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Who is your Zombie Apocalypse Team?

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Going off of a trend on Chatzy the other night, take a gander at the following image:

    **Stolen from Mouse's wall on Facebook

    Who is your Zombie Apocalypse team?

    I got Kenny Powers, Lebron James, and Iron Man. Awwwwwe yeeeeeah.
  2. Firefly, Darth Vader, and Lebron James..... alright
  3. Sheldon Cooper, Mike Tyson, and Gordon Freeman

  4. Ari Gold, The Rock and Link. *sigh* Not bad... Just too melee fmt.
  5. Same as fallen, except Will Smith, not Mike Tyson
  6. Dr. Gregory House, Chuck Norris, and Batman.

  7. I think Kuda just won Zombie apocalypse teams. Good job.
  9. Khya....why ;-;
  10. I've never heard of one and I don't like the other two, so...
  11. I'd say House si a pretty cool guy

    eh saves peoples lives and doesnt afraid of anything

    (Though I see what you mean about Chuck Norris and how ridiculously overrated he is, but you got goddamn Batman. I mean how do you not like Batman?)
  12. Jack Bauer, Bill O'Reilly and... Gordon Freeman. Only one of them is one I actually like.

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