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ZEJ Pixel Challenge

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Eebit, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. bump

    Is there interest here?
  2. Sorry, didn't notice this when it came up I did a few days ago and sorta started working on something. Having a kinda tough time with it because >lineart, but I might be able to pull through.
  3. Can I express interest in this now? I brushed up my nonisometric skills between then and now, so I'm actually confident I can produce something worthy of entering this competition with. Else, I'd love to see more challenges coming, since they're an excellent excuse for me to work on spriting!
  4. If there's sufficient interest, then I'd be more than happy to either restart the last challenge or conjure up a new one. Do people have a preference, if they are at all intrigued?
  5. Don't particularly mind if we restart, or if we continue either. I'm interested and motivated to finish a challenge instead of sitting on my arse!

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