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Ask a bunch of people, but mostly dragons

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Character' started by Keileon, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Hi. Here's my thread. I'll probably pretty up this post later but yeah.

    Don't know any of my characters? Check these two links:

    Outdated Character Database: >>>
    Newer WIP Character Database: >>>
    Manaverse Wiki To-Do List: >>>

    With the latter, you may want to stay with blue links. If however you know redlinked characters decently, feel free to ask them too.
  2. @Ahriman What do you think of humans?

    @Kelyren What does the fox say?
  3. Ahriman: Useful at times, but little more than that.

    Kelyren: I can't speak for all foxes, but this one says "don't ask that".
  4. @Careodry - Does jumping about between timelines ever get confusing? Even slightly?
  5. Careodry: Often. I prefer to stay in one of a few timelines for that reason, which I am able to keep separated, but when viewing and affecting other timelines which I am less invested in, I may occasionally confuse one for another.
  6. For Careodry - What do you think your life would be like if you were unable to perceive other timelines, and instead lived as a "normal" Voidwalker?
    For Jason - Aside from Mimring (or your other dragons), who would you say your best friend in the Cult would be? And what would it take for you to let Giga rejoin the Cult?
  7. Careodry: Fairly average. I would not be so... active in the events of Euthora, the pantheon would not wish me dead, and the basis of my own history would remain much the same.

    I might face some difficulty in what you refer to as the Prime Timeline, at least during the Reformative Era, due to my fainter glow. But all in all, I would live much the same I would have lived in that timeline already were it not for--

    Spoilers, Careodry.

    Jason: "Uh... probably Destiny or Shadow at this point. Excluding all of my dragons makes the choices a lot more limited, since I'm not particularly close with many of the Cultists. The dragons are not to be discounted- after all, they're like family to me at this point.

    As for Giga, I don't think he even really wants to rejoin the Cult. Even if he did, I can't ignore Stormshaper's murder, Zephyr's kidnapping, or Mimring's crippling- which would have very much killed him were he a wild dragon. I don't know how easy it would be to move past those incidents, but ultimately the killer is that he doesn't seem like he understands that it wasn't okay to do that. I don't hate him- I'm angry and I'm hurt, but I just want to know why.

    We used to be friends. And it wasn't that long ago. I don't want him to forget that."

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