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YuGiOh! Theme based tournament!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Cid, Jun 9, 2016.


Which tournament format do you prefer?

  1. Round Robin

    2 vote(s)
  2. Single Elimination

    0 vote(s)
  1. YuGiOh! Theme Based Tournament

    Hey guys! As the name in the top there suggests, I'm going to be holding a theme-based yugioh tournament! ​
    For anyone who doesn't know what a theme based YuGiOh tournament is, it is a a tournament type where a theme is selected a random that players must adhere to during their round. ​

    They are given approximately 30 minutes (Possibly 60 minutes depending on how things go) to create their deck, ​
    which will then be brought into a BO3 round. The tournament will be run using a single elimination,​
     or round robin format depending on popular vote.​

    If you wish to enter, simply state you interest below!​
    • Current entrants 
    • Keileon
    • Zantok
  2. Not a fan of the 30-minute time limit, but I'm in.
  3. I assume this would be played over Dueling Network? I'd be down for it. I hate a lot of the newer stuff but i guess crankypants can come out and play. Not sure how you plan on doing a 30-minute time limit to make our decks considering we all live in different timezones and have varying activities (such as work) that don't allow us to be on all the time.
  4. Either Dueling Network or YGO pro. Up to duelists preference
  5. The time limit may be increased to 60 minutes. The deck creation process will likely be immediately before the duel, if possible. This leaves less time to think about the structure of your deck, and makes it more interesting all around. 

    The duels will likely be on either Dueling Network or YGOPro, depending on the duelists preferences.
  6. I'd vastly prefer DN. They're still going through that cease-and-desist, but there's a link you can use to show card images normally (which I'll probably post when this actually starts)
  7. What do you mean by "theme?" As in can you give a few examples?
  8. Decks built around a selected theme, such as "Earth-Attribute" or "Dragon-Type", or even something like "Normal Monsters only"
  9. Basically what she said, lol
  10. Well, normally I'd jump at the chance to play card games, but since I'm absolutely awful at Yu-Gi-Oh (not keeping up with cards or meta or anything) you can put me down as a tentative maybe.

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