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Behold the great Darth Bowserous Vickyous!

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Pooka, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. For a while, I've been hearing about this place. I've been wondering what's up anyways. Although I don't know what to do next in here, I just joined for the heck of it, maybe I'll find something to do here later!

    Anyways, I'm a great fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, and a great fan of King Bowser Koopah! And axes.

    There might be some of you who know me from The Sonic Station or from SEGA forums. I say hello to them!

    That is all I'm thinking of now... I might raid this place later!
  2. Darth?

    Megaflash Hammer.

    [size=-9]please no please no please no please no please no please no [/size]
  3. Well well. I'm so picky when it comes to King Bowser Koopa.

    So why is Darth above him in your post? He should be below Bowser. Unless you arranged them by my name.

    Nevermind. I'm looking forward to posting quite more on this site, with some ideas that might help me post regularly and not be a total n00b, how dare the internet say that to me. I am making friends, as long as you don't attack me someway or another.

    As for role playing games, I think that would be a Sonic based one. But how do I pull off such? I'm going to see later.

    By the way, I'm the hundredth member 'n here. All systems, full power!

    Where shall I start...
  4. Hey, welcome to ZEJ~ I'd type a more in-depth greeting, but I'm dead tired right now and just wanted to take the time to say hi.

    Also, you're technically not the hundredth member, as we admins go in every once in a while to nuke the spambots. ^^;
  5. huehuehuehuehuehueheuheh time to maek some noies

    Welcome though!
  6. Well yeah, I arrnged them by order of your name, lol. =D Besides Darth Vader is a boring villain. Too much evil, not much spice.

    Vicky, on the other hand... Clamiborn is only a notch above her. *shudder*

    [But welcome, and have a good stay! We'll get along like fish and chips, I'm sure. <3]
  7. Well, Darth Vader isn't boring to me... "No, I am your father", "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!". Heck, I even have a "No" button installed in my Chrome that activates his nifty scream.

    I don't know who the heck is Clamiborn, but do you know who's worse than Vicky? SPAMBOTS, and axes. When Kudamon mentioned spambots, I remembered that little NES forum that ALWAYS, gets infected with a spambot everyday. Poor forum. Removing them, and finding the good apples between them, is a lot worse than Vicky.

    Anyways, I'd like a little introduction with role playing games... like the many kinds available, how they're played, etc. All what I know now is that I couldn't get somebody to play one with me. I'm thinking of something involving Eggman, and Vicky (gone TURBO-TASTIC!), and other rivals.



    Also Clamiborn: look up MSPain Adventures so let me tell you about homestuck *SHOT'D'D'D'D* His real name is Caliborn, but seriously? Don't spoil it for yourself, Homestuck is epic <3

    Also @Darth Vader; I actually saw the LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER thing quite a bit away. -_-
  9. Well well, somebody's afraid of Vicky, but isn't afraid of the more fiercer King Bowser Koopa! It seems... Anyways, I have made a role play involving her and an original Minecraft character of mine, the real antagonist, and the protagonist, Dr. Eggman.

    Now you can either try to have revenge on her, or use her to beat up Eggman until he sends her to the skies again.
  10. Hey welcome to ZEJ and the such. I'm pretty sure you'll have a wonderful time here. You are in the midst of good people. Okay, that may or may not have been a tremendous lie, but we still all have good fun. =3
  11. Well, I still have to find the fun. Its been more than 12 hours and no, nobody joined my roleplay, which means I have to sit down, spend a whole day looking for ideas, and use that original idea... instead of using a readily available.

    ShiningStar and Lan, where are you? And most importantly, Dark?
  12. The easiest way is rarely the best way. You're far better off using an original idea; in fact, the hard-to-figure-out plots are usually the more interesting ones.
  13. Wait a second... there is a role play involving Pokemon... so why did mine, which can have Pokemon in it, FAIL? More than 24 hours, no dice...
  14. From what I've experienced, people tend to prefer plots that concentrate on a single franchise than plots that mesh several franchises in a way that, quite frankly, makes very little sense.

    Original ideas are still better, however.
  15. Hey Pooka! I don't post much anymore after TSS fell months ago...but I do like to keep my eye on this place. I'm not really into RPGs, but I do find them entertaining. ;)
  16. I feel ya Lan. Anyways...
    So my problem is that I crossed over with every single freaking universe in the world? I'd let Diego, the villain of the role play, explain it himself to one of his loyal servants.. otherwise, I'm going to let Diego be an original protagonist for an original idea.

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