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DISCUSSION Clickbait Roleplay Titles

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Keileon, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. [8:57 PM] Cerberus: man imagine giving our roleplays clickbait titles
    [8:58 PM] Cerberus: WHICH DRAGON IS THE BEST??!? Kel en Miir
    [8:58 PM] Shadow: LMFAO
    [8:59 PM] Cerberus: BEST PLOT EVER?!? Oblivion Phantasy: Forsken Malign
    [8:59 PM] Shadow: "White Supremacy in DREAMS!??!? This Dream"
    [8:59 PM] スタール: LMAO
    [8:59 PM] Cerberus: LMAO
    [8:59 PM] スタール: AHAHAHAA
    [8:59 PM] Keileon: LMAO
    [8:59 PM] スタール: Mansplaining in Black Ops! Kirenyun's Imprinted!
    [9:00 PM] Shadow: "How Illegal Immigrants make EVERYTHING Worse: Cult of Ustream"
    [9:00 PM] スタール: LMFAO
    [9:00 PM] Keileon: "Slavery on Euthora?! Cult of Ustream"


    "Cultural Appropriation by Dragons: Euthora-Roul: Kel en Miir"
    "Disabled Man Hacks Internet! Heaven's Duality: Interface"

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