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RESOURCE 3S: Open-Source Stat System

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Spaughtyena, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Simple Statplay System. (3S)

    This statplay system is maintained through the use of classes, a few skills and simple adding and subtracting. All the details will be written out below, as well as an in-depth look at the skills.​

    Health:  Every character, regardless of gender or class starts with 10HP. Gaining an additional 5 per each level.

    Magic: Magic for every character Starts at 10. However, it can be increased for ever point that is spent into 'Occult.'  Your MP increases by your stamina value every level.

    DR: (Damage Resistance) Your character's ability to soak up damage. Initially with no armor your DR is 0. However, taking cover can give you DR against Ranged Weapons and Blocking Can give you DR against most attacks.

    MR: (Magic Resistance) Your Character's ability to soak up Magical damage. Much Like DR, MR is based around a skill that increases your defense value by the amount of points you have allocated into the skill. That skill is Occult. For every 2 points in occult you gain 1 MR.

    Heal: This skill is pretty self explanatory. It is the ability to Heal yourself and others. This can also apply to poisons and diseases.  You heal an amount of health equivalent to your heal skill level. (This heal is localized and does not govern the amount of life you heal with a healing spell.)

    Melee Combat: Your ability to fight in a melee situation. Whether it be hand-to-hand or with a knife or baseball bat. The damage you deal with Melee weapons is the weapons initial damage plus your skill in Melee weapons, subtract the enemy's DR.

    Ranged Combat: Your ability to fight in a Ranged situation. Whether it be thrown weapons or with a gun or simple thrown rock. The damage you deal with Ranged weapons is the weapons initial damage plus your skill in Ranged weapons, subtract the enemy's DR.

    Endurance: The amount of damage you can resist in a block is represented by your Endurance skill. (An endurance of 0 means a blocking character does not gain additional protection.) However, cover can add DR for ranged, (However cover only increases base DR not blocking.) Other artificial means such as a shield or plank of wood can increase your block amount. (As long as they are equipped.)

    Security: Your ability to unlock door,chests or otherwise locked objects through physical means. If you Security skill is equal to or above the difficulty of the locked object, you can open it using this skill.

    Crafting: This is you character's ability to craft items from raw materials or scrap objects. It also governs your ability to repair objects. More complex items require a higher Crafting skill.

    Occult: For every point you place into Occult, it increases your MP by that amount. So a character who has a 3 in Occult has 13 MP at 1st level.

    Combat Rules.

    Much like what you are used to, this Statplay will use a grid system.

    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]8
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]7
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]6
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]5
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]4
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]3
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]2
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]1
     a  b  c  d  e  f  g  h

    A default grid is 8x8 much like a chessboard. The areas marked by various letters will be accompanied by a legend, each controlled by each individual GM. However, cells marked with X's are void (inaccessible). A white X means its a wall, and a Grey X means its a pit. For the most part, falling into  pit (moving into the square.) means instant death.

    Combat and Movement.

    This is fairly simple. Each character is able to move a base of 3 squares, accounting to one action. (Each player gets 2 actions per turn.) They may either attack that turn or move again. (Moving twice is a full round action, and is considered sprinting.) The only exception to the Sprint rule is a 'charge.' If a character is in a straight line to the enemy equal to their sprint amount or less (6 or less.) they can make a charge attack. Meaning they automatically move to the enemy and attack, dealing momentum damage. (Damage equal to your weapon's damage and the number of cells you moved until you hit the enemy, plus weapon skill amount. This doesn't apply for ranged weaponry.)

    The drawback to a charge attack is that it leaves your character 'exhausted' removing 1 action on their next turn per every base movement they complete in the charge. (3 cells = -1 action)

    Five-Foot Steps: A 'Free Five Foot Step.' The ability to move a single cell in any direction. (This cannot be used twice or to increase a sprint or movement amount.) However that means that a character who has made a 5 foot step still retains both actions. (Can only be used for attacks, or can be prepared.)

    Prepared Actions: At the beginning of a character's turn, they may declare a 'prepared action'. Meaning the forfeit an action to give themselves a extra action for later. (can be used to override 'exhausted.' Only one action can be prepared.)

