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Always a White Hat [Profile Thread]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Gist, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Currently a 1x2 between myself, @Irouk Inverse and @Silver .

    Current Inventory:

    Healing Herb x3 ~ Restores 10 HP on use. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.
    Mana Chip x1 ~ Restores 5 MP on use. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Synthesis Materials:




    Key Items:

    Verumsythe Map: An elegant outline of the land of Verumsythe, you use this to keep track of your position.

    Gold: 0


    +Phyrexian Outskirts
    -- Verdeset Forest

    None yet

    None yet

    None yet
  2. Enemy Profiles:


    Neutral Profiles

  3. ~ Reserved for my character ~

    @Silver, you may post your profile now.

    @Irouk Inverse has also joined, please give him a warm round of applause. He'd better post often.
  4. Name: Lumina Deva Cadence

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Profession: Guardian Angel- A stroll through an empty town at midnight whilst the snow falls daintily upon the ground. Enemy spotted––blade raised with certainty before a single strike is made. Harsh crimson paints the white wonder and she moves onward; just one step on her path as the Champion of the defenseless. The one who claims this profession does so with the intention to forever act as a savior by bringing justice to those who dare to harm the innocent. (Shieldbearer) (Pact of Protection) (Equip: Sabers)
    [size=-3]Shieldbearer: Carries a shield in the free hand. Enables the user to equip a shield in addition to other equipment.
    Pact of Protection: Vows to serve as a Champion for the innocent, protecting them from those that seek to harm them no matter the cost. Automatically covers for defenseless units and takes damage for allied units in Critical Condition even if the attack would kill the user.[/size]

    Level: 4
    Exp: 1/32

    Weapon: Herald of the Angels- Pristine saber made of a shimmering white metal said to have been crafted by the purest of angels in heaven. [+1 ATK]
    Shield: Radiant Dawn- Average-sized buckler made of a pure metal shining with a certain radiance and the mark of a savior. [+1 DEF]
    Armor: Celestial Snowfall- Beautiful winter coat colored a pure white with a silver wing design. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Winter Scarf- Warm scarf that holds some sentimental value as well.

    A-Ability: Saving Grace

    +Fathomless WishDrawing both blade and breath, makes a certain slash which evokes the power of the user's desires in the form of a brilliant flash that focuses all attention on the user. 125% Atk Damage. Bestows Center of Attention [User]. Range: Adjacent Cell. 10 MP.

    +Guardian FlashManifests mana particles in a stalwart signal of protection that bolsters defensive properties of the user. No Damage. +15% Def and Spr for Five Turns. Range: Self. 6 MP. Light Elemental.

    +Vigilant HeartCloses one's eyes and focuses on each individual heartbeat with progressive intensity until everything is perfectly clear. No Damage. Bestows Sure Hit status for Three Turns. Range: Self. 12 MP.

    + Cerulean SurgeWith blade in both hands, plunges the weapon deep into the ground causing a powerful surge of azure ice mana to stream forward toward the target. 110% Int Damage. Chance of Freeze. Range: 5 Cells; Linear. 14 MP. Ice Elemental.

    +Arcadian EmbraceBathes the target in a soothing resonance of light which quickly heals even severe wounds and bolsters their damage potential slightly for awhile. 130% Int Healing. +10% Damage Output for Three Turns. Range: 4 Cells. 8 MP.

    +Shield BashKnocks the target roughly with the shield to throw them off-balance in order to land a swift stab shortly afterwards. 130% Atk Damage. 2 Hits. Stuns Target. Range: Adjacent Cell. 9 MP.

    +EffulgenceCondenses brilliant light mana particles into a blast of radiant energy which scathes the target severely. 140% Int Damage. Chance of Blind. Range: 6 Cells. 13 MP. Light Elemental.

    +Tempestuous WaltzGathering the aid of the winds to her side, the user elegantly glissades through a range of motion, delivering strike upon strike to the target without the slightest hesitation. 80% Atk Damage. 12 Hits. Range: 2 Cells. 18 MP.


    +Efficacious ServiceNaturally attuned to the flow of battle, the user grows more accustomed to defending those around her from the current threat as it targets her. Whenever the user is the direct target of an attack, all damage taken is reduced by 1%. Stacks 30 times.


