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ZEJ Academy OOC and Info Thread

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Gold Dullahan, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Yoyoyo- It's happening u gais!
    Leave a note for who your character is: Name and original RP is the only necessary piece of info- add more if you want though!
    If you have suggestions for classes, clubs that should make an appearance, school events, etc- Alert me by posting here! I want to collaborate with all of you on this world!

    -Classes start in Winter b/c IDK that's when we started the RP?
    -Your winter break is literally just Christmas Eve and the actual day. Enjoy.

     Hraesvelgr has been chosen to greet the new first and second year students. Among the new arrivals is Baboy Man, an energetic pig-man with high hopes for his future at the academy. With classes starting tomorrow, how will the new kids settle in?
  2. I'll think about the specifics more tomorrow, sometime when I'm at home and more awake because screw homework. :3 HOWEVER - so glad this is happening. I've never taken part in an RP, or writing project, period, in the slice-of-life genre, so it should be some good fun. 

    Before I decided on which character I'll be using - do you want them to be explicitly human, or can we stretch a bit into other species? I have a really funny, bizarre character that's partially capable of human speech that I think would be insanely comical in this setting. Otherwise, I know who I'd use from Team Humie. :{] 
  3. Totes Ok. Just think up some comical explanation. (Is it a walrus? I want a walrus here.)
  4. Alright, sweet! I'll get to actually posting there soon; I want to make sure my post is as nicely detailed and well-written as yours. 

    It's... it's...!!

    Baboy Man, originating here on ZEJ from the Ultimate Tournament series. He's a giant pig with the face of a human, with a red cape. I'll share pictures and stuff, later. xD He was a competitor in the first iteration and made the finale.

    Austere Clements (Ultimate Tournament/The Mystics), having read about the academy, sends his good friend Baboy Man down on over after watching a convincing infomercial about it on TV at his island, with Rock, knowing that Baboy Man successfully made it through the local high school with a 4.0 (somehow) and would likely be able to join studious colleagues over at the academy given his track record.

  5. * Keileon pokes head in, writes a post-it to come back when not busy
  6. So I posted A Thing. That Thing made me happy. Baboy power.
  7. OK so we're getting this thing going again! Anyone who wants to jump in at this point, make a post in the RP. 

    We'll probably also be doing a regular thing (maybe between 'chapters') where there'll be a period of time for anyone not in yet to jump into the game OR for people who are in to add another character.
    (Also, @Eebit what should we do with Xeluior's post b/c it seems that he's already left? Do we remove it or nah)
  8. If you'd like it removed, I can put it into storage for you (just on the off chance that he comes back and wants that post for whatever reason).

    I'll give a shout to @Jonno for whenever he's free again, too. I know he's been very busy looking after his grandmother these days so it's a bit up in the air for when next he'll show up.

    e: Let me know what you'd like to do in the end. Jonno says that he's down for some "ZEJ Academia goodness," so perhaps we'll see him pop in before too long.
  9. Baboy Man is my waifu

    Ah, storage would be good- thanks!
  10. Woah this looks cool, mind if I join in? :D
  11. [​IMG]
  12. On a more on-topic note, would it be possible for you to doodle up a couple maps to illustrate the campus of ZEJ Academy, Moon? I think it would be highly beneficial to the roleplay's integrity. Otherwise, how will all of our merry little firsties find their way about?
  13. Ah, truuu... I'll see if I can whip some up!

    In other news, Flower post was on point, ty ty. We're gonna wait a bit to see if Jonno can pop in kinda soon, otherwise we'll just go back to continuing normally until our precious walrus comes home- at which point he can just dive in. 
  14. I can just jump in whenever or wait till this Chapter is over? o.o
  15. Jump in wherever, do whatever! I think the idea is that this is more of a slice-of-life setting for pre-existing ZEJian characters (i.e. characters that have appeared in a ZEJ or ZEJ-associated roleplay) to mingle around within, as though they were stripped of any notable "powers," as it were. But beyond that restriction -- and Moon can correct me if I'm wrong -- you're free to start wherever, however -- as a freshie on tour with Hraesvelgr, or in another way if your mind wandered elsewhere on ZEJ Academy's campus (like I did with Kaya).

    Also of note, Jonno decided to connect Baboy Man's existence in his original roleplay (The Ultimate Tournament) to his backstory within ZEJ Academy, whereas I am using an "alternate universe" version of Kaya rather than the iteration that appeared in A Decaying Flux.
  16. Ok so we moved on, but Jonno will still have opportunity to jump in once he does get here.
    As for her behavior, it's certainly different from what little we saw of her in Lackluster! I feel like non-militia Hraesvelgr would probably be less focused, perhaps more impulsive and maybe even a tad bit sillier... And instead of being "jaded" (like, I guess we could say, canon!Hraesvelgr), she's more of a tired "it's a weekday and I just fell out of bed, what is life" kind of reserved. As for the whole science wing business, canon!Hraesvelgr was supposed to be interested in science (mainly chemistry, but a bit of other fields) with her main weapons being various 'home-made' canisters of gas.

    As for Old Maid? I'm a weeb and they play that in Fruits Basket, SO, Yeah. And H's a sophomore, I've decided.

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