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DISCUSSION ZEJ Character Discussion Questions

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Red Starr, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. I don't normally do these things, but considering how little I'm doing during my service hour at school, what the heck.

    Basically, topics/categories will be posted in this thread. To anyone who participates, its your job to nominate any character from any roleplay that matches each topic to the best of their ability (you may explain why your chosen character best fits if you'd like). After an amount of posts, the post with either the most agreements or 'likes' would win. Then the user who had the winning character gets to post the next "Most likely." An example:

    ---Poster: Which character would most likely win a race?
    Poster 2: Sharra (10 likes or agreements)
    poster 3: Jason(7 likes or agreements)
    poster 4: Zoltan (5 likes or agreements)

    ----Sharra wins.
    Poster 2: which character would most likely...

    And the cycle continues. Most likely posters cannot put their own nominations, but they can vote on /one/ nomination, as does everyone else.

    Now, my most likely: Which character would most likely win an award for "best actor/actress" if their roleplay were a movie?
  2. RE: Which character would most likely...

    I'd throw my vote over to Katerina Lorraine of Tales of Alidaire: The Struggle fame. Especially with the latest twist in her development (if you haven't been following the RP, well... I highly suggest that you do, mostly the later posts), she has been shown to be an incredibly well-developed character, and one that is definitely able to bring others to the spotlight - for instance, her appearance was integral for helping me break my character of Helena out of her shell and into her own being.
    So yeah, without a doubt, Kat gets my vote.
  3. RE: Which character would most likely...

    Alright, moving this out of Forum Game Land to put it into a place more suited (at least in my opinion) to the style of discussion it entails, and also a place where it will hopefully be more visible. I think I am going to try and use this topic a little more, with a question of the week or something.

    So, with that said, let's do this. The question this week is going to be...

    Which character is most feared by the ZEJ community?
  4. RE: Which character would most likely...

    From what I hear around the campfire, one Brutal Krie is regarded as the most vicious and terrifying character-- especially to his enemies.

    ("Brutal Krie" Nordston belongs to that sexy beast Masquerade)
  5. RE: Which character would most likely...

    ... Essence of Insanity kinda scares the shit out of me as it is, but beyond that perhaps Slash. It's not that he's vicious exactly more than he seems... pretty damn sadistic. I'll probably boost Shadow's ego quite a bit by this post but I don't really care.
  6. Huh, wasn't aware this was still alive. I'm surprised. My nomination would be Project Zhennkov, alias "Ivan Karros." Having strange, blood curtling cries phasing in and out along with other strange noises happening at random times would make me drop loads each time. His empty crack of a smile and eyes would also scare me but then again >starrcharacter

    Oh, and definately messing up frequencies would be a complete no-no seeing how Ivan uses it so wrongly.
  7. Yeah, I was expecting a few votes for Essence of Insanity, being that everyone in the Cult of Ustream was absolutely terrified of it for a period of time. Not to mention that it is one of the creepier profiles out there. I'd love to see someone take it on at some point in the statplaying community, though having a freeform battle wouldn't hurt either... *wink wink* *nudge nudge* So yeah, most feared character would probably be the Essence of Insanity, made by Shadow in all of his insanity. Though once Tales of Alidaire: The Abyss gets moving again, I can bet that Nox Tellerin (made by Masq) might rival it.

    (and yes Starr I did revive this because I thought it was quite a cool idea to get everyone talking about characters, sorry to hijack your thread!)

    Moving right along, I want to hear what you guys think of this week's new question...

    Which character would you most want as a friend in real life?
  8. totally Sam Vulpina -shotshotshot-

    But actually, no. The Fisher. He seems whimsical and fun to be around.
  9. Victoria Sinclair
  10. crazE, mostly because he's not a grumpy blue kid and he's more fun-loving than most people I've seen. He's entirely open to all kinds of friends and, although he is undoubtedly reckless and weird some of the time, he's flippin' smart. I'd like for him to show me around crazEcorp and build me cool inventions and try out new experiments.

    I'd also like Darius as a real-life friend. He's a mineshaft full of treasured knowledge and wisdom and has an other-worldly perception (literally). He can perceive auras and essences to get a more accurate connection of what you are actually feeling and provide matching advice to whatever needs you... well, need. He's also flippin' killer with assaults and could probably own anyone who could give anyone else trouble.

    If any other characters, Shadow, Kaneli, Vera or Helena would be fun. Shadow before becoming a heartless phoque would be fun to mess with and also have a lot of fun with (ultimate pranking via vectors); Kaneli's half kind-hearted, half BA with her epic hammer; Vera's sarcasm and narcissism are pretty funny when owning other people; and Helena's accent and outgoing attitude tend to be generally humorous (although an arrow to the face is what I'd get for laughing about it). Other than that, not a lot of other characters seem that fun to be able to hang out with.

    If I'm forgetting someone, I'll probably edit this. XD
  11. Considering that having the character as a friend means that they like you and aren't about to kill you, I'd say either Shadow, Jason, or Jude. Yeah, bit of CoU bias there, but Shadow seems like a pretty cool character and a steadfast ally; Jason is always loyal to those he considers his friends; Jude has a steady, calming feeling to him that I believe has nipped more than one IC argument in the bud.
  12. Its alright. If I ran this any longer it would stay dead. I'm not very good with threads in ZEJ XD

    For a friend I would pick Arias. Loyal, strong willed, and never gives up. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your past is, [even if I never continued TGC] he'll accept you if you're good. And is definitely a lover of dark humor; that's a brownie point for me right there. If there could be more than one that I can choose, I'd also snag along Raiden, Sharra, Giag (for the lulz), Starr, and finally Shockwing. Vector fun, shooting buddy, a friend I can kick off a bridge, and someone to make me a camera to capture the moment.

    Yep. And Eeb, let me pick the question next week. I am the OP after all :p
  13. @Starrie are you still planning to do this?
  14. Oh, sure. Topic of the week;

    Which character would you choose to replace /one/ family member?
  15. any character to replace stepderp

    Then again he isn't family so...

    ... I might replace David with his main. They're equally annoying but I don't think the character would be as incestuous.
  16. Bumpity bump bump.

    New question to die for: Do any of your characters have theme songs? If so, share them~ If not, what would it be and why?

    Yeah, I just did that. That should generate some stuff.
  17. Of all my characters, the only character whose theme I've firmly established is Lacuna's; Kuro's Theme (fact also found in his ARKNET profile). I have two characters whom I associate with certain bands: Jay I relate to 30 Seconds to Mars, and Kaden I connect to Maroon 5, for some reason. I'd like to get character themes for all of my characters, but I don't listen to so much music. I might get on to that at a later date...

    EDIT: I found a theme for India @Eebit!
  18. remember when this thread, guys?
    good times

    if someone doesn't post another character question (@Starrie since you seemed to like "running" this), I'll edit dis post later with one
    now make me a fucking sandwich
  19. Well, it IS my thread after all. However, when Eebit drove it for a while it had quite some activity. Thus is the Starreffect. Anyway, question of the week:

    If applicable, which one of your characters has the most powerful back story of all? Are you willing to share it?

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