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DISCUSSION Character Alphabet

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Keileon, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. This derives from a discussion on another server which I thought might be good to have on ZEJ. The basic idea is that you come up with at least one character whose name starts with each letter of the alphabet. Preferably first names, but full titles or surnames or even nicknames are allowed if you need them.

    I'll start!

    A: Alethios, Amceir, Aravera, Aryn...
    B: "Black-Claw" Kourasii
    C: Careodry, Cozion, Cantus
    D: Deleria, Daerin, Damien, Daivam...
    E: Evaelyn
    F: Fricai, Feravel
    H: Hailey
    I: Ilus-Lei
    J: Jason, Jaguar
    K: Keileon, Khaseri, Koushifri...
    L: Lazuli, Lucent
    M: Mimring
    N: Nathair
    P: Pariah
    R: Revenant, Rykon, Radix
    S: Starlight, Stry, Sundávr, Skylar... list goes on and on.
    T: Thorn, Thandavi, Tobias
    V: Volant, Vergari, Varys...
    X: Xúskedev, Xander
    Z: Zoltan, Zephyr, Zavyr, Zane...

    rip I can't think of the other letters
  2. here we go bois

    A: Arma, Aurora, Alzvier...
    B: Blood Paperblack
    C: Carnelia, Crissie, Capsella...
    D: ???
    E: Espira, Elysium, Eschia...
    F: Fang, Friae
    G: Graria
    H: Heaven
    I: ???
    J: ???
    K: Karmica, Kisara...
    L: Layamy, Lacrima
    M: Memory, Mya, Midnight
    N: Niem, Nyfre
    O: ???
    P: Paradoxia
    Q: ???
    R: Reccel, Rosalia, Raiye...
    S: Shadow, Sharra, Slash...
    T: Trance
    U: Umi
    V: Vector, Vendetta, Variable...
    W: ???
    X: Xanadu
    Y: Yume
    Z: Zettra
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  3. Quite a long list. May edit in names that I remember last-minute.

    A: Alma, Arias, Ashura, Airakou, Arylae, Azar, AR-001, AR-009, AR-025, Aira, Al-Moshe, Adolfo, Aiko
    B: Blackquill
    C: Canilla, Celine, Catlyka
    D: Dairo, Dayanare, Dhaiaspra
    E: Emri, Eli, Emma, Eric, Edvard
    F: Franco, Findylka
    G: Gaga, Galya^2, Goro, Garnere
    H: Houka, Hanabi-ko, Hisao, Hitomi
    I: Irisei, Inari, Ikane, Ikan, Ivan, Inana, Ikazuchi, Ivette, Ikem
    J: Jonathan
    K: Kryo, Kyrin, Kahze, Kezurai, Karaki, Klaus, Kaminari, Koudai, Karros
    L: Lilia, Ludens , Lucea , Li-Ten
    M: Morika, Montserrat , Mystera, Maris, Magda, Mikael, Meilingk, Minaro
    N: N, Nori, Null, Nemaki, Nyrona, Natasha
    O: Octavia
    P: Pan
    Q: Qiuozel
    R: Rye, Richard/Ringo, Ro, Raiden, Raijin, Reimi, Reikovic, Ramsara
    S: Starr, Shockwing, Sarlyr, Saranyu, Samsara, Sapphire, Sheila, Su-Kel, Satsuki, Sashna
    T: Tarma^3, Tsabora, Takao
    U: Uvoren
    V: Varen, Venesi, Vaino, Valen, Vaia, Valria, Viircoi, Vera, Vuori
    W: Warfang
    X: Xiaoqing
    Y: Yasuko, Yuu
    Z: Zaiek^2, Zheya, Zhenn Project 3
    #3 Red Starr, Apr 14, 2018 at 5:15 AM
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  4. Forgot to actually post this, so...

    A - Abatunyx, Aegis Ruska
    B - Bophez Igneite
    C - Cobalt
    D - Deathstorm, Devis Gurien (yeah, been a while since this name's popped up, hasn't it)
    E - Erahvs
    F - Flameheart
    G - Giag, Grodisflare
    H - Helix, Hexidos, Hobekitsu
    I - Izexn
    J - Juptois (loose fit considering it's more his surname, and he hasn't actually appeared due to plot reasons)
    K - Kenchoi
    L - Llerse
    M - Myrahj Ekquinomezu
    N - Nit Toi, Neta
    O - Omen
    P -
    Q - Quasma Eleko
    R - Rhodie (a bit of a strecth considering he only appears in Sardonyx)
    S - Smeremus Elephas
    T - Trajodeas
    U - Unzen Ushitora (yeeeeeeaaaah... character I made for one of Kuda's RPs that never went anywhere, so... yeeeeaah)
    V - Vyshop (really only mentioned in passing, so.... yeeeeaaah)
    W -
    - Xibu Uif G
    Y - Ymohmi
    Z - Zeneir (can actually put his actual name since it was revealed in CoU)

    Not everyone obviously, just trying to fill the letters. And even then, some are questional at best.
    And some of my more obvious ones aren't listed due to technically fitting under two letters (ie my main fitting under G and L, DM fitting under D and I, and Dexus fitting under D and M)
  5. A: Alexander, Apex, Adrian
    B: Brian Knight
    C: Caedes, Cerulea, Charlene, Cadence
    D: Darius
    F: Feitura
    H: Helena
    I: Isabella
    J: James Malden, Jessakura, Jitter, Jonathan
    K: Kayera, Kataryna, Kimari
    M: Mai, Mantra, Maru,
    N: Naomi, Naiimi
    O: Olivia
    Q: Qorina, Quartz
    S: Sky, Sophyra, Saisha, Stigma
    T: Tensin, Thaea, Thaxis
    V: Valerie, Vortex, Vision
    Y: Yuuma

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