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Ab Intus (Profiles)

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Gold Dullahan, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. You know what to do losers
    I have to go to school soon so I'll put mine up later
  2. Gist

    Falter Evans

    Character Color: #F44737

    ~ General ~

    Name: Falter Evans

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14



    ~ Combat ~


    • Cloak of Night: Through powers unknown to Falter, if the area is under night or if there are overcast/foggy weather conditions, as long as he is not interacting with the world around him, he can blend into the scenery unseen.
    • Illusory Journey: In a trance-like state, Falter focuses on letting everything go. After chanting a long-forgotten word, in a swift instant, he disappears from sight, and then reappears in a nearby target location. This is a blink.
    • Psychosoma: Dark memories begin to bubble from underneath the sheet of ice, leaving Falter embittered and malicious. Looking at the first target he can find, he mentally lashes with the pent-up frustration, throwing a psychic vector towards them in a straight line.


    • Amnesia: Due to the lack of memories that he has, Falter cannot effectively wield language to its fullest potential. Hazy visions seem to dot his memory, but none of it is clear. With exposure to the outside world, this can fade over time.
    • Fear of Deific Symbols: Falter is coming closer to realizing his true origins, and why he was subservient to these icons. He was terrified of them in his past life, and this has carried on to the present day, even if he doesn't quite know or understand why. If Falter sights a symbol that is religious or affiliated with an Avatar, he will make getting as far away from it as he can his highest priority. He may begin to act again once he gets as far away as possible or the symbol leaves his sight.

    ~ Other ~

    History: Much of Falter's history and memory has been lost to the whims of his mind. Try as he might to recover them, they continually slip his grasp as he slips further away from one might call an identity. Not knowing himself, Falter created a name for himself, and in the harsh city of Noctum, he has set out to discover the larger world as a whole in search of clues that might lead to the recovery of his identity.

    Goal: Recover the memories that seemed to have vanished from him.
  3. Character Color: #3399ff

    Name: Ezekiel Bautista

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19


    The Good Stuff: 

    Found a wrecked humvee with dead soldiers so he took a rifle,
    three pistols, all the ammo he could find, an ammo vest, the boots, and 
    goggles. Also a nice pack to hold all of his new toys.

    Can channel lightning through his body and out his finger
    tips. Avatar not Sith. Also resistant/immune to electrical shocks.

    The Bad Stuff:

    Severe Insomnia; needs pills to sleep well and he only has a week of pills left.

    Foreign exchange Student (Spain); only knows basic english and will usually
    only speak spanish.

    History: After watching his spanish friends die or go beast Ezekiel left his
    college and began wandering around scavenging to stay alive. Eventually he found
    a wrecked humvee and took everything he could get his hands on. He also found an 
    important looking document with the word "cure" in it several times but he
    does not know what city to go to. Nice.
  4. Character Color: #831668

    Name: Jackie Volkov

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16


    (I'm doing a "Physical Manifestation" parasite so-)

    Name: Yannic


    -Yannic can manifest from any part of her body, meaning she can use them in a variety of ways.
    -Immune to poisoning.
    -Found a flashlight, various food/water items, and a bunch of batteries in an otherwise empty and ruined store. Holds all her stuff in her backpack for school.
    -Found an abandoned bike lying around.
    -Carries a baseball bat.

    -Mild androphobia and ligryophobia (dudes and loud noises)
    -Homeschooled in a household that, while knowing English, only knew certain words in their native language (Russian). Certain words can only be said in Russian.

    Jackie lived in an abusive household most of her life in a rural area. Her father was extremely violent and prone to random outbursts of anger towards the rest of her family. When she was 15, her mother was shot to death by her father and she and her brother were moved into foster care. A few days later, they ran away to a nearby town. After some weeks of sleeping in parks, the parasites appeared. Her older brother suddenly turned into a beast, her life only being saved at the last moment by the sudden manifestation of Yannic from her body.
  5. Color:Purple
    Name: Chris Mender
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Drew the picture myself, so if you can't really tell what he looks like I'll give a text description. Deep brown hair covers his eyes. He is a white male standing at 5'11". He is extremely malnourished and is surounded in what looks like purple flames but is actually a dark aurora.
    Ghosting- Enshrouded in darkness, Chris is able to be rendered completely invisible when in dark areas, but stands out in bright ones.
    Shadow Blink- Under the cover of darkness, Chris can move from one shadow to another through minimal concentration, but doing so expends physical resources, leaving Chris malnourished.
    Sociopathy- Chris's parasite can manifest short bursts of sociopathy, rendering Chris a merciless killer, but when the effect wears of, Chris is left depressed, full of guilt and anguish.
    History: Chris was bullied in school, resulting in him only wanting to watch the world burn (metaphorically). But when it did (The parasites), Chris was no where near ready for it. The few friends he did have, Chris watched slowly be turned to beasts, some even killing themselves along the way. When Chris was infected, he couldn't help but think he would do the same. But all the hate and fear in his life manifested itself against the parasite, keeping Chris alive only to see himself turned into something worse than a beast... A murderer. Now Chris seeks redemption, something he thinks he cannot find...

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