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VITA 2 Squad: Operation Blackhole Sun

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Sole, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Yaaaas gaga yaaaaas
  2. Size of the post won't scale down. I don't want  to fuck with it right now, but it's bothering me so I'll probably try to fix it later.
  3. Gotcha b, fixed up your post for you while procrastinating on finishing off my character's backstory shenanigans.

    Also @Sole, do you mind if I move this thread out of Interest Checks and into the Freeform Profile Threads section? Or even split it up into separate threads -- one for the information and a second for the pertinent out of character discussion?
  4. Also, who is our fifth person?
  5. Go ahead.
    We need one.
  6. Click here for the information thread.
  7. I'm reeeeally interested in joining this after @Eebit tossed it in my direction last night. Not entirely sure that I'll have the time for it and won't until sometime tomorrow afternoon (my elderly and very sickly grandmother who I'm primary caretaker of is getting her "diagnostic check" with her PCPs at noon to detail where her life is going from here) - so if someone happens to pop in their head before then, ah well, opportunity lost, but a gained one for them! - so if things stay free around here around then I should *hopefully* be back with a character sheet before long. Seems super neat.

    EDIT: ...Yeah. I can swing this. : ) I'll get to doing up a submission form now and turning it in!
  8. Ayyyye babe
  9. @Sole ay bb r u w8n 4 me? Sorry about that. I'll finish up the sheet and send it your way in a few. :^*
  10. You should like that it's been 20 years. Now that I've matured to an even more verbose, 41 year-old man, chances are that I can contribute something even better to the RP!

    Now then, I'll get to you in another 40 on that sheet.


    - In all reality, my sincerest apologies for the delay. I know you've probably seen my myriad of posts around ZEJ and wondered "what gives," but I did do something a little silly in valuing boosting activity in Misc. Conjectures, Creation Station, and Real Talk firstly when I had already made a commitment to crafting a new sheet. I honestly think I'll have to bow out of this for the time being. Maybe down the road if someone else hasn't bitten, I'll give it a go, but for now, I'm coming onto a solid week and a half of straight visits from family. In the mean time, I have a new class to attend that's sapping away time from dedicating myself to developing a new character without rushing it, and the ZEJ social media push afterwards. All said, I don't find it appropriate for me to participate at this time.
  11. I'm still here for you boss.
  12. Click the information thread that was posted here. That's where we belong.
  13. Generally, the way ZEJ structures its roleplays is that there is an ongoing out of character discussion thread, a designated profile thread, and an in-character roleplaying thread. That way, the pertinent information is easily accessible without being cluttered by the OoC discussion of the roleplay. That's why I opted to split them into two distinct ones.

    I also think that Blackout was asking if we were going to get started soon, haha. "S'go?" meaning "Let's go?"
  14. I'll be ready to go at the end of this week (read: Friday-Saturday). I have a lot going on personally--final week of work, packing for vacation, going back to school immediately after vacation (meaning I pack this week for school too). It's definitely happening, but I ask for just a little more waiting. Come Sunday, if you see that I didn't post anything the night before, consider it off, but that's worst case scenario. I doubt it'll be off.
  15. Praise Sole, savior of souls.
  16. A post will be up tonight

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