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Timber draws weird things and calls them art

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Timber-K, Jul 27, 2016.


    I need to get more active here, maybe this can be a start

    I mostly just do digital. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi things. 
    Here's some stuff I've done, to begin. I guess I'll post future things here too. :0


    There's way more on my DeviantART, over here.
  2. I really like the first one! Specifics:
    - The outline color changing.
    - That "sharp" (????) sort of shading thing where it looks almost like regular shading but with pieces erased. I'm bad with words, but you can see it where the "ears" meet the head.
    - The eyes!! The + shaped glow on the first is really well done and so is the stitching. The other one does a good job at appearing a little hollow/flat.
    - The background! I just like the little pattern a lot.
    - Also, the inclusion of blue shading on the mostly pink/red head.
  3. Yo dude these are pretty cool! I'm looking forward to seeing more
  4. Finished the cover for the first volume of a comic series I'm working on. Took me quite a while but it was so worth it.

  5. [​IMG]

    A little thing I did for Halloween. :v

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