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:ARMONIA CHRONICLES: ~Feign of Paradise~

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by crazE, May 31, 2017.

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    Within the Alvarian University of Academic and Mystic Studies, you may have noticed a recent announcement being whispered through the halls. A new landmass had been discovered several units out into the Lorecic Ocean, quite far west from Alvaria’s coastlines. Explorers that had once studied in these halls now roamed in giddy excitement with maps never before seen and sketches of a world no one had ever known before. The word would go from the halls of the university to the streets of Alvaria itself.

    It may have piqued your interest.

    Perhaps it would have gotten your attention when the continent was described as “a true paradise, greener than the most verdant trees and lusher than the deepest forests.” Or, perhaps, it would have gotten your attention to hear that the continent was in fact inhabited by a people of mysterious nature, aborigines that have evolved separate from the progressive world. Then again, maybe your interest might have been sparked hearing and seeing sketches of ancient ruins of a greater civilization that had been, with the prospect of artifacts and loot that had been sealed away in the continent’s mouth for centuries.

    Regardless, you might have found yourself looking into this new continent.

    And with that prospect, you found out that many exploration groups were being hired by the Alvarian University to search, research and explore this new continent to discover new and amazing things and to bring home not only the prospect of ancient treasures, but knowledge of an ever-widening world. You found that there would be great words spoken of those who reveal much and great treasures for those who discover much.

    And, perhaps, you’ve taken part in finding a group to travel with for this new land.

    Perhaps, you will be going to this new world, Paradasia.

    Your journey begins.



    Hello all!

    It’s been a while since I’ve done anything in regards to my on-going series Armonia Chronicles, but I’ve decided to pick it back up after so long.

    With the recent flux of eager souls to get into the roleplaying atmosphere, I’ve decided to take my oldest roleplay and change it from a statistical roleplay into a freeform roleplay to make it easy for casual and beginner roleplayers.

    Feign of Paradise is as this premise gives. Alvaria is a heavily-populated city-state near the western coast of the continent of Scientiona. Alvaria is known for housing the Alvarian University of Academic and Mystic Studies, which is one of the largest universities of study on the continent. It is appraised for not only being quite archaic in its age but also for being the archive of Armonian history and knowledge. It is a perfect place for those seeking to learn, for almost guaranteed they would find the content they wish at this university.

    That being said, it wouldn’t be any surprise that the city-state of Alvaria gets first wind of a new continent discovered. Being labeled “Paradasia” for its beauty and lush habitat. With many stories concerning a lost civilization within, and even the finding of an aborigine tribe among the thick jungle, the continent already has Alvaria’s eyes set on discovering its secrets. A commission from the college says that the council will pay for any and all adventurers to explore the continent and bring back as much information and artifacts as possible.

    One thing to be wary of, however, is the dark secrets that have also been left behind within the heart of the jungle.

    So, that being said, let me know your interest and we can begin a fantasy adventure!

    For character ideas, Feign of Paradise would be in a timeframe equivalent to medieval times, perhaps starting the renaissance-esque feel, although sharing little similarity to italian culture. It would be a time of free-thinking and progression. Proto-governments are really forming and establishing agreements across city-states like Alvaria, with a good portion of the continent of Scientiona in common agreement and alliance with one another.

    There should be a few things to consider and review while making your character:
    1. Most of Armonia is mystically gifted, but only those that grow up with learning magical skills via family or have money to pay into mystic arts classes become adept in magic. You’ll find in this case that middle-to-high classes are using magic more than lower class citizens. Very rarely will you find an individual with abilities, or inherent mystical traits (not learned).
    2. I don’t care where your character comes from anywhere on Armonia; anything works if given viable background and detail. In fact, you can make up your own places and families and whatever, considering the size of Scientiona. Aliens are not allowed; Armonia is not space-traveling and is not comfortable with otherworldly beings at this point.
    3. Speaking of special, the sapient species on Armonia are mainly human. However, I am up for consideration of other races being introduced, although this does not guarantee a non-human character will be admitted into Armonia.
    4. Your character’s equipment should be realistically equipped for adventure. No two-ton armor, no catapults, no ridiculous stuff like a legendary vest that lets you cross dimensions. No revealing or lack of clothing, unless you plan for your character to be tentacle-raped or ripped apart by the elements (using a picture with such detail is fine, as long as additional detail is provided). And no, I’m not accepting tentacle-rape as a viable excuse.
    5. Enchanted items are fine. Typically enchantments are the biggest things going around in Armonia today, which means in all likelihood your character doesn’t even have to be magically-inclined. The degree of the enchantments must be approved through me.
    6. Food and supplies will be provided to your character by Alvaria.
    7. All posts should be a minimum of at least two paragraphs with adequate detail. The size of the paragraphs don't matter as long as detail is provided. If there are any questions concerning the actions in a post, the poster in question is obligated to clarify for the benefit of quality posting. In accordance, if one does not understand the nature of a post, they have liberty to request further clarification. If no further clarification is given, the GM can intervene for a verdict.
    8. This is an action-by-action roleplay. If you have a wall of actions your character takes in a fight, and your opponent counters the very first action, your wall of actions can be considered void, especially when taking into account the speed and strength of your character.
    9. Your character cannot use any ability, weapon, item, etc. that is not stated in your profile UNLESS provided by the surrounding in-character interactions or by the scene. However, full creativity is given for the use of your character’s said materials.
    10. In regards to anything about your character: Please. Be. Specific. Your character’s ability(s), equipment, items, etc. must be adequately described in your profile, also including their behavior (how it functions and why) and properties (how fast or strong). Not being descriptive enough will require GM intervention and verdict.
    11. If you have any ideas in mind for your character’s existence, or any ideas in mind in general, you have full liberty to discuss them with me in private message on the forum or on Discord.
    12. All characters have a possibility of dying. Just keep that in mind.

    Character profile to fill out:


    Equipment: [What your character has on their person.]

    Skills: [capabilities and tricks learned and acquired. This includes spells]

    Abilities: [anything inherent to your character, like a mutant.]


    Please be as specific as possible. These subjects are the bare essentials I require to categorize your character’s attributes. You can shape the character sheet however you'd prefer to include whatever information you need.

    Here's my example profile I'll probably be using:
    Name: Davan
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dropbox - 2011-09-06 06.32.04.jpg
    Personality: Calm, collected. seeks to learn. Has interest in foreign languages of Armonia.


    -Rune Book - a tome of inscriptions said to be ancient Armonian writing taught by the Ancients. The first portion of the tome is for deciphering purposes; the second portion is unreadable runes looking for translation; the third portion are runes purely for magic.

    -Rune Scarf - enchanted fabric woven into runic symbols onto a scarf.


    -Linguist - a scholar in foreign languages, Davan is equipped well to understand and decipher foreign languages.

    -Historian - adept with knowledge of the ancient civilizations of Armonia.

    Abilities: None.

    Background: Davan grew up in an upper-class family within Alvaria. His upbringing allowed him to be taught by the best scholars and have access to the most resources within the Alvarian archives. His love for history and the workings of the ancient peoples drives him to learn more and seek more knowledge. This drive has pushed him to volunteer to discover the new land across the western waters.

    So mainly, just post your interest as well as your intent of a character so we can get a feel of what kind of party we'll be having. I accept as many as are willing to participate; I'll get this RP started the weekend after next (June 10th).


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