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Underrated Ships

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Gold Dullahan, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. For all our ships that no one or barely anyone ships. If you can, include the range of people (to your knowledge) that ship it. Not mandatory.
    Sly Cooper: Carmelita/Penelope. I don't even know why, tbh. Guess there's just something cool about inspector Fox and Penny with her robots kicking ass together and doing stuff. Just feels cute. It's apparently non-existent? Like, not even platonically. At least as far as I know.

    Fire Emblem: Sully/Sumia. There supports are actually cute! But I don't think I've seen anything for them?

    Homestuck: Hoho- obscure-ish canon characters! Snowman/Ms. Paint *shrug*

    Samurai Flamenco: Mari/Moe. AKA, the hyper one from the girl band- the one with the lighter brown hair- and the one with the blue hair. Like... based on interactions, there should be more for them.

    Metroid: Samus/Anyone. I admit, who would we ship Samus with? (or am I the only one who asks) But I've seen Samus/Ridley?? And even excluding Metroid, we can do something with crossovers? Like the only Samus things I've seen for ships are Samus/Ridley and Samus/Snake? (Yes, Snake as in Metal Gear Solid)

    RWBY: More Coco/Velvet, anyone?

    Sherlock: Although I've seen an OK amount of Sherlock/Molly, it's outnumbered by Sherlock/Irene. (At least last time I checked?) Don't get me started on Sherlock/Watson.

    Avatar: Eska/Bolin. I'm sorry- I have an Eska weak spot and they had some nice stuff further towards the end of Book 2.
    [I swear it was just supposed to be one ship, I don't know what happened]
  2. @Shadow x @CerberusLycan is a pretty underrated ship imo
  3. Eeb pls (although I agree wholeheartedly)
  4. Homestuck f/f ships worth shipping:
    Literally nothing else
  5. Sora x Roxas from Kingdom Hearts; I never 'got' Sora x Riku...

    Also Jason x Shadow x Slash.
  6. Normally I'd argue about this, but David and I did end up agreeing that if CoU was an anime, Jason would be shipped with Slash, Shadow, AND Giga.

    I mean, the internet is a place where people ship Balto/Steele and Zim/Dib.

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