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[20:17:45] <Shadow> Giga let's Cyber

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. is this the kind of gay dick nerd penis face you want running your forums?!

    demote shadow

    eebit 4 admom 2014
  2. shadow does his job? que.

  3. This thread is beautiful and I love it- STAY CLASSY EEBIT- STAY CLASSY.
  4. I think Giga is Cybering someone else now?????? :thinking:
  5. [14:02] Eebit Giga, make a motherfucking pact with me goddamn
    [14:02] Eebit Top or Bottom
    [14:02] LordXGigaX Bottom
    [14:02] Keileon dat context
    [14:03] Starrmalia ^
    [14:03] LordXGigaX ... Oh god
    [14:03] Eebit context op
    [14:03] Shadow no context OP
    [14:03] Shadow Eebit x Giga OTP
    [14:03] Starrmalia LMFAO
    [14:03] Keileon LOL
    [14:03] Eebit LOL
    [14:03] Eebit You know what they say
    [14:03] Eebit Once you go black...
    [14:03] Eebit you never go back
    [14:03] Starrmalia LMFAOO
    [14:03] Starrmalia -O
    [14:03] Shadow I AM IN TEARS
    [14:03] Keileon LMAO

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