After this battle, he had to have a word with that tourguide...
  16. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    The new arrivals puzzled the Chef. Bipedal yellow turtles? He knew his knife wouldn't do much good against a shell, mainly from his time at the restaurant, but he still had his bricks. Out came the bricks again, and within moments they were flying everywhere, some smashing the turtles right on their oddly-colored shells. He noticed that hitting them caused them to retreat into their shells, so sensing an opportunity for a most ironic improvised weapon, he picked one up and sent it speeding around the room.
  17. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Kay sighed in relief as the last goomba was defeated. He chuckled for a moment and began to put his sword away, unfortunately he was once again interuppted by the ever-smashing skylight, and was forced to shield his eyes again. He growled in annoyance over the constant commotion and looked around. Kay smirked as he watched the small turtles being used as projectiles against themselves.

    Kay however wasn't in the mood to prolong this trip any more than he had to. In a smooth and circular motion Kay positioned his sword behind his back and took a deep inhale. In an instant many dacing blue and white lights shone around him as bolts of static leaped from the conductive surfaces in the room to his sword.

    For a moment he stood still, until the lights finally receded into his sword. Kay shot out his arm and with a single "Ya!" bolts of lightning rained from the sky striking the remaining Koopas, leaving only scorch marks where they once stood.

    The room smelled now of freshly cooked turtle.
  18. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Task Two: Defeat the Koopas Completed.

    After all of the Koopas were defeated, the heroes stood still again, hoping for peace this time. Luckily nobody attacked them, but various fighting noises could be heard throughout the museum. The heroes could just run around and defeat all of them individually, but that would take too long, and grinding was boring. The tour guide seemed to know these creatures, so maybe he had a shorter, more fun way to defeat them. Then again, it was likely that there were more than a few visitors who couldn’t defend themselves and needed help.

    Maybe it was best to split up? It was probably too dangerous to send anyone alone, but a group of two or three could work. Covering more ground would make the search quicker, but a smaller group also meant they could be more easily overpowered by the enemy. Who was to say they didn’t have walking bombs, or turtles with hammers? However, a group of five would be much stronger, and would definitely defeat just about any enemy they came across. Of course, that would mean it could take longer to meet up with the tour guide, and they also wouldn’t help as many visitors. It was up to the heroes to decide what to do.

    Task Three: Find the Tour Guide.

    Bonus Task: Help the Museum Visitors.

    (Before we continue any further, please read the Sign-Up/OOC topic to discuss possible strategies. Thank you. :D)
  19. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    After a short discussion, the heroes decided to split up into two groups. The Chinese Chef, Kay, and Steve, went left, and Riku and The Medic went right. Both groups soon encountered a few Goombas terrorizing some museum visitors. The former group found a blue hedgehog fighting the creatures, while the latter found a blue robot in a similar battle.
  20. RE: Mission One - Day at the Museum

    Upon seeing the visitors being terrorized, and the suspicious blue hedgehog, he figured he should probably rush to help out a few visitors. As fast as he could, he pulled out what little wood he had left, and in a flash threw up a small shelter enough to protect about 5 people. Steve then uttered his first words since entering the museum. Text appeared in every single persons field of vision, near the bottom left saying "Hurry in to the shelter!". As he did this, he hopes that the Chef, and Kay would be helping to fight the mushroom-creatures.

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