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Behind the Scenes

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Character' started by Silver, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. I suppose it's only fitting you guys can ask my little shits questions when they're not off fighting monsters and being bad ass bitches – or badmouthing others in most of my ZEJ characters' cases...

    Anyway here's who's currently available to ask questions to:

    Claire Holiswill – crimson
    Auntie Em – chocolate
    Erik Vayne Wallace – #FFCC33
    Jill Larken – #993399
    Mayella Mulburri – green
    Curious Wesley – palevioletred
    Olivia – darkturquoise
    Evelyn Middlebrook – blueviolet
    Stiria – #9966CC
  2. Stiria, you seem to hate humanity more vehemently than the boys of the party. Any reason for this, or are you embracing natural draconic superiority?
  3. "What kind of question is that?" She beats her wings a few times. "Of course, we're naturally superior! They have no business sticking around. Good for nothing, all of them." A smirk. "Doesn't hurt that the scum can't handle the consequences of their actions. Brandish a few blades and they think they suddenly have a claim to dominance. She snorts. "Pathetically foolish and simple-minded creatures. I suppose they'll never learn. Fine by me – I love the thrill of the hunt! Slaughtering them is simple. Poor things are easily quashed without even lifting your little talon." A cackle.

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