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CONTEST ZEJ Statistical Contest ~ Iteration 1

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Shadow, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. ~ ZEJ Statistical Contest ~

    About time.

    In an effort to revitalize the statistical facet of the community, I shall bring forth the (hopefully) recurring series of Statistical Contests that were once run on here. The system here is simple.

    First, a main theme or central guideline to follow will be given--this is, obviously, the most important to keep in mind when it comes down to developing the profile (and in turn, the character). All profile entries are to be sent to me by PM before the given deadline, and once that happens, no further edits are allowed to be made. The actual contest results along with the profiles themselves will be posted on this thread, of course.

    If one wishes to participate, it is preferable to notify me either here, via PM, or in IRC, but it is not really necessary--I will have to get the profile, in any case.

    Aaand, without further ado, onto the contest itself.

    Iteration 1: The Pacifist

    The theme will be "The Pacifist". It is to be a character who does NOT have a particularly prominent focus on the actual battle, but uses other tactics to be resourceful to the group as a whole. "Support", and "Healer"-Classes should immediately come to mind here, no? The prospect of this theme is not necessarily a build which has zero involvement in combat and is completely dedicated to aiding allies--so as long as actual battling is not the primary asset of this character, anyone is free to make anything fitting to that theme. In that way, a "Field" or a "Resource"-Class can qualify for this theme.

    And, lastly, the final pointers:

    1. The Meta: Remember, this is a very, VERY important part of the profile. I am not judging the character, I am judging how well it is constructed from a statistical perspective. No particular meta is restricted for this Iteration, but keep in mind that if you are adding a separate mechanic attached to the character, it must resonate with the theme at hand. Even then, try to not get carried away.

    2. The Level: Anywhere from 1 to 10. I am giving freedom of choice solely to allow people to get as many resources they are comfortable with having and spending wisely. That said, the character's Level does NOT matter in the slightest in the judging process, just how you use said Level's range of resources. An excellently-made Level 1 profile will definitely outrank a flawed Level 10, just to give an example.

    3. The Deadline: 10 days, precisely. Acceptance of entries closes on the 13th, and hopefully the results will be up that very same day. This date is subject to change if people need the time, but it should not exactly be a problem, to be honest.

    Feel free to insert some sort of closing statement here, if you will.
  2. I'm willing to participate~
  3. Naturally, I'll be in. Still have a few ideas swirling around, and creating a support character is probably going to wind up being beneficial for at least one of the statplays I've signed up for!
  4. (phone deleted my post AGAIN)

    Alright, I'm posting a bit of concerns I have with my time completing my profile and it's overall...standing in general.

    First off, I'm not even done. The things I lack are mostly the R-Ability, the E-Trigger, and the X-Ability. To some it might take you around 10-20 minutes max to fill up all three, but I know it'll take me MUCH longer considering my noob level. Second, I'm only allowed to use my sister's computer for a while at night and I'm aware the deadline is before that. But if the deadline is somehow extended a bit, it might not help me because I'm...well, being dragged out of city tomorrow by my dad. I tried to get myself out of it just now but to no avail.

    Finally out of just timidness and idk what else, I feel like my profile's a complete mess. Unbalanced, unkept, ugly. I'm feeling a little...self-concious about it and at this point I'm having second thoughts about submitting it as it is. Yeah...I might just be acting like a little jerk about it but I felt the need to let you guys know. I'm certainly in a little pickle.
  5. Alright, well, for the lack of received profiles even when the deadline was met yesterday, I am extending it for three more days, meaning all those who have not sent me their profile's final entry version will have until Tuesday to do so.
  6. A thousand years after the scheduled deadline, I present to you the results for the First Iteration of the ZEJ Statistical Contest. As previously mentioned, I will be rating the profiles according to the points detailed in the original post. There will be no set quantity of points out of a maximum to attain, nor any exact difference in the "value", to say, of the fields I am judging on; all in all, the end result is what truly matters, isn't it?

    Last Place[/b]]Name: Aureviel Athofezín Aonnuarụv
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Level: 6
    Next Level: 0/16

    Appearance: Aureviel is tall and lanky at 6'3", with light olive coloured skin that appears an off-white-yellow shade under intense light. He has a thin, somewhat toned, but not heavily-muscled body, with very strong and powerful legs with which he can achieve great speeds with while running. He has long black hair held together with a black rubber band. He has truly black eyes that appear to toss daggers in the direction in which he rests them. He looks neither babyish nor rugged nor scarred; it look surprisingly normal for someone who prefers to be clothed in very shinobi-Goth cross-style clothing. He comes across as apathetic and a little tortured, but while the former description is, to a degree, correct, the latter is not quite right.

