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Wedding Bells

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Silver, May 18, 2016.

  1. What's that? I think I hear some wedding bells in the immenient future in the hallowed halls of ZEJ.

    At least I hope so, anyway...

    -squirms uncomfortably while digging in pants pocket-

    Ahem... so uhh... yeah.

    @Rose – Fellow bae, or as I affectionately refer to you in my head, baeBae, would you...

    -gets down on one knee and shakingly pulls out a ringpop-

    do the honor of being mah Queen?
  2. Oh! Goodness, @Silver ... I don't even know what to say! It's so sudden... I... YES!!!
  3. I guess we need to get a wedding planner... hmmm...

    @Eebit perhaps?
  4. Oh he'll get the best flowers too! @"Gold Dullahan" do you want to be a bridesmaid?
  5. @Rose will it be like Revenge of the Bridesmaids except with one bridesmaid and no couple to reunite and less evil on behalf of the engaged?????
  6. uhhhh yeah sounds about right
  7. Oh shit! @CerberusLycan do you wanna be my best man?

  8. [hacker voice] i'm in
    time to break up the couple like in the cool kid movies
  9. R-Rose, what about your maid of honor?!!?!?!?

  10. Do you want to be the maid of honor
  11. #CodyForMaidOfHonor2K16
  12. The Prince of Dreams and the Empress of the Internet! Could there be more of a power couple...?!
  13. m-maybe ; ^ ;

  14. @Jonno – Will you preside over this glorious occasion? It wouldn't be the same without the walruses!
  15. So I hear I have been tapped for bridesmaid. I'm great at DIY and down holding hair, skirts, etc. in bathrooms but @CodasterTheDisaster will have to get you liquored up at the bachelorette 

    @Silver @Jonno I was actually saying the other day how great it would be to have Jonno officiate a wedding.
  16. I'll bring the walri and the gorillas. There will be no shortage of lovable animales aboard my your day! Why, there will even be a bountiful bouqet of puppers to present the bride with - and like the bride, I do*.

    *Wish to officiate the wedding.
  17. Perfect! We have everyone together! Wait, @"Silver", darling, groomsmen?
  18. @Rose – Well, we have @CerberusLycan pulling double duty as both Best Doge and Ringbearer. @Eebit must also pull double duty! Maybe @Shadow and @Rawrnage would also be interested?

    @Zantok – That's gorgeous. Yes. Pls.

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