    +Savior's BlessingThe act of sacrificial service, especially out of pure love alone, bestows a special gift upon the user. When activated, the user gains Auto-Life status. Can only be activated once per battle.


    +Final OrderSwells light mana particles around the user and forces them all to catch ablaze before racing at the target and delivering the ultimate judgement from which the target will not recover. 200% Pierce Atk Damage. High Chance of Instant Death. Survivors are subject to Purification. Range: 6 Cells. 0 MP. Light Elemental. 10 DD.


    HP: 35
    MP: 20
    DD: 6/10
    Atk: 7 (+1 Herald of the Angels)
    Def: 4 (+1 Radiant Dawn) (+1 Celestial Snowfall)
    Int: 4
    Spr: 3 (+1 from Winter Scarf)
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 3%
    Move: 2 Cells (+1 Guardian Angel Profession)

    Skill Points: 3
  5. Name: Asura Khan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21

    Profession: Wardancer - A title given to a warrior of the Mogul Clan who take pride in their strength, agility, and above all else, ferocity. These female warriors hone not only their body but also their instincts to be as sharp as the axes they wield. [Unburdened]

    *Unburdened - Asura has no need for armor, and therefore will not equip any. However due to her proficiency in battle Asura takes 15% reduced damage from all sources and her movement is increased by 1.

    Weapon: Tribal Cleaver - A massive axe that has graced the hands of every single leader of the Mogul Clan since the first. [Cleave] [+1 ATK]
    Armor: N/A
    Accessory: War Banner - The banner of the Mogul Clan which strikes fear into the hearts of all who face its carrier. [+1 ATK]

    *Cleave - Basic attacks also strike enemies standing on either side of the target.

    A-Ability: Mogul Terror

    + Lacerate - Asura swings her axe, cleaving through her target and creating a major wound that simply does not stop bleeding. [110% ATK Dmg. Range: Adjacent. Chance of Bleeding. 6 MP]

    + Taste for Blood - Asura strikes her target at a vulnerable spot reveling in their injury as she devours the flesh torn off with her axe. [120% ATK Dmg. Range: Adjacent. Restores damage as HP. MP cost is refunded if the target is afflicted with Bleeding or Blood Loss. 6 MP]

    + Wildfire - Asura ignites a spear and tosses it at the target, the spear piercing their flesh and the flames immediately cauterizing the wound. [110% Fire ATK Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Inflicts 50% increased damage if the target is afflicted with Bleeding or Blood Loss. 10 MP]

    + Bull Rush - Asura charges toward the target disregarding all others in her way, striking and knocking the target prone on the ground. [80% ATK Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Chance to Stun. Moves Asura to nearest adjacent cell. 7 MP]

    + Swipe - Asura swings her axe in a full circle, striking all enemies nearby. [120% ATK Dmg. Range: Surrounding cells. 8 MP]

    R-Ability: Second Wind - Upon taking damage that would reduce her to or below 25% max HP Asura restores 25% of her max HP over 2 turns. Upon activation this ability undergoes a 3 turn cooldown.

    S-Ability: Warpath - Each swing of Asura's axe carries such force that that the enemies are unable to defend against her. When attacking an enemy Asura dispels all defensive status effects on the target. If the target does not have any defensive status effects the attack instead reduces the target's DEF by 20% for 3 turns, does not stack.

    D-Ability: Unstoppable Force - Asura charges and swings her axe with her full strength. The weak are often instantly killed and even the strong are left with broken bones and damaged organs. [200% Piercing ATK Dmg. Range: 5 cells. Modifies the damage output by 10% for each point of difference between Asura's attack and the target's DEF. Instant Death threshold increased to 60% 10 DD]

    Level: 5
    EXP: 5/48
    HP: 35
    MP: 25
    ATK: 8 [+1 Tribal Cleaver] [+1 War Banner]
    DEF: 6
    INT: 1
    SPR: 5
    Crit: 7%
    Evd: 5%
    Movement: 2 Cells [Wardancer Profession +2] [Unburdened +1]

    Skill Points: 0

    Battle Stats
    HP: 35/35
    MP: 30/30
    DD: 0/10
    ATK: 10
    DEF: 6
    INT: 1
    SPR: 5
    Crit: 7%
    Evd: 5%
    Movement: 5

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