    Profession: Eithanete - the one who claims this Profession is a shadow adept who manipulates the lack of light with powers granted by their deity of shadow, sleep and dreams, Eithane.

    - Basic Attack ~ ATK
    - Dark Affinity I ~ the user gains permanent Dark Affinity: increases Dark-element ability damage/heal output by 10%; decreases Dark-element damage received by 20%.[/list]

    Weapon: Bonne Nuit - a jet black whip that pronounces pain as it cracks in the air. [ATK +2 | EVADE +5%]
    Armor: Black Coat - a jet black coat: nothing more, nothing less. [DEF +2 | SPR +2]
    Accessory: Seivoive - a pendant with the Aeforei word for 'Persist' inscribed upon it. [MP +10]

    A-Ability: Eithane, Ietave Kriturast Iliast!
    + Dark Rush: This is not my forté, but I shall kill you with it all the same. 2 Hits. 100% ATK Damage. Cast Time: instant. Accuracy: 99%. Variance: 0%. Range: 2 cells. Element: Dark. 5 MP.

    + Zlagùtendhāte ("Shadow Shroud"): Much as they harm, shadows can also protect. Bestows Protect. Cannot be cast on Targets with Light Affinity. Cast time: instant. Stacking: none. Accuracy: n/a. Variance: n/a. Range: 3 cells. Element: Dark. 12 MP.

    + Riropuratua ("Impatience"): You want to get on with it? Then get on with it. Bestows Haste. Cast time: instant. Stacking: none. Range: 2 cells. Accuracy: n/a. Variance: n/a. Element: none. 12 MP.

    + Gilothakuti ("Scorpion Tail"): Move like a snake, sting like a scorpion. Inflicts Poison. Cast Time: instant. Stacking: none. Accuracy: 99%. Variance: n/a. Range: 3 cells. Element: Nature. 6 MP.

    + Luriuve Lanilir ("Sweet Dreams"): May Eithane not torment your soul with her most anguish-inducing nightmares—you still do not deserve such. Inflicts sleep. Cast Time: instant. Stacking: none. Accuracy: 99%. Variance: n/a. Range: 3 cells. Element: Dark. 10 MP.

    + Nosferatu Complex: You know who Nosferatu was, correct? No? Let me demonstrate. Inflicts 150% ATK damage to MP. Bestows MP (equal to value depleted from target) to Ally unit with least % of MP (within range, excluding self). Cast Time: instant. Accuracy: 99%. Variance: 0%. Range: 3 cells. Element: Dark. 16 MP.

    R-Ability: Shinobi-no-Jutsu ~ when attacked (range: 3 cells), counters with Basic Attack.
    S-Ability: Shade ~ increases EVADE by 5%. Also, enemies will be less likely to notice Aureviel (and therefore generally will attack other units) unless he is the only valid/available target.
    X-Ability: Eithanev Seivoiku ("Persistence of Dreams") ~ ɪʀau̩͡ɔa̤xɪ̩͡eʟmemexagɔa̤ɴʜetaÞixθaxɪʜɔdu̩͡ɪʜu͡ɪ̩ʙamʎameʃēnùɪ̩͡u̬ɴ̯axɪmɪxaʒaxʎakeʒ̆eʀèzac̯ezac̯eʀɔdɪvāt ("She summoned all her strength to send his enemy on a voyage into his psyche via dreams: and what the enemy found there harmed and horrified him so much that he was never the same."). Inflicts 60% Piercing ATK damage. High chance of Burn, Sleep. Chance of Wound, Mana Leak. Low chance of Poison, Pain. Cast time: instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: all enemies. Element: Dark, Nature. 10 X-levels.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 25 [Seivoive; +10]
    ATK: 6 [Bonne Nuit; +2]
    DEF: 4 [Black Coat; +2]
    INT: 2
    SPR: 5 [Black Coat; +2]
    CRIT: 6%
    EVADE: 19% [Bonne Nuit; +5% | Shade; +5%]
    MOVE: 4 Cells [Base; 2 | Eithanete; +2]

    X Gauge:

    by Nymphali aka Espy.

