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PSA A New Era: The Fallout of This Weekend, And Moving Forward From It

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Nebulon Ranger, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    You may have noticed some changes around here. These came as a result of a long and painful weekend for ZEJ, culminating in us losing a core active member and two others. I won't go into any detail in this thread, as the wounds are still open and I personally don't want to salt them. As for the changes, I will explain those in this post, don't you worry!

    First of all, as a result of careful consideration of the weekend's events, @Eebit has decided to take an indefinite leave of absence. He has removed himself from our administrative staff, and placed himself into the Founders group. Rest assured, though, he did not do this out of contempt or disdain for any of us here at ZEJ, he simply needs some space and time to recover from what happened this weekend. As a consequence of not wishing to be tempted back too quickly, Krista (@whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter ) has decided to leave with him. We'll miss the both of you, and when you decide to come back, we'll be waiting with open arms. :)

    Second, @Red Starr has agreed to take up the position of moderator. The previous weekend has brought her that much closer to us as a community, and as such, she decided to step into the fold while Eebit and Krista are absent to help spearhead some community efforts. We welcome her to the staff body with open arms, and know that through her experience with XenForo via Iwaku Roleplay, she'll make an invaluable member of the team.

    Third, to more accurately reflect my current role, I've switched my banners and colors around. I still hold the orange banner, so I am still the man to nag if anything breaks, but I've realised that I'm a community figure first, and my primary rank should reflect that.

    Now, as for what we're going to do moving forward... if anything, the events that transpired over the weekend have taught most of us the value of community moreso than we'd known before. While "Real Talk" and its associated Discord text channel are not going anywhere, we'll be tightening the rules a bit to help prevent this sort of mess from happening again. @Keileon pinned a message the the Discord channel that outlines this in anyone with Discord would like to know more.

    Current community efforts like the Statistical Colosseum will still be run, albeit with one less Arbiter to help with Eebit gone, and I hope to get some new ones going so any newbies have things to do within their formative days here. Watch this board for more!


  2. While I won't go into details either, I would like to thank the ZEJ community as a whole for its solidarity over the past few days, for better or for worse.

    Congratulations to Starr! Now you can't say you're not actually staff. ^^
  3. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, there can at least be something new to reap out of it. I volunteered myself to Staff in order to help the community move forward and fortify as it should. As new blood to the force, I will try my best to address the issues relating to the community whilst coming up with awesome and fresh ideas for activities, contests, and anything else under that vein. To touch lightly upon the recent events, now more than ever it's good for you guys to give your input on how things are being run and what you think needs some looking into. So please, any input would be greatly appreciated. That information can be used to further improve our user's experience here at the site.

    Anyway. I'm glad to be on board~
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  4. I still find it hard to believe that everything that happened caused people to leave, but to those who are gone good luck to you (except for obvious others.) Congrats for getting moderator status Starr.

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