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ZEJ Statplay Engine

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Eebit, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. More braindump

    Cells == Containers - Make an ADT for them?

    Grids == Connected Graphs, somewhat. Coordinate Maps. Adjacency list or matrix to construct the grid visually and access adjacent cells, etc. Should be fairly intuitive.

    Restrict access to the "command" menu (i.e. Move / Act / Wait) based on Phase and TeamID of Units? If equal, allowed. Else not allowed.

    Need to have an undo button to permit reversibility of actions, but also decide if we want to allow reversibility of Act Commands (i.e. if we're going to run the calculation immediately or at the end of the phase, as per how statplays are handled on the forums).

    Warning: It's ugly

    Excuse my scribbling. I also changed my mind on how I think the Battle Log should be handled. I actually think it'd be more prudent to have it go:

    Least Recent
    Most Recent

    Than what I illustrated.

    As for how I think it should be done, I feel like it (battle log) should be similar to the update text, but it'll probably end up being a little different.

    I'd kind of like to have someone to talk this out with and bump ideas against so that I can end up making more progress in everything -- modelling the engine, doing the coding proper, GUI design, uses... anything. So please post thoughts, ask questions, etc. (@Muddy @Flimzy @Shadow @"Nebulon Ranger" @Ziolang in particular, my devbros). I figure that having questions asked about my thought process will force me to explain my rationale, and maybe that in turn will uncover wisdom about the statplay engine project.
  2. I posted this on Discord earlier, but for the sake of putting all the information in this thread (and to broadcast my intentions to the forum as a whole), I'll post it here, too! I'm currently in the process of updating the ZEJ Statplay Engine design doc thing that I started all the way back in April, because the AI course I'm taking has given me a little more insight on how I might go about modelling our statplays.

    Right now I'm in the process of untangling the human-based interfaces and our conventions to try and set up the "model" we might follow when we go to implement the things in code. It'll probably take a while to get that all out of the way, but you know what they say! Many hands make light work.

    Here's a link to the document, once again.

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