    Despite the build being overall dangerous and potentially deadly in a battle scenario, I found it to be the least coherent in regards to the theme.It ensures Aureviel's active participation in directly dealing with the enemies, since his A-Skills are primarily offensive save for Zlagùtendhāte and Riropuratua--the former which is perhaps a bit unneeded due to the direction of the character, and the latter which can be used to bolster allies.

    Nevertheless, I did not exactly find what I was looking for in terms of The Pacifist, so this unfortunately got the last place here.

    Fourth Place[/b]]Name:Anna Lester
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Next Level: ??
    Appearance: Click

    Profession:Casual Writer: The one who claims this profession is one who takes enjoyment from writing.  Her repertoire consists of many forms of literature: poems, stories, fairy tales, and anything else one might imagine.  Her words can indeed inspire deep emotions, or even pain her enemies. Though, as of now, it is mostly just by interpretation.
    Weapon: Name-Brand pen: A very nice pen whose tip will never go dry.  Normally worth a pretty penny. [INT +2 / Range: 2]
    Armor: Simple Frock Loose-fitting frock primarily made for comfort. [SPR +1 / DEF +1]
    Accessory: A Writer's Journal: A journal with very nice paper on which Anna may write.  Every so many pages, words of encouragement are printed, to help with creativity. [MP +5 / SPR +1]

    A-Ability:The Poet's First Words

    + Inspiration: Anna writes to inspire her allies with words.  They may not always get the message, however. Increases ally's MOVE by 1, and ATK by 10% for 2 turns.  Hit Rate: 90%. Range: 3 Cells.  Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

    + The Water of the Lake: One of Anna's in-progress stories, The Water of the Lake is an intriguing tale of a lake in a valley between forbidding mountains, and of the lives it has changed.  There must be some magic in that lake, for as Anna recounts its tale, a small version of the lake manifests nearby. Creates a Mana Lake cell, denoted as { }.  When Anna or an ally ends their turn in this cell, they will regain 10% of their MP.  The cell may regenerate mana five times before disappearing.  Range: 2 cells.  Element: Water. 10 MP.

    + Stag of the Wintry Woods: One of Anna's projects, Stag of the Wintry Woods is a series of reflectional poems which, while mostly focusing on a deer's life, is really about how nature can heal all wounds.  100% INT Healing. Variance: 20%. Range: 4 cells.  Element: Nature. 8 MP.

    + The Thief of Nar-Jessal: One of Anna's in-progress stories, the Thief of Nar-Jessal is the story of a youth forced into thievery by various circumstances.  When Anna recounts the tale, the traits of the titular thief manifest in one of Anna's allies.  Bestows Cloak and increases Critical Hit Chance by 10% for 3 turns. 16 MP.

    -- A Busy Pen: Thinking and writing with a furious speed, Anna may use two skills in the same turn, so long as she has the MP to do so.
    -- Flourishing Mind: With a flash of inspiration, all kinds of writer's blocks can be overcome!  When activated, bestows Mana Regeneration on Anna for 3 turns.
    E-Trigger: Divine Inspiration: Ideas and words begin flowing through Anna's mind from some source outside herself. Restores Anna's MP by 25% and bestows Anna with Infinite for 2 turns. Cost: 5 X Levels.
    X-Ability: The Fruits of a Creative Mind: Pouring all of herself into her writing, Anna inspires her allies, and despairs her opponents.  These writings are so full of confidence and fortitude that they have become more than just words, but a wonderful aura of magic, and sometimes even, a glimpse into the future itself.  Bestows Haste, Increases ATK and INT by 25% (Both for 3 turns), and heals for 50% HP for all allies.  Inflicts Slow, and decreases ATK and INT by 20% for 3 turns for all enemies.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 15/15  (+15 (3) from StP) = 30
    MP: 25/25 (Writer's Journal +5) (+20 (4) from StP) = 50
    Atk: 2
    Def: 2 (Simple Frock +1)(+2 from StP) = 4
    Int: 4 (Name-Brand Pen +2) (+2 from StP) = 8
    Spr: 3 (Simple Frock +1)(Writer's Journal +1)(+1 from StP) = 6
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 2 (Casual Writer Job +0)
    X Gauge: 0/10

    by The_Kakuzato aka Nate.

    I enjoyed the thematics placed onto this character, though, I must say, the meta involved was vanilla for your somewhat unconventional supporting role. For the A-Ability itself, Inspiration and Stag of the Wintry Woods are relatively economic skills which can be used more or less freely due to the S-Ability, Busy Pen, though buffing and healing effects are pretty much standard on this kind of build.

