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602 Laws of Command

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Gold Dullahan, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    The fabled royal sorcerer Hesperia Penniston Horvath— the keeper of ink, queen of tears— was said to have authored her final book while in a fit of agony, screaming in the solitude of a damp chamber. Upon finding her body, it was reported that the book was titled 602 Laws of Command for the Cursed and the Damned, however the text itself disappeared in the hands of one of the fellows who dug up her body. Or so they say.

    They were drawn to it, some say. It's the power of the book.

    Whether or not Hesperia Horvath wrote the book in the throes of fell influence by a stronger being, something was wrong with it. Something was wrong with the way it's stories popped up before great calamity. Something was wrong with the way folk's eyes sometimes looked when they spoke of it. Something was wrong with the way "602 Laws" sounded when said aloud, like a foul curse.

    They say it's first few pages are inscribed with it's past owners, that the next name may very well be Bastien Fellrath— the Mancutter, sovereign of the Akker empire.

    Whatever the truth may be, the 602 Laws will be yours. They must be.

    But tread carefully in the dark, they say the 602 Laws might just command you.

    Taking a bit of the "you might be evil, or at least start with morally grey motivations" element from Bad Company.
    This will be a test of the hypothetical "MoonSystem" / "GoldSystem" of statplaying— which will basically be simple dnd style play.
    I'm looking for a party of about 3, though if I somehow get more I could potentially go for 4.​
    #1 Gold Dullahan, Jan 28, 2017 at 4:10 AM
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2017
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  2. I think I have a character up my sleeves for this~
  3. I think it's high time I get back into this sort of stuff. I'm down.
  4. K.

    Gold, I need more info than just this premise to get a feel of what I'd be playing
  5. 3's a good starting point. I'll drop in a character sheet for everyone to check out. If anyone else wants to join, I can probably still augment the first map to accommodate.

    This format is copied from the Rec. 2.0 sheet, so you have Mayari to thank for this great spreadsheet: [REDACTED LINK]
    #5 Gold Dullahan, Feb 9, 2017 at 7:20 AM
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2017
  6. I have just the character for this RP, too.

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  7. Wow who edited this in here :thinking:

    • System:
    • Dice based. (Unless specified, rolls will be straight d20s. Applicable stats would be added to your result. If you roll an 11 on an attack and have that attack stat at 3, you're output is 14. If enemy defense if say 10, you obviously do 4 damage. etc etc
    • We will have statplay style grids.
    • So far I've decided on two types of covers by the way. An absolute over (unbreakable, no damage can be done with this in the way) and an evasion cover. EVA covers will probably be a d5 roll or a d3 roll. I have to consult my notes again.
    • Taking some notes from FE, but not a lot, so don't really expect too much FE stuff.
    • The goal, of course, is a more lightweight and easy statplay system that's also easily adaptable for GM customization. (And involves less equations and more dicebots.)
    • Premise:
    • Whoever you are, you want this book. That means you want power, whether it's source is vile or not. Either you're evil or you're morally grey.
    • You start alone and then get forced into a group, essentially. Don't worry about connecting character stories to each other too much.
    • Setting will be generic fantasy, mostly because this is casual fun and also a system test— I wanted a comfortable setting, not too complex.
  8. lol is this what you meant by "look in the interest thread"
  9. Well, if you're interested... :^)
  10. i can be interested, but u got three people!
  11. @Nue no problem, buddy! We've got somebody else potentially interested too. I can change the first map to accommodate for 4/5 players!
  12. k ill join then

    where is the link?
  13. @Nue I can PM it to you on here, or you can join the Discord and I can PM it you there, either or.
  14. hello my moon it is i

    the calm and reliable smol eebare suggested i stop by

    i'd be up to try it out, so long as any extra members for the first go isn't too much!

    otherwise, i'm also fine sitting it out for now, but i am interested in this at least down the road

    very, very nice premise. i love it. and like dark and silver, oh sweet nelson do i have a great character idea for this

    never really did a statplay before but i've tbs'd all the time so i feel like i'd be a natural at it?

    this is an all lowercase stream of consciousness from jonnu
  15. @Jonno the more the merrier!!! I'm very excited so many people are interested in this system test, and honestly the more variety we can have in this test, the better. I can already imagine interesting ways to play with this larger group size... :thinking:

    I'll PM you the link for the character sheet on Discord, Jonno, feel free to join up if you feel like it!
  16. Formally expressing interest with a GM-approved character.
  17. Interest has been cemented. Prepare for Rodrick, everyone!
  18. Suppose I should hop on and say that my interested has been solidified, as well! I've been waiting for a place to incorporate Richter again.

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