    Guarding: If a character nominates to guard it can either be in use of a prepared action or in a normal turn. However, if a character guards normally it must be done at the beginning or end of their turn, and no actions can be used after a guard is declared.


    Damage in 3S is also simple. For example:

    P1 is armed with a baseball bat. (Base Damage of 2) And has a melee weapons skill of 2. So on a successful attack he can deal 4 damage.

    P2 is armed with a throwing Stick. (Base damage of 1) And has a Ranged weapon skill of 2. So on a successful attack P2 can do a total damage of 3.

    It is also assumed that P1 and P2 are unarmored, therefore having no DR unless they guard. They also each have an endurance of 2 So they can resist 2 damage with a guard.

    If however, P1 took cover against P2 it would increase P1's DR against ranged weapons opposite the cover based on the object. (Which is explained when the combat grid is placed.) For sake of ease, lets say its a cardboard box. It gives +1 DR versus ranged weapons. However, P1 can do a 'covered guard' (basically guarding while behind cover) effectively increasing P1's resistance to Ranged weapons by 2, making him resist 3 ranged weapon damage, making him invulnerable to p2's ranged attacks!

    Cover can also apply to certain ranged attacks, unless of course the attack has piercing, and the object can be pierced, then the DR is ignored by the weapons base attack.

    Magical Attacks & Attack Types.

    Magical attacks just that, attacks that cost magic to perform, and are energy based. Each attack has its own element attached to it, becoming more useful against enemy's with weakness to the element, but less useful with enemy's who resist it.

    Element Types:
    Fire: This encompasses all heat type damages including flames, lava and the boiling of water.
    Water: This is uses of all 3 states of water. Liquid, solid, and vapor.
    Earth: This element is centered around gravity, weight, sandstorms, and magnetism.
    Air: Encompasses things like, knock-backs, gusts of wind, and speed buffs.
    Lightning: Self explanatory, attacks like shocks and electrical discharges.
    Positive Energy: This element is slightly more complicated, and ties into healing. The amount of positive damage a spell does is actually how much it heals a living character. It can only deal 'damage' when it hits a target who is undead, or has a Negative Energy subtype.
    Negative Energy: The exact opposite of Positive energy. It heals undead and those with the Negative Energy subtype, but damages those living or otherwise Positive subtype creatures, ties into necromancy and life-leech.

    Attack Types:
    Touch: Every melee attack follows this format. With this type of attack you can hit targets within adjacent cells from your character.

    When Touch is applied to magical attacks, it gives them a base damage of 1. And the spells now gains a base cost of 4MP.

    Linear: Every Ranged attack follows this format. This attack type goes the base distance of 3 cells, away from your character, including diagonals.

    However, when Linear is applied to Magic attacks it gives them a base damage of 2 and the spell can travel 3 squares in a straight line including diagonals. As a bonus, a spell can be forced to travel an additional cell for each additional Magic point payed. However it costs double to increase distance if it is traveling diagonally. Base cost is 5

    Radius: Usually only used for magic attacks, there can be exceptions.

    Centered on the caster, it has a base radius of 2 cells around the caster. You can increase its radius by 1 by increasing the base magic cost by 2. (this change can only be done on a level up, and not in the heat of battle like linear.) Base Damage 2, Base cost 5

    Explosion: Explosion is explained nicely in a spell like Fireball. It follows a linear path, but on contact with an object, it becomes a radius.

    Much like Linear it goes a base distance of 3, but can be increased by paying 1 MP extra during combat. On contact it makes a base radius of 2, but that can be increased on a successful level up, however that increases its base cost by 2. Its base damage is 3, its base cost is8

    Damage Effect Types:
    Pounding: Attacks with this effect hit their target and stop moving. It is seen commonly with clubs and simple magical attacks like Firebolt.

    Piercing: This is commonly used with Linear attacks, like bullets, arrows and energy rays. These attacks hit a target and pass through, only stopping when they have reached their range limit. Due to piercing's ability to go through and object, it deals an extra point of damage, and it is at the discretion of the GM if the objects in their world can be pierced through.