    An efficient A-Skill I can mention here would be The Water of the Lake. Not only it is a long-lasting source of MP that comes quite cheaply at 10 MP, but a well-executed setup involving them could give a lot of room to repeatedly loop back into The Water of the Lake, or into the higher-costing The Thief of Nar-Jessal.

    Even though Anna's build can potentially be very efficient in terms of aiding whoever is in her party, it did not go farther than being a Support-Class, so it earns the fourth place.

    Third Place[/b]]Name: Rykon "Cross" Fulva
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Level: 9
    Next Level: 0/36
    Appearance: Tall and lanky, Rykon has bright red hair, matched by the fur on his ears and tail, though these also hold black fur. Both of these are long, and his ears usually perk straight up or slightly forward to pick up the noises around him. While the ears are black-tipped, his tail merely has a ragged black stripe taking up about a third of its length. His hands are clawed, and his left permanently sustains a bad burn, which translates into black fur in his feral form. His eyes are centrally heterochromatic; the iris is sky blue near the pupil, but closer to the edge it is much darker.

    In his human form, Rykon typically wears a seafoam-to-azure gradient shirt that holds a strange, deep red marking. His jeans are an intense cobalt color and his shoes are black with red markings; in addition, his facial expression is usually one of confusion or distraction, or panic when startled. In his feral (fox) form, he is a typical (if somewhat large) red fox, a member of Canis Vulpes Vulpes. His fur is long and somewhat ragged, but his build is still nimble and slender. Unlike his friend Keileon, his claws are not terribly visible in his fox form, instead only coming into view when Rykon is startled or afraid.

    Profession: Red Fox (An otherwise normal member of the species Vulpes Vulpes, the one who claims this profession has taken a mostly humanoid form and has the strange ability to affect the concentration levels of those around him.) [No Weapon]
    * Job Promotion: Red Fox - ? - ? - ?
    Armor: Stitched Clothing [+2 Def/+2 Spr] (Sturdier than rags, at least, but still not terribly strong.)
    Accessory: Snapped Collar [+10 HP/+1 Def] [Lowers probability of Rykon taking negative effects from his own A-Abilities by 10%] (A broken black collar with a shattered yellow gem attached to it; Rykon carries it as a memento and reminder of past difficulties.)


    + Focus: The user enhances the target's concentration, making their attacks more likely to hit. Target's next offensive Basic Attack or Ability gains Sure Hit and has a 5% Critical boost. Effect cannot be stacked. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Distract: The user affects the target's concentration, hindering their battle skills. Target has a 20% chance of cancelling either its next Act Command OR its next Move Command(decided randomly upon use). Can be stacked up to 80%. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Reflex: The user focuses the target's concentration into following enemy movements, improving the target's dodging skill. Target gains a 15% boost to Evasion and is immune to Critical Hits for 3 turns. Effect cannot be stacked. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 10 MP.

    + Transfer: The user selectively chooses to transfer a beneficial mental effect from himself to an ally for a short amount of time, losing them himself for just as long. The user transfers one positive mental or user-originating effect from himself to an ally for three turns, including the effects of R-Abilities and S-Abilities with currently active effects. The user does not benefit from the chosen effect as long as this skill's effect is active. Range: Ally within 5 cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Redirect: Directs the target's attention elsewhere, leaving their concentration solely on on a single target. The first target acts as if the second target is the only enemy. The two targets cannot be allied with each other. The first target has a 20% increase in damage output when attacking the second. Effect lasts 3 turns. Range: Two targets within four cells of the user, not allied with each other. User can target self. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.

    + Analyze: Sharply increases the user's focus on a single enemy, analyzing it to determine its strengths and vulnerabilities. Determines a single enemy's Weaknesses and Resistances, as well as status effects it is vulnerable to. When attacking the target, allies gain a 20% boost in Damage Output when using Basic Attacks or Abilities that it is weak to, and a 10% higher chance of inflicting statuses it is vulnerable to. Effect does not stack. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Neutral. 14 12 MP.

