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What do you want to be called?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Eebit, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. I think I was talking to someone a few days ago about this, but among our community we generally seem to stick to the nicknames that are most often shortened forms of our original usernames here. For example, we still generally refer to @"Nebulon Ranger" as Dark, @"Keileon" as Kuda, or @"Gold Dullahan" as Moon. Even @"Jonno", when his username was -J-, was still called Jonno.

    I guess my question is thus; are you happy with your nickname? Or would you prefer to shed your old identity and be referred to as something else? Does it bother you at all? Discuss away!
  2. I've always wished to be referred to as Lord Duckston III
    but I suppose I can make do with Zio, Langy and Char/Charquil
  3. It's telling how long I've known someone or where I met them by what nickname they call me by.

    Gist calls me Kiryu, which is my Dragon Cave username. It's also my oldest one, but DC doesn't have a name change option.

    People who call me Kei have likely JUST met me, as I prefer other variants of that name.

    People who call me Keil or Keileon either have just met me or know me from FurAffinity, deviantArt, or Flight Rising. And/or are Timber.

    People who call me Kuda have either known me the longest or picked up ZEJ's habit of using that name for me. (or are on a site where I use the name KudaKeileon, typically Youtube and Twitter)

    People who call me Khya are either David or Dark. People who call me Jason are usually Mobius. Fun fact, less people call me by my real name now than who called me Jase or Jason when I was pretending to be a guy. I don't mind my real name, guys! :p

    My general preference, in order:
    -- Kuda, Keil
    -- Khya
    -- Keileon
    -- Kiryu, Kei

    I'm not counting Jason because it's not relevant. I'm not counting Kudamon because it's archaic. And I'm not the biggest fan of other nicknames like Kecleon or Kudos.
  4. Nicknames!!!
    Oh boy. Ok so mine is a short list, I suppose?
    - People generally use Gold for the most part.
    - A couple of you guys use Moon and I guess it's a bit of a closeness thing, maybe?
    - Either Muddy, Starr, or Cerby (way to narrow it down) posted the "What's your wolf name?" pic using initials in that thread about what usernames made us think of-- which kind of spawned it. I don't think I've been called Moon Moon in a while, and the only instance I can remember is Rose using it at least once at some point.
    - Going into non-ZEJ...!!!
    - Pedro always wanted to meet someone named Becky so there's that.
    - Some people shorten my name to Moobs.
    - My mom calls me Mushu because I really loved him in Mulan as a kid and it kind of stuck??? Sometimes shortened to just "moosh" or has the end changed so it's  "Mushi".

    I'm chill with all of them? Honestly just do whatever you like.
  5. Well, Timber's a major part of my screen name and it really doesn't get much simpler than that. So almost everyone just calls me Timber. And quite honestly I love being called that. It's a name I'm very comfortable with, even more so than my real first name.

    There are some variations people have come up with that I don't particularly mind. Some make it as short as "Tim" (which I think is totally fine), other variations like "Timby" and "Timbs" sprung up but they're rarely used and I don't have much of an opinion on either. ("Timby" is a fairly entertaining nickname though, it sounds so dumb that I just can't hate it.)
    .. My nickname situation online is really pretty simple, because I've been going by "Timber" for years.

    Some (particularly my boyfriend, who started this) have taken to calling me "Holly" lately, which is a variation of part of my real name. I've found I quite like that too, to be honest. It's derived from my last name, which is the only part of my real name that I actually like.

    The only thing I absolutely hate being called by (especially online) is my real-world first name, as well as the popular nickname version of it. I don't really feel like sharing it here. There's a lot of reasons why, but it's mostly because I have developed a bit of a secret hatred for my real name over time (for personal reasons). I just don't like it very much. It especially doesn't sit right with me if someone who I initially knew online uses it with me. This is the main reason pretty much no one online knows my real name.

    So in short..

    - Timber: Yes
    - Holly: Yes
    - Other variations of "Timber": Sure
    - (My real name or the nickname associated with it): No
  6. As pretty much everyone here knows, I like to go by "Nate." And I guess "Nathan is fine but it just sounds so... Formal, I guess.

    Otherwise, since I've started playing Overwstch, I've been like. "Call me Kakuzato, Kaku, K, Nate, or whatever you want to call me." I really don't care what people call me, so long as it's not like. Directly insulting. I don't really have any "trigger nicknames"...
  7. Given I've seen your real name in PayPal invoices, I can completely understand why.

    I go by different names in different places. On a lot of games, I'm NotWD, so a lot of people also call me WD.
  8. I'm fairly at-ease with "Jonno". It's been a nickname of mine for the past 8 years now and, at least within this particular group of friends, it's going to remain that way for the rest of my life (and beyond, when our bardly children weave wonderful tales of my heroism). Otherwise, though, different factions of people know me by different names - it's all kinda just regional. Whether you call me Jonathan or Jon (these two are preferred for general real-life situations, since that's my actual name lol), Jonno, Jonny, J, Jojo, or whatever, that's fine. If it's what you grew into our friendship calling me, that's fine. 

    Call me Plant-Bread. It's fine.


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