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.::Armonia Chronicles::. ~The Shifting Sands~ (Profile Thread)

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by crazE, May 30, 2013.

  1. The lush world of Armonia.
    In the southern reaches of the gargantuan planet, a large continent shines amidst the Ocean of Glass. On this continent, the world is run by the sand.
    Almost entirely destroyed by harsh rays of sun and atmospheric conditions, Ambutus is almost entirely inhospitable. The great Harum Desert blisters the air hanging over Ambutus, taking up all of its western and most of its eastern half. Only a few places seem decent enough to harbor anything living. However, many creatures, specifically a strong race of people, thrive here, using the world around them to their advantage.
    The people of Ambutus are now plagued with having their continent, their only home, being entirely overrun. What little resources there are have started to deplete entirely despite the best efforts of the people and the magic they possess. The fate of Ambutus hangs in the balance of the ones it has chosen to restore its glory.
    You have been chosen.


    With a strange and archaic magic running about, disturbing the sands and destroying the land, the natives have found panic to be a normal emotion. Hysteria plagues the medieval land as sand twisters and strange creatures of unknown origin strike through villages and desert cities. With little options, the King of Ambutus seeks to find, through the help of his sorcerers, the people he needs to conquer this dilemma. You may not know it now, but he comes for you. All you know is that the world around you calls your name. Starting in the village, you will be thrust into the brunt end of this destruction. From there, it will be your choice what the fate of everyone and everything around you becomes.

    NOTE: This is a closed roleplay. An invitation has already been sent to specified members. However, if you truly wish to join, shoot a PM explaining your interest to join.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Just edited at 6:45 on 5/30/2013. New game mechanics have been added that I have forgotten to add.

    inner note: Re-edited at 7:35, same day.

    Lifesteal and Spellvamp: Taken from a famous MMO, I bring to you Lifesteal and Spellvamp.
    Lifesteal is an attribute that gives health to a player based on a percentage of the damage dealt to an opponent by basic attacks.

    Spellvamp is an attribute that gives health to a player based on a percentage of the damage dealt to an opponent by skills or abilities. The normal percentage is reduced for Area of Effect abilities or basic attacks.

    The mechanics between Lifesteal and Spellvamp when it comes to abilities is that they act independently from one another. If you passively have Spellvamp from an item or ability, say 10%, and use an ability that gives your next basic attack 10% Lifesteal, Spellvamp will not buff the Lifesteal bonus given from the ability. Spellvamp does not account to the damage dealt by abilities that buff basic attacks. Lifesteal, in turn, will not buff abilities that do multiple attacks and such following this. Essentially, Spellvamp handles skills, Lifesteal handles basic attacks. There are no crossroads, no grey areas.

    A quick and easy note: Lifesteal and Spellvamp, due to mostly being percentage attributes, are meant to be for matches when players have higher stats. However, flat Lifesteal and Spellvamp will be allowed to even out the unfair disadvantage early-canon.

    Skills with any of these two attributes will be more expensive than they would normally be. Abilities with any of these attributes will be moderated. Flat Lifesteal and Spellvamp is allowed, but must be temporal. Starting skills and items will not provide Lifesteal and Spellvamp. People who will abuse with these attributes will be sought out for questioning and horrible torture.

    New change: MP to EP. EP standing for an in-game characteristic known as the "Essence of the Goddess," in which all inhabitants on Armonia do not know that Mana is known as Mana. After much whining from a peruvian, it has been changed OoC in the profile to EP. Not a big deal, it does the same thing as MP.

