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"ZEJ Light" (and Other Theme Discussion)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eebit, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Something I have been contemplating and pondering for a little while is what people are thinking about our theme, ZEJ Light. Obviously, it is the default MyBB theme used for every 'fledgling' forum registered with MyBB software, except with the logo changed to one relevant to our forum name. And while this worked for a while when we had no other theme, it is starting to become obsolete.

    So what's the problem? Well, I'm glad you're asking. Though I am one of those who uses the ZEJ Light theme, we haven't updated it to accommodate our new ZEJ logo, which can be found by clicking the hyperlinked text. Pretty cool, isn't it? I think it is. But now ZEJ Light is out of date, and really, why are we keeping around the stuffy ol' Default theme anyway? In my opinion, we should be creating our own identity, which is not exactly something we can do when we have a good twenty-three users on the ZEJ Light theme.


    SO! I come to you, ZEJ community. What are your thoughts on the ZEJ Light theme? We have a very similar theme in ZEJ Metallic, but that only has all of eight users. The big question is, what is keeping the twenty-three users on ZEJ Light, and the other is how strongly do you feel about keeping it?

    I'd really like to get some community feedback. Also, does anyone have experience with making custom themes in MyBB? If so, we might have a project for you in the near future...
  2. Well as you pointed out ZEJ Light is the default and as such anyone who created an account started out with it so most of those people using it are probably just the accounts that signed up were active for a day and a half and then disappeared.

    ZEJ Light used to be my theme of choice until Dark Red became available and I gladly made the jump. It's not a bad theme really, but I have no problem with ditching the standard MyBB3 in favor of ZEJ originals.
  3. I tend to alternate between ZEJ Dark and ZEJ Metallic, so I do want to keep Metallic if that's what you're thinking. :p

    ZEJ Dark is the default theme now, so I doubt anyone's on ZEJ Light out of laziness.

    Why don't we just rename it ZEJ Classic if people want to keep it?

    Also, speaking for myself, the base for both ZEJ Light and ZEJ Metallic is easier on the eyes at times, links are more immediately visible, and it has a better format imo.
  4. I wouldn't mind if it were renamed, but if it needs to be gotten rid of, I guess you could slowly phase it out by making another theme default?
  5. Didn't I just say that ZEJ Dark is the default theme?
  6. You did. My bad.

    Then yes, I full on support a rename.
  7. That is why I used ZEJ Light for so long. It was so much easier being able to seewhat had new posts on ZEJ Light than it was on ZEJ Dark. Dark Red is even easier for me. But Kuda does bring up the good point that different color schemes work better for different people's eyes. Some people have sensitive eyes, some people are colorblind. I say we modernize ZEJ Light with the new symbols and logo and then rename it to ZEJ Classic as has been suggested above.
  8. In my personal opinion, though I feel like ZEJ Light has a very aesthetically pleasing colour set, it is silly to keep it around. We could change the 'Locked Forum' and New Post icons on ZEJ Metallic to make it a little easier to see the forums that have new posts in them, in my opinion. That seems like a better fit to me.

    Also, I'd really like to see a theme based off of Mercurious or Magnolia's default themes, as a source of fuelling nostalgia and adopting some cool themes for our own usage.
  9. I've mentioned this once or twice in the staff version of this discussion with the new logo, but I use Dark Red because I felt like being different. However, I do like that we've strayed away from the Portal logos all over the place, but I agree, we should have a personal theme. Mayari modified the hell out of the Magnolia theme to make it the way it was, and it was a theme of our own. I think, with the help of Dark and some of the graphic designers of the site, we can design a truly ZEJ theme.
  10. Is there a way that the Metallic theme could be darker? The only difference I see are the icons and the header colors. :(
  11. This is another reason we would be getting rid of the ZEJ Light theme. Why use the default theme when Metallic is ostensibly the same, and also makes use of the new logo?
  12. Because all that's needed for better differentiation is a simple hexadecimal change in the background color?

    I dunno, can you even get /rid/ of the theme since it was the MyBB default?
  13. You can, ZEJ Light is just... I don't know, nostalgic? It was the only theme on old ZEJ.

    Also, part of the way Metallic works imo is the white/silver color scheme, so I think it'd be best to leave that alone for the most part.
  14. Linked to this thread earlier, but as a bump...

    @"Nebulon Ranger", do you think you can changed the 'Forum is Locked' and 'New Posts' buttons on ZEJ Metallic's index page? I think it would be a lot clearer when there's a new post, and it looks cleaner overall.
  15. I'm going to superbump this thread.

    Could we possibly look into getting more themes installed? I know the reason ZEJ Light and Metallic aren't used is because a MyBB update skewed the formatting, but surely enough time has passed that we can find suitable replacements.

    I just generally want metallic back, though I may not use it much myself I do know it's easier on some peoples' eyes to read black text on a white background than the other way around.

    And of course I'm willing to make banners/edit the ZEJ logo as needed.

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