    R-Ability: Defectum Retrahitur: Whenever the user is targeted by a negative mental status effect, he has a 50% chance of evading it and a further 50% chance of redirecting it to his attacker if evaded(if applicable).
    -- Distineo: Enemies within 2 cells of the user have a 20% chance to cancel their Act commands. Passive.
    -- Slide Shift: Allows the user to switch between his Human and Fox forms. In his Fox form, the user gains an inherent 15% boost to Evasion and +1 Movement. However, he is unable to inflict damage and is treated as having Armor Break as long as he is in Fox form. Active; toggled by use of an Act command. (Default toggle off/Human form)
    E-Trigger: Refoveo: Refreshes the duration of any positive effect or buff and makes the target immune to negative mental status effects(including existing) until the last effect wears off. Targets the user and a radius of 3 cells. 5 X-Levels.
    X-Ability: Caper Emissarius: Removes all negative mental effects from the user and his allies and transfers them to the enemy party in a random combination. Targets are random and one target cannot take on more than 3 effects from this X-Ability. Effects not transferred to the targets due to the limit are still removed from the party. The user cannot induce any effects the turn after this X-Ability is used. Range: Self, all Allies, random Enemies. Element: Neutral. 10 X-Levels, one Use Counter.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 35 (Snapped Collar +10)
    MP: 55
    Atk: 6
    Def: 8 (Stitched Clothing +2) (Snapped Collar +1)
    Int: 2
    Spr: 9 (Stitched Clothing +2)
    Critical: 7%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 (Red Fox Job +1)

    by Kudamon.

    Generally, starting right off with [No Weapon] is tell-tale of a forthcoming "Attempted Gimmicky Support". But of course, this is far from the case. This Iteration's theme is well-woven into Rykon's build and meta--not even being a Support-Class himself, if I had to place him somewhere. His A-Skills are a mesh of non-standard, non-damaging effects (at least, not inherently) that seek to disrupt the flow of the Enemy Party's actions.

    Focus, specifically, can completely neutralize Evasion-based characters when given to the right party members, while a simple combination of any Act and/or Move Command-restricting effect and Distract can easily remove the enemy's available options through chance alone. Although somewhat situational, Transfer can be used with either Distineo or Defectum Retrahitur as the targeted effects for heavy hitters or even tanking builds.

    Though the E-Trigger and X-Ability further add to the character's thematics and overall meta in terms of cohesiveness, the second S-Ability, Slide Shift, seems  like a waste of an S-Ability slot, or two other A-Skills for the matter. Even though his Evasion is fairly poor, his ample Movement range combined with the natural Range of his A-Skills should be enough for him to use Reflex on himself (and thus providing a +15% Evasion bonus, plus a safeguard to Critical Hits), and let an Ally take over.

    And as we leave into the upper portion of the results with this profile, I shall give it third place.

    Second Place[/b]]Name: Evisca Mooring
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Level: 6
    Next Level: 0/16
    Appearance: Evisca is an athletically-built woman who is made for the chase. She is clearly a force to be reckoned with, as she runs with expert grace and calculated strides. Her neck is marred on its left side by a scar left by days long past, though she will never speak of its source - only a casual remark such as, “It has been dealt with.” She is moderately tall, and has seizing green eyes that seem to always glare right on through those who she graces with her gaze. Evisca is certainly not a woman that one would want to cross.

    Profession: Displacement Warden - The one who claims this Profession manipulates their gift of psychokinesis and strong sense of justice for the purpose of apprehending and disabling their targets, expertly capturing and replacing the mark in prison. [Phantom Bindings]

    * Phantom Bindings - When a Tether imposed on an enemy unit is Severed by the user, the target is inflicted with Immobilization for the next Two Turns.

    Weapon: Battle Kite - A modified kite with a vicious weight to it, as well as several blades adorning its edges. The user is obviously quite skilled in manipulating such a tricky weapon. [+3 ATK] [Range: 3 Cells]
    Armor: Jailer's Clothing - Clothing worn to show that the wearer is serious about their job, and that they are an authority figure that one should not dare cross. [+2 DEF] [+1 SPR] [Immune Immobilize]
    Accessory: Broken Shackles - Shattered remnants of bindings which serve as a reminder that any prisoner is able to escape their bonds... [Basic Attack: Chance of Immobilize] [10% MP Cost Reduction]

    A-Ability: Apprehend the Target

    + Resonance Tether: The user creates a semi translucent bond with their target, linking them with the very fibres making up the universe. Bestows Target with Tethered Status. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: N/A. Range: 2 Cells. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.

