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Your tombstone reads the last text you sent or received

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. "art in progress Kangaskid + ??? YES http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/9764/cutlish.png Nintendo Jr. CUTLISH Pirate Pokémon Water/Ghost Oceans throughout Alanui- common in the past, rare in the future 1 Basic Swift Swim Steadfast Cutlish is instinctively attracted to bright, shiny objects. When a ship capsizes, Cutlish in the area will strip all the jewelry and other valuables they can carry, taking them to their hoard. BST 300 HP 40 ATK 70 DEF 45 SPA 45 SPD 50 SPE 50 0.7 Water2 Rough Skin 23.4 N/A Scumbag Pickup N/A 190 35
    art in progress Kangaskid + ??? http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/7215/swashbladelayerscopia.png Nintendo Jr. SWASHBLADE Captain Pokémon Water/Ghost Oceans throughout Alanui- common in the past, rare in the future 1 Lv. 30 Cursed Body Steadfast A violent Pokémon that uses its razor-sharp blade to attack ships. Swashblade has been known to sink even large warships so that its Cutlish subordinates can pilfer them. BST 480 HP 51 ATK 118 DEF 77 SPA 75 SPD 69 SPE 90 2.4 Water2 Rough Skin 95 N/A Scumbag Pickup N/A 65 35"

    Well that's HARDCORE AS FUCK
  2. Afti's gonna kill me for leaking the stats of two Acanthite Pokemon that I don't remember if we revealed but it's not like he checks here anyway.

    Consider it a ZEJ-exclusive leak?


    so how was your day

    good ol' david right
  4. "lackwits, lackwits everywhere"
  5. "Downloading now."
  6. "cool bbl see you lot later"


    Group conversation with my friends. I mean, it's particularly apt, seeing as I believe in reincarnation…!
  7. "I'm okay. How are you?"

    what a way to go
  8. "He's trying to be a barnyard dipshit."
  9. "I just shaved my legs so skirt it is."
  10. how the fuck was that bitch not Assassin
  11. "um how about we not do abortion because that ends in hurt feelings and rage"
  12. "You ever just read really shitty hentai comics when you get bored?"
  13. "What kind of fries are they?"
  14. "Lucas, you didn't hack NASA did you"
  15. "It doesn't matter if it's internal or external"
  16. "Give her manga"
  17. "Ready when you are."

    I feel like this could make for a fantastic establishing shot of a zombie film.
  18. "Is that your turtle or is that a meme"
  19. "Today i feel like feasting on your blood under the full moon"

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