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DISCUSSION What is a roleplay that you REALLY want to see start up?

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Title. What is a roleplay that you've been super hyped up for, but hasn't started yet for whatever reason? Is the hype fire still burnin' in the pit of your stomach? What had you so amped for it in the first place?
  2. Oblivion Phantasy ~ Forsaken Malign.

    I also want Fate/Lunaterra to continue.
  3. Ah, the low-hanging fruit.
  4. Project: This Dream

    Fucking pls
  5. Let's seeeeeeee-

    Faces of Rose because why not? Comedy and romance? Tribute/sequel to Faces of Eebit? Rose as the main character? It's great.
    I was pretty excited for the Not-Yet-Named RP about reincarnation I had IC-ed.
    Oh and Ab Intus! Ab Intus was something I was looking forward to getting started.
    Also still waiting for Cyber Warriors so we can dethrone praise Shadow, hahaha, what else?
    Silver's Crystal Clear: Genesis was also pretty exciting! (even though I got stuck with ice since lightning was taken. ;^;)
    And this one was kinda started but it's only three posts- ZEJ Academy! Really wanted to get that going somewhere.
  6. Initiation. Rest in fucking peace paladinos
  7. I want this to come back, I was still interested in this.
  8. If you were to reboot this, I would be down to join it this time around. I've been rereading some ZEJ shenanigans lately and I read that one thread where we talked about the concept a bit... I think I've got an angle that I could work with if you were to bring it back to life.

    So, are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president reboot this roleplay?
  9. For me I would have to say any RP I've attempted to join which died before it started. rofl
  10. Ah, probably! Hraesvelgr was a really nice concept but Lackluster: God from the Machine (which I believe ended up as a 1x1 with me and Blackout, iirc) never really kicked off so it was great to be able to play with her in a different setting. And also Baboy Man at high school, am I right? I might need some time but yeah, probably gonna' revive ZEJ Academy!
  11. I am obviously new to ZEJ but I am always interested in anything that allows for the exploration of characters and their inner demons. 

    Way back when on FoG there was a roleplay about a group of Homicide Detectives that were chasing down a Serial Killer in a small coast town. Another great RP was a group of Mercenaries that were hired to fight in a war, it was fantasy based and I really enjoyed that setting. It never really left the first act but I wish it had.

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