    [b]Level:[/b] 1
    [b]Next Level:[/b] 0/10
    [b]Charm-Ability:[/b] ([i]Leave blank. Charm Abilities are abilities granted by carrying a Charm on your character. Charms are items that carry certain abilities, active or passive, that improve the overall performance of a character in battle. They are dissimilar to Accessories in which that Charms work like S-abilities or R-abilities. Charms can be bought or found on maps and given or taken depending on circumstances. They can be melded with other Charms or other items and even infused with your Weapons, Armor, and Accessories to create stronger tools![/i])
    [b]R-Ability:[/b] None.
    [b]E-Ability:[/b] ([i]Ultimate ability in similar ratio to Shadow's X- or Masquerade's D-Ability.[/i])
    [b]E-Trigger:[/b] ([i]E-triggers are a design made by Shadow, in which one can set one's E-Gauge off early in order to perform a special move. E-triggers can range from a small group heal ability to a partial resupply of mana to a brutal true damage strike. E-triggers are more powerful than normal skills considering more leeway and run on the E-gauge, but are not to be taken far. However, this should not prohibit creative thinking![/i])
    [b]G-Ability:[/b] ([i]G-abilities are abilities usable by a certain party of people available on a map during a battle. G-Abilities are activated by each character providing their E-trigger or their E-gauge to deal fatal/massively helpful abilities as a group no normal E-trigger or E-ability could ever do on a singular character. G-abilities can be obtained throughout the game by completing certain tasks. G-abilities can also be secretly obtained by other certain methods, so keep an eye out![/i])
    [b]~E-Gauge~[/b] {/////}{/////}
    ([i]SHD is the Shield stat, a special stat in which a character gains, essentially, extra health with more durability (1 SHD per 1.5 DMG). SHD can also be given special properties in certain cases (deal damage back to attacker, regen mana, etc.), whether by natural ability or by activated ability, or even by atmospheric effects.
     SHD is a liquid stat, meaning it is not a stat that can be kept (usually) and is only temporal in most cases. SHD is not usable by starting characters (unless characters are based off SHD) and is usually only obtainable by outside sources, such as abilities or atmospheres. However, it is there to provide it an option when SHD is used on characters and it is free to be used and experimented with for certain cases. All characters automatically start with a potential capacity of 10 SHD, but not have any SHD in the SHD stat. Temporal SHD is lost at the end of a chapter, while passive SHD is kept throughout the game (unless depleted in some cases))

    When you reply with a profile or reply to the invitation, please note your acceptance so your name can be posted below.


  2. RE: .::Armonia Chronicles::. ~The Shifting Sands~

    ~Ally Characters~

    None yet.

    ~Enemy Characters~

    None yet.

    ~Neutral Characters~

    None yet.



    Coming soon!


    None yet.

    Gold: 0

    Reserved for Players:
  3. RE: .::Armonia Chronicles::. ~The Shifting Sands~

    Name: Fataroux (fay-ter-roh)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    [​IMG] This character develops over time, so the picture will be changed every Job Promotion. You will be notified if you are using one of his appearances. Similar methods may be used by other players.
    Profession: Sand Shadow- One who claims this profession names himself after the shadows of the desert, deadly creatures of the night, rightly so by professing in quick and brutal fatalities of foes. [Dual-wield] [Shadow's Curse]

    *Shadow's Curse- Fataroux can move through most solid objects, save it those marked otherwise. Objects that allow Fataroux to move through require at least 2 MOVE. Fataroux cannot stop on objects he can pass through. Objects that Fataroux can pass through will be marked.

    Weapon: Sand-worn Dagger- a dagger afflicted by the environment around it, it is worn but enhanced by the sanding. [+1 ATK]
    Weapon: Sand-worn Dagger [+1 ATK]
    Armor: "Liberated" Shoulder plates- we all know what this means. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Sharp Stone- A small, carved, peculiar stone clipped to the side of one's waist, it provides a small boost in one's critical damage. [+5% Critical Strike Chance]

    Charm-Ability: None.

