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Around around the Mulberry bush...

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Ziolang, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. No, there are no weasel chasing monkeys here. Why would you assume that? If you're only here for the monkeys then just leave now. Now. Get out. Thank you.

    ... you still here? Fine, you can stay, but you have to do something for me. This task will be death-defying and challenging to the highest degree. It will pit you against the most devastating of trials and plunge you into the deepest pits. You'll be forced to combat countless foes and brave the jaws of death many times before you reach a quarter way to the half way point. Your talents and skills will be tested in a way you never thought imaginable and will have no chance to fall a second time. Your body will be pummeled and your spirit broken. You will have a high chance of never completing this task and if you somehow survive will be left without sanity. Your chances of surviving this task are so remarkably low we don't have the computer space to store the amount of zeroes after the decimal.

    You sure you want to do this? Absolutely certain? I mean, it is optional. You CAN lave now. In fact, you should probably do that. You know, leave. 'Fore you like, die, or something. Man you're persistent. You really ought to give up now before it's too late. Do it man. Just leave and protect what little sanity you have.

    Sigh... alright, you embark on my task, but before you do, you must understand this. This task WILL be harder than playing Touhou on Lunatic without arrow keys. You'll never make it. It's doomed to fail.

    Yeah yeah alright, if you're really this want to hang out in a forum thread that badly, then go right ahead. Take the task. See if I care. Cause I don't. Go ahead, get killed. Fine, go. I'm giving you permission to go. GO. TAKE THE STUPID TASK! Dewd, just go already. Do you want to go? Why are you even here if you're not gonna go! I said you can't stay without taking the task!

    Fine, don't go. Leave. Out of my thread. Now. Go away. Shoo shoo. Now. Bye.

    ... you still here? Hello? Anyone? ... I'm all alone... come back... I didn't mean it...

    ... what? You're still here? You HEAR THAT!? My good sir I do believe that's eavesdropping! ... OF COURSE I didn't mean it. I was... testing you. Yeah, testing. You failed, so you can't take the task anyway. Hahah, so get out. You can't stay.

    Actually, before you leave, send me a dollar, I'm in the mood for a McChicken. Ok thanks. Bye.
  2. This task was so simple it was like seeing the world crumble by your lovers hand. Who was your lover? Why should I know about your life? No wonder your lover turned his/her hatred onto the world for you forgetting about her. If you truly knew the world that you live in when it ends. Well I have a different task for all of these readers

    Your task will be complex compared to the above post's task. The world might be ending, but you can speed up the process by following these five simple steps. What are you waiting for? Do the five steps of destruction now! ... Oh the steps, I didn't tell you them. Before you hear the steps you need to understand the background of it.

    Once upon a happily ever after gone wrong, the Cliche prince rescued the Cliche princess and had the Cliche wedding and the end.

    As you can see this is not madness, but is Sparta.
  3. Stiiiill here. *leaves a dollar at Zio's doorstep*

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