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Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Gist, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Table Of Contents:

    ZEJ IRC Guide

    As we progress further and further along into the future, we gain more and more people who wish to access our humble IRC, whether or not they know how to properly utilize it. My goal is to make sure that the userbase is cognizant of the functions of IRC, why they should use it, and how they may efficiently use it.

    For starters, you may have already noticed that there is an IRC link at the header of ZEJ. This client used is a dilution of mibbit, a popular client. To begin chatting, all you need to do is click the link and click "connect". Your current forum name that you are wearing at this current moment in time is what your name will appear as when you click the IRC link. If you'd like to appear as another name, simply highlight your name in the white box and change it to what you'd like.

    If you are unable to find the IRC link in the header, I'll also link it here.
  2. IRC Essentials: What do I need to know about IRC?

    IRC is a real-time chat program that's much akin to the text portion of Skype. People choose usernames and enter a chatroom and they talk about things. There are really two important things about IRC you really need to know: Commands and Operators.

    Commands are the bread and butter of IRC. They are what make the world go round and they're how you do absolutely anything. I'll cover these in a later post.

    Operators are the people in charge of a chatroom. They are the ones who enforce the channel rules and make sure that everything is going according to plan. I'll also cover these in a later post.
  3. IRC Commands ... and stuff.​

    Commands are the bread and butter of IRC. In order to say or do anything, you must send a command. I'll go ahead and list the more basic ones below; if you would like more information about any of these, or the more complicated ones, feel free to PM me here or on IRC. I don't bite. :)

    Registering your nickname

    The first thing you should do when you join IRC is register the nickname you're going to be using most on there, say your forum name or whatever you feel partial to. The command to execute that is as follows:

    /msg nickserv register <password> <email>
    Example, if the nickname was Bob:

    /msg nickserv register Bobpass Bobby@example.com
    The password you would have to put in every time you log into IRC is Bobpass, and you may or may not get an email from ParadoxIRC asking you to verify your registration. This is to ensure that you are a real human and not a spambot.
  4. zej irc guide:

    1. download discord
    2. click the link at the top of the forum

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