    A-Ability: From the Shadows

    +Trinity Slash- Fataroux slashes the opponent three times, each successive hit dealing more damage. 3 hits. 100% (first hit), 110% (second hit), 120% (third hit). Range: Adjacent cell. Element: Neutral. 11 EP

    +Assassin's Approach- Fataroux cloaks himself for 1 turn. His next basic attack is guaranteed to deal a Critical Strike. Range: None. Element: Neutral. 8 EP

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: Progressive Fatality- Fataroux stacks Blood Counters with every attack or ability he deals on an enemy. Each Blood Counter debuffs the enemy's DEF by 10% (rounded up). When the maximum number of Blood Counters are stacked on an enemy, the next basic attack dealt to them by Fataroux or his allies deals 10% more damage (rounded up) and the counters with the debuff are removed. Max stacks: 4.
    E-Ability: Death Locust- Fataroux teleports behind an opponent, bringing his blades down and through his target mercilessly. 2 hits. 100% Piercing Attack Damage each hit. High chance of Instant Death. High Chance of Blood Loss. 25% Spellvamp from total end damage. Range: One Opponent. Element: Neutral.

    E-Trigger: Sand Shield- Fataroux summons the sands around him for protection, reinforcing himself with hard, enchanted sandstone armor and enhanced offensive attacks. Gains 8 SHD and a 25% basic attack damage increase and lasts 3 turns or until SHD is depleted.

    G-Ability: None.

    HP: 20
    EP: 20
    SHD: 0
    ATK: 4 (+1 Sand-worn Dagger)(+1 Sand-worn Dagger)
    DEF: 3 (+1 "Liberated" Shoulder Plates)
    INT: 1
    SPR: 2
    EVA: 4%
    CRIT: 3% (+5% Sharp Stone)
    MOVE: 2 cells (+2 Sand Shadow Job)

    LFSTL: 0%
    SPLVP: 0%


    Skill Points:
    Upgrade Points:
  4. Name: Allister
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Profession: Meta Knight-The one who claims this profession is a loyal warrior, able to bend and manipulate metals and static electricity. [Enforcer] [Lightning Affinity I]

    *Enforcer- Allister amplifies his damage based on how dense his equipment is, gaining ATK Damage equal to 10% of his DEF.

    *Lightning Affinity I- Acquires Lightning Affinity. Damage dealt by Lightning Element attacks deal 10% more damage, while damage received by Lightning Element attacks is reduced by 20%.

    Weapon: Rough Sword- an old sword that has been worn, but serves its job pretty well. [+1 ATK] 
    Armor: Thin Plates- small metal plates worn under clothing, they still provide a decent amount of protection. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Magnetite- small metallic rocks that have magnetic properties, they always point toward the north pole. [+5 MP]

    Charm-Ability: None.

    A-Ability: Storm Fall

    +Static Spin- Allister throws his blade directly in front of him in a saw-like motion. Using magnetic force, Allister recalls the blade back. 120% ATK Damage. Chance of immobilize. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP

    +Armor bend- Morphs and manipulates the opponent's armor into a dented state. -20% DEF for three turns. Stackable up to 60%. Range: 4 cells. Element: Neutral. 7 MP

    R-Ability: None.

    S-Ability: Magnetic draw- Enemies begin to be pulled by a magnetic force near Allister, feeling more heavy weight to move. Enemies within a 2 cell range have their MOVE reduced to 1.

    E-Ability: Rolling Thunder- Allister channels raw lightning into his blade and swings it underhand, causing a massive shockwave which blasts forward from his blade and strikes the closest enemy. Enemies nearby the first enemy are also hit. 150% piercing damage to first enemy and silence for 3 turns, the enemy is also rooted for 3 turns. Enemies within a 2 cell range of first enemy are silenced for 2 turns. Range: 4 cells Element: Lightning.

    E-Trigger: Iron will- Allister reinforces armor with nearby metal for a short period of time to ignore any attack. Creates shield based on 20% maximum health. Can be cast on ally. Duration: 3 turns or until armor is broken. Range: Self or 2 cells. Health shield derives from player this E-trigger is cast upon.