    * Tethered - Links the Afflicted to the Caster, bestowing 1.5x healing to Allied Targets who are Tethered, or 1.5x total damage received to Enemies who are Tethered. Afflicted moves when Caster moves, always staying in a 2 Cell range of the Caster. The Caster can Sever the Tether as a Free Command.

    + Phantasmal Leap: Using their powers of displacement, the user leaps through the dimensions to a distant location, effectively rendering any possible distance travelled irrelevant. The user may immediately reverse this leap with relative ease. Instantly Warps the user to a Cell of any choice up to 5 Cells away. Places a Warp Sigil on user’s current location. [Denoted
    {+} / User can Warp back to Cell as a Free Command / Fades on Effect] Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: N/A. Variance: N/A. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Psychokinesis Easily manipulating the position of her enemies, the user is able to displace them in her crusade for the apprehension of her targets. The skills can also be used to target pieces of the environment with a total CON stat lower than or equal to 4/10.

    --- Kinetic Shove: Amplifying the inherent powers of one’s mind, the user pushes their palm forward, blasting the target backwards in a concentrated blast of mental energy. No Damage. Pushes Target backwards 2 Cells. Can be Charged for a Max of Two Turns to Push Target back 1 Cell per Turn Charged. Cast Time: Instant (Optional Charge). Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: N/A. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Neutral. 5 MP.

    --- Kinetic Draw: . No Damage. Pulls the Target 2 Cells towards the user. If the Target is not in a straight-line Range, the Cell draw must be specified. Can be Charged to a Max of Two Turns to increase Range. Cast Time: Instant (Optional Charge). Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: N/A. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Neutral. 5 MP.

    R-Ability: Reciprocated Apprehension - When Evisca is the target of a damaging skill or basic attack from within a Range of 2 Cells, she is immediately able to cast Resonance Tether on the assailant for 50% of its MP Cost, provided her remaining MP remains above 0.
    S-Ability: Intimidating Presence - Enemies within a 2 Cell Range of Evisca have their ATK reduced by 10%, and have a 25% chance of skipping their Movement Command.
    E-Trigger: Emergency Breach - Increases Evisca’s Movement stat by 1.5x and lowers that of all enemies within a 4 Cell Radius by 1 for Five Turns. Eliminates the MP Cost of Resonance Tether for Three Turns. 5 X-Levels.
    X-Ability: Life Sentencing - Evisca summons an ethereal prison to surround her (or her Target) to protect herself and the general public by apprehending the criminal and stopping their terrible actions. No Damage. Creates Impassible Terrain Cells in the Second Layer of Surrounding Cells of the Target for Three Turns. Enemies Caught in under Impassible Terrain take 20% Max HP Damage and are pushed into the prison. Allies are pushed outwards and take No Damage. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: N/A. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Neutral. 10 X-Levels.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 30
    MP: 45
    ATK: 4 (Battle Kite +3)
    DEF: 6 (Jailer's Clothing +2)
    INT: 2
    SPR: 7 (Jailer's Clothing +1)
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Displacement Warden Job +1)

    by Faggot aka Eebit

    Immediately, Resonance Tether proves to be a brilliant User-Defined Status. Even at the medium-wage cost of 12 MP, the amplified damage and healing output plus the restricted area of motion imposed on both Evisca and her target can lead to virtually any kind of position-based setup or trap system with little repercussions to the user.

    A combination of Phantasmal Leap while Tethered to a certain number of targets can instantly lead them into hazardous Cell types, or even into structures to cause Con-gauged collision damage at a very low MP Cost. Her R- and S-Abilities also ensure that her playstyle can adequately fluctuate between actively baiting enemies, or aiding other party members in the back rows.

    Due to the excellently-crafted build overall, this entry gets second place.

    First Place[/b]]Name: Rain
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Level: 7
    Next Level: 0/24
    Appearance: Rain is a fair, black-haired young adult with deep brown eyes and a graceful build. She wears a number of woven bracelets and anklets-- most of them bearing some symbolism-- as well as a modest circlet on her forehead.

    Profession: Burgeoning Spiritualist- the one who claims this profession has turned to the path of the mystical and incorporeal to help guide them through life. Despite their zeal, even a spiritualist has to start somewhere. [Messages of the Soul][Meditative Practice]

    *[Messages of the Soul] It's important to communicate using your inner voice rather than your handy bludgeon. Instead of carrying a Weapon, the User makes use of Imprinting Papers, which can be placed on one cell by using an Act Command and differentiate themselves through equipment progression by differing insignias with which to imprint. Cells which contain Imprints are denoted as {I}.

