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Tomorrow Never Knows [SU]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Red Starr, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Time passed by. People fell one by one. People rebelled and went mad as the anomaly silently walked among them. The Zion government had been tirelessly examining each and every citizen of their fair nation for months, hoping some had enough physical endurance to capture the anomaly-- maybe even kill it if it were even possible at this point. Six months after the first event that set this tale into motion, the anomaly had grown stronger.

    Destruction was ultimately left at it's wake. Prison mills had riots, prisoners turned against each other, and the Zion government had little to no idea what to do. However, one fateful day would change all that. Operation: The Kiss of Death. 

    A handful of people who were physically able to withstand Zion's conditions were recruited with one goal in mind: Hunt and kill the anomaly at all costs. With such a risky job, there were opportunities that came along with it. For the first time in the country's history, Zion would finally be able to test the limits of the 6th sense genetic code. Something that could equalize the battlefield.

    Starting off in Castle Newport, a heavily guarded fortress town in what was once Alaska, these people will begin a journey to hunt down the most unpredictable danger to humanity and the world...

    Tomorrow Never Knows
    Lay down all thought, surrender to the void...
    It is shining.

    [As always, use the template below to make your character. Once you are done, send the profile to me via PM to check. Once I give you the thumbs up, post it here.]

    Profile Template:​

    [b]Personality:[/b](Optional until the second page. Highly recommended to be filled out beforehand.)
    [b]Inject-able Formula:[/b] (Get creative, give the one and only formula your character will have a name. You can also add a small description about it if you want; what color is it, etc etc. If you need help, tell me and I'll assist.)
    --[i]Name of injectable power:[/i] (When injected with this formula, what changes does it bring? What powers or physiological advantages? You can add more than one, but there is a limit of 3 per formula. One power and two physiological advantages.)
    [b]Combat Preferences:[/b]
    [b]Brief History:[/b] (Optional until the plot goes farther)
  2. Name: Alma Strona
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Having a thin frame and a slightly olive skin, Alma certainly does not fit the normal appearance of the far north sector of Zion. She has fine and silky black hair tied in and very light yellow eyes which exhibit a beautiful aura yet an obvious emptiness within her. Her attire usually consisted of the usual prison mill ware like their grey jumpsuits and red gloves. However, once she was transferred to Castle Newport, she was granted a total change in look to reflect her supposed freedom; A black tank top with crimson lining, a royal red scarf cover, black pants with a wolf fur jacket tied to her waist, and white shoes. Under her formula-induced state[which are known to temporarily change physiological aspects of humans], her right eye changes to an aggressive shade of red and a portion of her hair turns completely white.

    Reference Picture: http://safebooru.org//images/981/2d2de13743e7d9c63bbf38c99e05827f284f68a5.jpg
    Personality: Alma is cunning, aggressive, and quick to act without thinking about consequences. Her brute anger, stemmed from being enclosed for 6 years, is only one of the myriad of mental problems she has. Of course, knowing how the Zion prison system works, she hides this weakness in her persona by acting calm and almost 'lovely'. No matter what, Alma is a very sensitive person deep down. It is almost too easy to throw her off her game with mere words as she often takes them too personally and in addition with insecurity issues, some words can even cause her to break down and become unable to do anything.

    Also, Alma tends to hide her insecurities with spouts of anger.

    Insubstantiality Formula: A clear liquid infused with ivory-colored chemicals mostly found within the deepest sectors of the Eugenics Clinical Trials to enhance and completely change one's genetic code. If one looks closely, you could even see smoke-like fragments twisting and bending graciously. When injected with this formula, the user is almost guaranteed to feel discomfort and body aches for a minute or two as it's effects take some time to settle in. This formula enhances senses to high levels, but comes with the downside of lowering one's pain tolerance.

    --Quantam Phasing: Under the effects of the Insubstantiality Formula, Alma's DNA changes and mutates to the point where her entire body can turn intangible at will. Upon using this power, she is granted the ability to phase through solid objects and cannot be harmed by anything physical. In addition, she is granted the power to float and fly when in her intangible state.

    --Sensitivity to high frequencies: Though it is a useful advantage towards physiological perks when it comes to tracking, it can also prove as a major weak point that can be exploited.

    Combat Preferences: As one who is able to phase through things, she is perfectly capable of close combat. Though her methods of combat are still slightly unknown

    Weaponry: --Wings of Peril: A piece of adaptable technology that manifests fragments of glass-like material in the form of wings that are capable of sending out frequency bullets.