    HP: 25
    MP: 15 (+5 Magnetite)
    SHD: 0
    ATK: 4 (+1 Rough Sword)(+0 from Enforcer)
    DEF: 3 (+1 Thin Plates)
    INT: 1
    SPR: 2
    EVA: 3%
    CRIT: 4%
    MOVE: 2 cells (+1 Meta Knight Profession)

    LFSTL: 0
    SPLVP: 0

    ~E-Gauge~ {/////}{/////}
  5. Name: Eria Forcastre
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Profession: Mage Scholar: The one who claims this Profession is dedicated in studying the branch of magiology, seeking to learn and apply theoretical and practical knowledge that can be converted into powerful magic. [Basic Attack: Magical] [Spell Counter] [Cognition I]

    *Spell Counter: Eria's A-Skills, for this Profession's A-Ability, have additional SubSkills anexed to them, which function based on a Spell Counter mechanic. Parent A-Skills have an additional parameter, Spell Count, increased for each usage; Counter A-Skills cannot be used unless this value reaches Maximum Count (it is reset afterwards). A "Value" field present in Counter A-Skills determine the feasability of said A-Skill, factoring in the Parent A-Skill's EP Cost and Max Spell Count.
    *Cognition I: Increases the User's Base Int by 10%. Every Level in which the Required Experience field is modified (in Progress), a free Stat Point is to be allocated specifically in MP.

    Weapon: Beginner's Book: A written repository of the most basic aspects of magic followed by likewise simple spells. Its size betrays its usefulness. [+1 Int / Range: 2 Cells]
    Armor: Witch's Halfrobe: Originally a full robe given to aspiring scholars as a first sign of acceptance, it seems that someone managed to rearrange it into a really lithe piece of clothing. [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Chocolate Heart: Not actually made of chocolate, this heart-shaped hair accessory is actually, for some reason, neatly tied to Eria's hat. [+5 Max EP]
    Charm: None.

    A-Ability: Compiled Knowledge

    + Fluenta: Facilitates casting speed through coursing Essence, allowing the user to easily and rapidly perform simple attacks temporarily. Sets Basic Attack as a Free Command. 1 Stack Limit. Duration: 3 Turns. Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: None. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 6 EP.

    + Percuro: A healing incantation, archaic by modern standards, which indirectly mends the wounds of an ally. 120% Int HP Recovery. Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Neutral. Spell Count: 0/2. 8 EP.

    --- Afflicto: Forms orbs of energy out of resultant magic and has them repeatedly blast a target within moderate distance. 2 Hits. 110% Int Damage (Every Hit). Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Neutral. Value: 10.

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: Passive Flow I: Increases the Effectiveness of the User's Passive EP Regeneration by 1 Point. In addition, all Ally Characters (and chosen Neutral Characters) within the User's Adjacent Cells receive this effect.
    E-Trigger: Counter Break: Relying on knowledge about an ancient and forgotten energy, the user allows for her own Essence to be rendered chaotic and unstable for a moment, projecting a shifting, soft-colored distortion around her. And, for this moment, the Laws of Magic begin to be overridden. Increases Magical Damage Output by 20%. Enables the usage of Count A-Skills without requirement of Spell Count from their respective Parent A-Skills. Duration: 3 Turns. After a Duration Fade, Increases the Spell Count of ALL Count A-Skills by 1. 5 E Levels.
    E-Ability: Excerpt "Verum Magicae": True Magic. An excerpt from a grimoire, superimposing itself on the user's tome, which traces a complex glyph of raw SpellCode on the ground beneath her. When the user triggers it with a single word, she becomes the center of a massive pillar of Arcane Essence surging from within the glyph and shooting into the sky above, leaving behind an aftereffect of highly reactive magic in its wake. 150% Piercing Int Damage. Creates Residual Zones within Range. [Denoted { } / If Ally: Increases All Stats by 20% / If Enemy: 30% Piercing (User's) Int Damage. / Duration: 3 Turns] Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: Area of 2 Cells. Element: Arcane. 10 E Levels.

    ~ Statistics ~

    HP: 15
    EP: 25 (Chocolate Heart +5)
    Shd: 0
    Atk: 1
    Def: 2 (Witch's Halfrobe +1)
    Int: 4 (Beginner's Tome +1)(Cognition I +1)
    Spr: 3
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Mage Scholar Job +1)
    E Gauge:

    LifeSteal: 0%
    SpellVamp: 0%

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0

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