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This Dream 【RP Thread】

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Shadow, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. It was an odd truth, but a truth nonetheless that the most sensible member of their party was, unfortunately, the winged canine. Throughout Sekhmet's temper tantrum, Ebrethiel was restrained from taunting the detained, psychopathic cat only by the overwhelming incredulity he felt at discovering everyone else around him was either useless or mental. The only companion he found himself not wanting to stab in the face and leave dying was his new Lupynn minion, who had a cool, straightforward, and uncompromising style that Ebrethiel found himself actually-- no, it couldn't be-- beginning to feel an inkling of respect for. Which was total and utter blasphemy, since demon rulers were supposed to, themselves, be respected by their peons; a flow which wasn't meant to function in reverse. At the earliest possible convenience, the young demon would have to find a way to set that flow right and make the wolf-- and all the other assorted asylum fugitives who seemed to comprise the group-- respect him.

    Standing in irked impatience as the idiots rambled between themselves-- during the space of which Ebrethiel absently ran his thumb along the smooth, metallic binding of the small black book in his hoodie pocket-- and taking ample notice only when Karmica spoke, the auburn-haired boy was relieved when he realized the gun-toting girl was sending them along their way, despite having had grumbled, "That's exactly what I was saying," at her beginning comment to Sekhmet, and the overall annoyance he found himself with considering the fact that she seemed prepared to part paths with their group in a casual manner. "Fine, whatever," Ebrethiel sighed loudly, taking a few slow steps in the designated direction. "You can keep the lion bitch here, though." He enunciated every word in his next sentence with an arrogant tone; "We don't need or want her with us."

    Alongside the yielding and distant personalities that were Kalum and Lillian, and the detached drudge named Arkai, Ebrethiel felt himself and Kip'yaia were the only ones who wouldn't put up with any of Sekhmet's bullshit-- an arrangement that could only result in more confrontation and irritation. Without Karmica's impeding power, the Weakened Deity would only trample over everything in sight with about as much discrimination as an elephant. Ignoring the inner sympathies Ebrethiel loathed to realize he felt towards several of her statements, he concluded that Sekhmet was a powerful beast that refused to be tamed-- rendering her a useless beast primed for disposal. Even demons had sense enough to bow to the dominating hand.

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