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Twittering / Random Musings

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Eebit, Nov 14, 2013.

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  2. Good job, Rose—let me guess, pre–law?
  3. Playing Sly 4, so far at the near-beginning of the second chapter:
    -What happened to Carmelita's design!?
    -Nu! "Agent Heartthrob's" missing!?
    -Why does Murray pretend to be a Geisha.
    -Did El Jefe just... HARASSMENT.
    -Listening to Tennessee Kid's voice more like "Fuck, I'm gay- Why do I find this dude's voice cute af?"
    -Where's Carmelita. Bring me the Carmelita.
    -Bentley lost his 4-after burner jump thing? Wth man!
    -Playing the first job in the second chapter> "Sly sure does like to use the word homely, huh?"
    -The "Getting Noticed and Trying to Get Away" system doesn't feel right in this game...

    Of course I'm dumb so I went ahead and read spoilers about certain things because I'm impatient- Sanzaru kinda dropped the ball on this one. Some sexist moments, sexist redesigns, bad explanation for [LOL WHOOPS SPOILERS]'s betrayal... Just... Darn.
  4. So one of my speedpaints just got muted because of an apparent copyright claim, and I disputed it.

    YT account will be terminated in 3... 2... 1...
  5. Wow....that's pretty shitty....What did you supposedly copyright?
  6. It was a trio of songs by Linkin Park, The Requiem/The Radiance/Burning in the Skies.

    I still have the raw file that I can probably reupload with a new song, it's just a pain because the music perfectly fit the character being drawn.
  7. Thats such bullshit.....><
  8. This is why the copyright monopoly needs to die a horrible death. People using music in their videos without any intent to make a profit from it are being punished for no reason whatsoever.
  9. My Christmas presents I am making for friends include a rubber Voltorb and a makeup bag. These were harder to construct than I thought.

    You're not already in college? WTF

    Anyway, late but congrats! I've been on campus there and it's utterly gorgeous-- lots of nature and lakes and grass and shit. It's situated right next to creepy Civil War re-enacter city, but the school itself is supposedly A+
  10. My laptop's screen, after having intermittent periods of glitching out for the past month or however long, finally became unmanageable, and after bringing it in I fully expect it will either have to be sent somewhere or we'll have to wait for a new screen to be shipped or something else will come up and basically leave me without for a week or two. I can use my sister's laptop in the meantime since she's off being learned by the military, but I'm trying not to get too comfortable with the thing (and I'm not going to download anything) so I won't be on IRC much (and I won't be on Skype at all).
  11. Will be out most of the day. Should be back around 5-6pm.
  12. HA
  13. The first thing I thought when I read that: "You have been banned from r/pyongyang"

    I've been on Reddit too much.
  14. Passed my Science and Social Studies GED tests.

    Now for math... <_<

    okay who's good at math and is willing to help me remember everything
  15. Sometimes I see spaghetti and hold a distinct desire to consume it.
  16. I need a new fucking computer.

    This one has shitty 2GB RAM, the screen likes to glitch out after watching YT videos, there's something wrong with the audio where I have to restart it to fix it, it overheats extremely quickly, the trackpad is constantly going unresponsive (like right now), and it never wants to cooperate with me.
  17. Santa should have his own AMA.
  18. Quote from Supernatural that I can totally see @Flimzy saying under the right circumstances:
    "I am a mage
    I will destroy you."
  19. Gonna be at my cousin's tomorrow for idk how long. Not bringing my computer.
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