    Brief History: TBA
    --Ironically, her name unintentionally hints towards her chosen genetic formula power.
  3. Name:Scott Faulks
    Gender: Male

    Appearance:Scott is tall, almost unnaturally so
    standing at 7' 3”. He is Vulpine in appearance and covered with a
    layer of short beige fur coated in dirt and dust. His eyes are deep
    blue. He sports no definitive hairstyle. His lower half, however,
    does not match his general appearance. Amputated long ago due to a
    car crash, Scott's new prosthetic arms and legs are made from
    lightweight metal, starting just above mid-thigh. Scotts apparel
    remains fairly constant, wearing a loose pair of jeans and simple
    black boots. shirts are almost never worn unless there is no other

    Generally speaking, Scott could be considered a mute. He rarely
    speaks, and when he does, it tends to be concise and often blunt. He
    is seldom seen smiling, often his brow is furled cynically to
    everything around him. He has little tolerance for idiocy, and voices
    his displeasure immediately, but not often.

    Inject-able Formula:Vulpris-Anthroicae. A foggy white substance that irritates
    the senses and leaves a burning sensation in the veins before the
    user is knocked unconscious, and the effects set in transforming the
    user's body into that of a mutant creature and heightening their
    kinetic abilities.

    --Over-Kinetic: Scott can manipulate
    the amount of kinetic energy being distributed. Punches break
    stonework, damage is lessened, but gravity remains the same. Examine
    the following examples: Scott throws a punch at a stone wall,
    increasing his fist's kinetic energy in the process. On impact, the
    stone breaks from the sheer force in his fist however, due to
    gravity and mass remaining the same, Scott would've broken his
    knuckles, and likely his fingers too, in the process. This also works
    in reverse to reduce damage however it is slightly different. For
    example, if Scott were to fall from a building, his body would gain
    kinetic energy over time, and allowing Scott to redistribute it,
    in it's entirety, to the earth instead of his own body, saving his

    However, the
    downside to this power is that the injection, and by extension his
    power, has forced change onto his body ?– his new-found height
    straining hi heart and other organs. If his power is used
    extensively, he begins killing himself. This process begins sooner
    than one images ?– usually after 2 or more instances within the same

    Combat Preferences:Scott prefers not to engage,
    as he is likely to hurt himself just as everything else will hurt
    him. However, when forced to fight, he prefers to finish them in as
    few moves as possible ?– usually going strong from the get go, and
    fighting until he is either dead, or victorious.

    Weaponized Prosthetics: Adding studs and spikes to the knuckles and
    broads on Scott's legs, he has made them to be used in melee combat
    with deadly efficiency.

    Brief History: Even Scott doesn't quite understand...
    Trivia: Scott still doesn't know what a 'furry' is...
  4. Name: Eugen Botterill (First name pronounce OY-gen)
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Pale-skinned and thin, Eugen is of average height and has unkempt light brown hair. He has crazed, sunken-in blue eyes and angular features. His clothes tend to be dirty or slightly torn, as he'll often forget to change for a long time.
    Personality: Eugen can be described best as a broken man. He tends to not react to emotional and conversational stimuli, and the when he does, the timing of these reactions can either be normal or late, and are often the "wrong" reaction to the situation. He also suffers from PBA, meaning that he will ocassionally go into sudden fits of laughing, crying, or other emotional outburst with no stimulus at all. That being said, he will, many times, say something incredibly deep, metaphorical, or otherwise incredibly insightful to the situation at hand (or to one that may have happened hours or days before).

    Ipsa Falsa Formula: Technically clear, this aspect of the formula can only be seen in photographs or video. When seen in person, the formula itself changes the perception of those viewing it: Reading their minds, it shows them various things relating to them in images in the liquid, such as hopes, fears, and thoughts. As a result, this formula is not put in clear containers, so as to keep the sanity of its viewers.

    --Perception Altering: A telepathic ability that allows Eugen to enter the minds of people and change how they perceive the world around them. He can change not only what they see, but what they hear, smell, feel, even taste. This power can even allow him to enter their dreams, and even lock them into that dream until he decides to release them or is overpowered by either their sheer force of will or another telepath. Has a range counted in miles, though studies have shown that past one mile, he cannot alter their waking perception; only being able to alter their dreams. An upper limit for number of people he may effect at once has not been found, but the more people he does at once, the less powerful and more general his "illusions" are. His physical abilities are almost completely compromised while using this: to the point that he is nearly paralyzed.

    --Focus: When Eugen is injected with the formula, his mind gets some clarity and concentration. His eccentricities become diminished, and his underlying intellect begins to show. Sometimes it will even seem like he has precognition, in that he will occasionally be able to predict certain situations.

    Combat Preferences: Typically serving far in the back lines, he is almost completely unable to fight aside from his powers.

    Weaponry: None.