    Piercing also ignores the amount of DR/MR equal to the weapon's/Spell's base damage. Leaving the player with only their cover and/or endurance to defend with.

    As an added note, Explosion and Radius do not get the piercing bonus unless stated otherwise by the GM.

    Character Sheets.

    Because this system is so base, it can be modified to suit any Roleplay's needs. Including making more classes, and even renaming and changing the skills. (Just make sure you explain that you're using a modified version of the 3S RP system.)

    person/Loved one: (Considered NPC, you may Role-play them until Istate otherwise.)
    [i][b]~Class & Skills~[/b][/i]
    Class Bonuses:
    Available Skill
    points: (6) {8 if unemployed}
    Melee Combat: 
    Ranged Combat: 
    ADR Attack 1:
    [i][b]~HP and Stats~[/b][/i]
    HP: 10
    LVL: 1
    EXP: 0/1
    As a final note, I would like to put that this Statplay system is open ended. GM's may use or modify the system to suits their role playing needs as well as add new features. Just be sure to maintain this original copy so that other GM's can use it either vanilla or change it. In other words, these are not rules, simply guidelines that can be edited, changed or ignored completely to suit a GM's needs. - Spaughtyena
  2. RE: 3S: Open-source stat system.

    Hmm, I suppose you would not mind critique to this "3S" system of yours? I realize that my views are mostly based on what I have read and my judgement alone, but I thought I could give input nonetheless.

    I think I am fairly grasping the entire balance of the system as a base, but there are some things that heavily detract from the statplaying facet and involve more DnD-esque concepts that rely on rolls and additional "Out of Battle" stats to perform tasks successfully. I think the attempted simplicity of the system could be defined more clearly if the "Skills" for Speech, Thievery, Survival, Repair were to be cut out.

    The Grid should be handled independently per-GM, but the default size should always be 9x9 for simplicity's sake. Usually this is more than enough to set the entire area of combat (or action) and allow the players to roam and fight, but one could always expand it (or enclose it) should one need to. The same goes as for the legend of the cells, which should vary according to the GM.

    The combat flow seems pretty simplistic, which is good I think, for what you are aiming for. With only basic commands such as Attacking, Moving (and "Charging"), Blocking and Preparing... But from a player's standpoint, I think the usefulness of Charging and Blocking is not particularly great. Strategically, losing available commands on a turn is the least a player wants to happen for their characters, so unless the benefits "are worth" the sacrifice, Charge might not end up being used at all for the added damage other than just a finisher. Similarly, Blocking happens to be situational and unless enough Endurance has been attained for a tanking build, it might end up not being used much, at all.

    Finally, the balance issues at hand are that there are two types of Damage (Melee and Ranged) but only one defensive factor (DR), which means there's a high chance of it being exploited. I personally would make it so DR is comparatively hard to raise, which would in turn mean an increase in the available HP/MP ratio of the characters depending on how exactly difficult one makes it--overall higher damage, with the HP to support it, with DR as a defining stat for protecting oneself. Also, are custom abilities (A-Skills, as for regular Statplay terminology) supposed to be allowed? I really don't see anything there detailing those.

    All in all, even with the issues presented here, I think you are in for a good start, and this can be further shaped into An Actual Thing~
  3. RE: 3S: Open-source stat system.

    Yay input. I'll look into fixing a few things, mainly the blocking aspect as it was pretty clunky even when I was writing it. Thank you Mr. Shadow, I would hug you, but you're in a galaxy far, far away XD.
  4. RE: 3S: Open-source stat system.

    Sticking this thread for visibility as Dark and Spaught are both actively propagating the system. All questions, comments, and suggestions for the 3S System should go here, and I would hope/expect that @"Nebulon Ranger" and @Spaughtyena make active use of this thread. Along with this, I hope that more people attempt to cast their criticisms, queries, and comments into the pool for reflection by the main proponents of the system, as @Shadow has done above.
  5. Thank you @Eebit, all of that stuff would be most welcome.

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