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ZEJ Statistical Colosseum: 2.0

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Eebit, Jan 17, 2017.

    ?? s t a t c o l o s s e u m b o i s ??

    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this shitshow where we beat the crap out of each other for no reason other than to see numbers on a screen.

    Yes, you heard correctly. An ancient ZEJ tradition is returning— the Statistical Colosseum! An arena where any combination of characters is invited to participate in statistical combat, hosted by our many talented ZEJian Game Masters. The Statistical Colosseum is the perfect place for beginners and veterans alike to test their mettle on the battlefield.

    We decided to bring back the Statistical Colosseum (because it's rad as h*ck) to provide a place to introduce newcomers to our statistical roleplaying system (check out the tutorial HERE), as well as to provide a little bit of fun competition between friends. The idea is that the Colosseum will provide a place to partake in player-vs-player team battles as well as difficult "Event Battles" (battles against particularly difficult opponents, or recreating famous ZEJ roleplay battles), all with an ever-shifting team dynamic. So while you may find yourself allied with one person in one match, you may just as soon find yourself tasting their blade in the next.

    It should be noted that the Colosseum is intended to focus on Team Battles rather than individual 1v1 matches. We want to open the participation up to statistical units of all archetypes, and not just make it a contest of outgunning your opponent!

    Units will be dispensed to players in the form of "Soul Credits" -- vouchers of sorts that can be considered a pass to create a profile for participation in the ZEJ Statistical Colosseum. Participants will be given TWO Soul Credits to begin with, so each participant is allowed to create two profiles at the outset of the Statistical Colosseum. These units are PERMANENT and all purchases are final. Once you submit your profile, you are not able to exchange it for another unit at a later date. Additional Soul Credits will be available for purchase at your local War-Mart.

    • Participants can enter with up to two Player Character Statistical Units of Lv. 1
      • In the case where only one Unit is created, the other can be reserved in the form of a Soul Credit
      • These Units are permanent and cannot be exchanged for another Unit at a later date
    • Units are NOT removed from the Colosseum on losing a battle. Loss is a natural part of the Colosseum, and all Units will experience and move past prior losses.
    • All Player Units are expected to keep a Changelog.
      • On top of being traditional and convenient, Changelogs allow for higher-Level Units to scale back down to the strength of previous Levels in order to fairly face lower-Level Units.
    • Units can only participate in one battle at a time. Further battles cannot be joined until the first one is resolved.
    • Inventories are for individual use by the Player, and they cannot be used in Colosseum PvP matches. Instead, items will focus on having out-of-battle effects and such.
    • There will be a designated thread for starting battles, where interested Players can declare a challenge and rally others, be they Allies or opposition.
    • Posting deadlines can be established for individual battles, based on whatever the participants and GM of that match agree on.

    We wanted to have a functionality that allowed for Units of highly-disparate Levels to fight each other in a way that didn’t require the less powerful Party resign themselves to a certain loss just to try and gain Experience to catch up to where most other Player Units are at the time. While one of the motives behind the Colosseum is the sense of progression-- the reward you get for playing that is Levels and more powerful, capable Units-- it made more sense to have experienced Players sacrifice that for a little bit rather than force new Players or Units to artificially gain that progression.


    We want to keep it a minimum, but recognize there will be times when the majority or all of the Players on one side of a match struggle to find time to post consistently, and decide to concede early out of consideration for the time of everyone involved. Just make sure to communicate with your GM and everything should work out fine in these scenarios. If Players are trying to surrender merely because they are pessimistic of their chances of victory, their request may be denied by the GM as this is behavior we generally want to avoid becoming a trend.


    If individual Players find they can’t keep up with the posting cycle or no longer feel like participating in the battle, they should expect control of their Unit to be given to an Ally for the remainder of the battle and for their own rewards to be diminished, or entirely voided. Players who communicate with the GM about their departure ahead of time should find things ending more favorably, although if a Player displays a pattern of leaving battles early, their participation in the Colosseum may be restricted or suspended for a period of time.

    The Statistical Colosseum will be opening its doors for business on <January 31st>, so try to use that as a "deadline" to submit profiles for adjudication by our esteemed panel of distinguished gentlemen: @"CerberusLycan", @"Eebit", and @"Shadow". If you are reading this after the fact, however, note that the Colosseum will always be accepting new participants.

    Please confirm your participation by posting below!
    #1 Eebit, Jan 17, 2017 at 5:34 AM
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
  2. Wait crap I have to make profiles.
  3. Welp. Time to throw profiles at you. Sorry~ #notsorry
  4. If I finish this slippery snake of a profile on time!!! Expect me there as the lovely cannon fodder.
  5. you already know I'm bouta get innis bish
  6. Totally down for this!
  7. I'm down.

    Will probably not do my super gimmicky characters in statform first, though.
    CerberusLycan likes this.
  8. coat me in ranch, im down
    CerberusLycan likes this.

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