    Brief History: Holy shit I have no idea what to put here.
  5. Name: Marietta Guldove
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A frail and fair-skinned young thing, Marietta is characterized by her delicate features and overall diminutive stature. One might mistake her for an individual who has Albinism, due to her wispy, platinum-blonde hair and incredibly fair skin. She will not confirm, nor deny, whether or not she does, in fact, carry the genes. Her eyes are a rich topaz colour, which shades doubt on the claim that she may have Albinism. To clothe herself, Marietta wears incredibly modest garb. Grey clothes make up her typical wardrobe, such as a long-sleeved shirts and beyond knee-length skirts, so as to keep herself suitably covered and restricted, falling in line with her devout beliefs in her religion (as well as the expectations of her parental figures). There lies a golden crucifix attached by string around her neck, lending the only splash of colour to her appearance.

    Personality: Marietta exists as a very passive soul. She tries to avoid any sort of conflict whenever possible, as she has not faced much of it in her life, and does not seem to think that conflict has a place in this world. Having been raised in a very like-minded community, Marietta was not greatly exposed to such problems that would arise due to her age. Many decisions would have been made without her being privy to them, and disobedience came with harsher penalties. As a middle child, her place in family conflicts was as a mediating force. She is inclined to listen for great lengths before speaking and takes a long time to come to decisions. Marietta is very much self-sacrificing. She takes the commandment of placing others before herself as very literal, and sees the success of others as the success of herself. The very conflict-avoidant Marietta, having been thrust into the limelight with her powers as a part of the injection program to be exiled by her community and abandoned by her family, resents her powers, or at least remains quite conflicted about them. However, she feels like this may be her calling - her ‘chosen path’ by God.

    Injectable Formula: <Caelitus Mihi Vires> – This formula exists as a highly-reactive, gaseous purple substance. When exposed to oxygen, this formula creates a deadly and rapidly-expanding fire.

    + <Thaumaturgy>: Marietta’s thaumaturgy is fueled by her faith and her will. She is able to cause ‘miracles’ which are derivative of her strong and very steadfast faith. These miracles are, in fact, a very subtle form of manipulating reality through imposing her will. In reality, it is just spontaneously causing something to happen, and if there is no will to impose, she is unable to do anything.

    + <Broken Wings>: Marietta, upon being injected with the formula, has it flood forth from her pores as a gas, in order to form ethereal, translucent purple wings. These wings may not exist as a solid, as they solidify with the status of her faith. When her faith and will are strong, the wings are more solid. When her faith wavers, the wings are more gaseous and less tangible. Marietta uses these wings to offer shelter to her allies, folding them into the wings. She also utilizes them for flight, or to hover when her faith is weaker.

    + <Blood>: Through the assistance of her formula, Marietta’s blood becomes impervious to poison. It is self-cleansing blood, expelling any foreign substances that would be harmful to her.

    Combat Preferences: Marietta has no preferences when it comes to combat. Were the worst to come to worst, she would act as a martyr, offering to sacrifice herself for a cause or for her allies, believing it to be her fate, or God’s path that has been laid out before her. She uses her wings to manifest as a shield, folding them around her allies as a solid safeguard. She does not attack.

    Weaponry: Nothing. Marietta exists as a human shield based on her powers, and is very clerical in nature. In this sense, it does not make logical sense for her to carry weaponry unless forced to by her superiors.

    Back Story: Born into a devout Christian family, Marietta has been part of a very closeted and shut-out community, which is strongly opposed to the Eugenics. They feel it is rescinding God’s will, and acting against the natural course of things in this world. The community had largely been ignored by the governmental bodies, as they keep largely to themselves and have not attempted to convert others to follow their view en masse. However, things may be bubbling up inside of the walls of the community…
    The fourth of seven children, Marietta has spent most of her childhood settling others’ arguments and generally keeping the peace among her siblings. She was slated to marry whomever the leaders chose for her upon reaching the age of eighteen… however, it was not to be. The government officials representing the Eugenics came to start observing the residents. When this occurred, Marietta had no real worry of being selected for any program. After all, she was simply an unsuspecting young girl, not even of marriageable age, and one without much education at that. Her primary area of focus was the Bible and its teachings; not anything of mathematics, science, and certainly not the rising prospect of Eugenics (which was seen as sinful and filthy). As such, her schooling carries only to that of a grade eight level. Nonetheless, she was selected by the officials who represented the government without much trouble. They observed her interacting with her peers and siblings, and saw her as being fit to ‘glue together’ the team that they had assembled. The one who would not attempt to lead, or to get her own way. To simply follow orders as necessary.
    This did not sit well with the leaders of her community, and certainly not with her family. She was exiled immediately, barely given time to gather her meagre possessions. She was branded a mark of shame upon her family, and a point of contention among the community, and was forced out so as not to bring the sinfulness of the Eugenics’ behaviour into the perfect little world that she had been raised in. Now only having her faith to guide her, the ever-repentant Marietta still prays for redemption, and that though she has been forced to partake in the Eugenics Program, that she will be delivered from her sins.

    Trivia: Nothing to speak of... yet.

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