    *[Meditative Practice] Owing to the importance of inner stability, the User has been taught to perform due mental ceremonies in preparation of dealing with Mana. The User must enter a state of Meditation before using an A-Ability, which consumes the Move Command of that turn but reduces all A-Ability MP Costs by 10% and raises the User's Int. and Spr. Stats by 10% each for one turn. Meditation can also be used in conjunction with Cycle Mana to double the value of Mana regeneration.

    Imprint: The Faithless: an insignia embodying both cynicism and pity, to be inscribed on appropriately magic-oriented parchment. [Enemies who pass over The Faithless Imprint cells incur a 10% deficiency to the Atk., Def., Int., and Spr. Stats which lasts for 2 turns and Stacks a Maximum of 1 time. They also gain The Faithless status, which places a 40% chance on taking the difference imposed by a negative Stat influence as piercing HP damage-- the probability roll is taken for every applicable (negatively-influenced) Stat every turn for as long as The Faithless status lasts (3 turns). The Faithless status does not stack in any way, though it's duration is renewed when a Faithless Imprint cell is passed over. If an enemy ends their turn while on a Faithless Imprint cell while bearing The Faithless status, the applied probability is raised to a 70% chance. Allies who pass over The Faithless Imprint cells gain a boost (which lasts 1 turn and does not Stack), if applicable, to their Spr. stat which matches the value of whatever increase to Spr. the User of The Faithless might bear on the same turn.]
    Armor: Cloak of the Unseen: a faded, navy-colored garment which is imbued with the mysticism of a fog cloud. [+2 Def.; +5% Evasion; Enemies have a 10% reduced chance of targeting the User]
    Accessory: Shifting Skies: a circlet made out of constitutionally-woven light blue thread and decorated with an azure pendant which hangs down to the wearer's forehead. The essence of it is bound to a natural phenomenon, and helps to keep the wearer attuned to the physical realm. [+10 HP; +2 Int.; +5% Evasion bonus to attacks of either the Wind or Nature elements only]

    A-Ability: Boundary to Enmity

    +Gentle Voice: "It may be just a whisper, but it's always there. Always guiding us." The User concentrates on listening to the voice of Fate, and attunes a nearby ally to hear it as well. {Raises Spr. by 10% (Non-Stackable) and grants immunity to Critical hits. Duration: 3 turns (both effects). Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Range: Self and one (1) adjacent ally. Element: Arcane. 10 MP.}

    +Placid Warding: "Those who mean us harm have no place by our sides." The User establishes a passive barrier which deters opposing units. {Enemies must expend twice as much Movement per cell when moving through the Affected Area; all enemy attacks which pass through or take place in the Affected Area have a 25% chance of being cancelled. Duration: 4 turns. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Range: 2-cell radius. Element: Neutral. 16 MP.}

    +Intone Intolerance: "No one should have to suffer this torment." The User incites a grace upon a companion, to lessen the corporeal woes. {Inflicts Intolerance for 4 turns, which raises the Afflicted's Def. or Spr. Stat by stacking increments of 5% (Stack Limit: 7 times) when damage is taken by either an Atk.-oriented offense or Int.-oriented offense, respectively. These Stat increases are depleted by 10% every turn upon Intolerance's cessation, until all influences of the affliction are gone. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Range: 2 cells. Element: Neutral. 13 MP.}

    +Scarce Sanctuary: Mustering their faith in compassion, the User summons a philanthropic force field to contrast with the battlefield. {The Affected Zone has a Constitution (Health) equivalent to [the User's Spr.] x 2, and a Resistance (Defense) based directly off of the User's Int. Stat. Enemies are unable to access the Affected Zone, and any attacks that would otherwise pass through the edges of the Affected Zone are taken by the Sanctuary's Constitution. The Affected Zone disappears when Constitution reaches 0. Allies within the Affected Zone are healed for 100% the User's Int. each turn. Use Time: Charge (1 Turn). Accuracy: 100%. Range: 1-cell radius. Element: Light. 14 MP.}

    +Unity Emblem: "Scattered Imprints. Scattered vestiges of consciousness. If I could make them into something greater..." {Requires 3 or more Imprint Papers to occupy a 2-cell range around the User. Sacrificing the individual Imprint Papers, the User unifies their message into one whole Zone, which shares exactly the properties the Imprint Papers bore. Duration: 3 turns. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Range: 2-cell radius. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.}

