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Commadore Korath of USS-Tempest, looking for good simmers,to fill out posts!

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Melonna, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Star Trek sim needing players- USS-Tempest

    Post by Commodore Korath» Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:05 pm

    Hello, My Name is Commodore Korath, and I'm advertising a Sim/rpg for my sim Comm. I korath,are looking for some wonderful people,
    Like yourselves to join a kick-butt Sim/rpg called - USS-Tempest: http://www.uss-tempest.starfleetuk.org/
    As a command team,thats very good,lets Start off with the Commodore.. Commodore Korath-(his e-mail is: Korath.archer.d@gmail.com,hes on
    Discord too, under Darkfire,(discord name: Darkfire#4922))...
    Then we have his XO: Commander Celeste - (Her e-mails are night_Vamps666@hotmail.com,or Jnwybuffyp3@gmail.com,she too is on discord too,
    Her Discord name is: Kai#5014,but it shows up as only Kai.)
    and he also have a 2XO,on the team: he is,2XO: Capt James house,(his e-mails Are Angelusvxv@aim.com,or Angelusvxv@aol.com,the 2XO is also
    on Discord,under Angelus,his discord name is:Angelus#1690) So come on down, check out the USS-Tempest ,I gave you all the website ,check
    her out,and if you have questions,or concerns about the Tempest,ask the command team,we are there at your service,and ready for you to Join...


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