    +Ether Zone: Tapping into the mystical realm, the User releases a bubble of blue energy to the surrounding area which absorbs and re-aligns Mana into different properties. {All amounts of MP which are used within the Affected Zone have a 65% chance of being re-introduced, after a turn of being deemed out of play, to any unit within the Affected Zone as a temporary (Duration: 3 turns) positive Elemental Resistance of the same type as was the Ability which expended the MP (Abilities not aligned to any Element are excluded from the possibility). Duration: 4 turns. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Range: 2-cell radius. Element: Neutral. 15 MP.}

         --Spirit Subjugation: Utilizing the abundant ethereal energy around them from the advent of the Ether Zone, the User converts any excess spiritual vigor within them into the energy which governs the enchanting surrounding world. {Converts any positive Spr. Stat modifier directly into the same percentage of MP Regeneration. Link-Only. 2 Use Counters.}

    R-Ability: N/A
    S-Ability: ~Unfolding Belief: all Area of Effect techniques the User employs are granted an augmented radius of 1 cell, and the User's Spr. stat is increased by 10% for one turn when such skills are used.
    ~Those Less Enlightened: using an Act Command, the User releases a handful of Imprinting Papers into the air. These automatically drift over to the opposing faction and spread their intrinsic message. Any and all cells which contain an enemy become Imprinted Cells. 1 Use Counter.
    E-Trigger: <Extrasensory Rise> : Submitting to the rhythm of the subconscious, the User becomes more unified with the arcane rules that govern magic and spirituality-- a gratifying and unearthly experience that one can't maintain for long, lest the soul begins to burn. {Meditating, while not necessary for the use of A-Abilities while in this state, allows the User an additional Act Command. MP Consumption is reduced by 30%, and the User's range for all skills is increased by 2 cells. Duration: 3 turns. Consumes 5 X-Levels.}

    X-Ability: --Pluie Maussade--

    Regretfully borne by the amassing grey clouds, a solemn sky finally expresses it's disappointment in the contemptible creatures which feud far beneath its eternal gentleness. "No more wounds or hate," the plea echoes dully. "Not one more person will be harmed." In a desperate act of grace, and overwhelming in its pacification, a downpour disrupts the scene, lasting only as long as a miracle. "I won't suffer it any longer." {All units become Invincible for 1 turn. All allies are restored 50% their Max HP, and the Offensive Stat Addition of Enemy Weapons are decreased by 20% for the rest of the battle. Any and all Positive Stat Modifiers that allies bear which are influenced by a Duration have that Duration extended by 4 turns. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Range: Infinite. Element: Water. Consumes 10 X-Levels. 1 Use Counter.}

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 30 (Shifting Skies +10)
    MP: 50
    Atk: 1
    Def: 4 (Cloak of the Unseen +2)
    Int: 5 (Shifting Skies +2)
    Spr: 10
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 4% (Cloak of the Unseen +5%)
    Movement: 2 cells (Burgeoning Spiritualist Job +1)
    X Gauge:

    by CerberusLycan


    Somehow, an Area of Effect-central build manages to keep MP Costs on the range of immediate usability, and also perpetually strives to recover MP through sacrificing Move Commands--only a background feature for this character--and further augmenting Cycle Mana effectiveness.

    A Cell-Setting Weapon is very rare, and even more so when it does not bestow any sort of offensive capabilities to the wielder, and instead only focuses on "Imprinting" special Cells on the battlefield for free. This aspect of the profile seems to be fairly minor, but given enough turns and available actions, it can drastically shift the flow of battle through repeated actions that cost absolutely nothing. Unity Emblem is an A-Skill that would only require 2 turns worth of Haste to execute in exchange for a monstrous target radius of 3 Cells.

    Notable strategical mentions are Intone Intolerance when used with a tanking build as a target, or Placid Warding when the targets are subjected to the effects of Special Cells that can be set instants prior. Lastly, and although considerably situational, Ether Zone can erase elemental weaknesses in the party. Strategically, however, a much better alternative would have been "reversing" the target Element to allow Element-based builds to instantly gain Resistance to the Elements they are weak against--e.g. Water being reversed to Fire, Light to Dark, and so on.

    For the brilliant profile and usage of unorthodox meta WHILE making Area of Effect A-Skills considerably economic MP-wise, have the first place, and a shiny rock.

    And this officially concludes the ZEJ Statistical Contest~

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