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The Tyrant's Gallery and shit like that

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by LaTyrannia, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. This request has a LOT of specifications, so take your time on it and if you need to change anything then go ahead.

    Size/Type: Same size as the sigs you've made for me. Sig, obviously.

    -- Upper Left: "Born to fight..." in dark red, metallic text if possible.
    -- Lower Right: "... and raised to win." in the same dark red text.
    -- Near the Latios: "Jetstream" in silver text.
    -- Near the Absol: "Renegade" in silver text. Or maybe dark gold. Whichever you feel looks best.

    -- Background: Something dark and ominous.
    -- Main: The Latios I PM'd you and the Absol that was posted on-chat. If you didn't save the Absol, just google "Xous54 Absol" and you'll find it. Latios on the left, Absol on the right.
    -- Extras: Recolor the Latios's eye(and triangle if visible) from orange to aqua. Darken the navy blue on the Absol and make the red eye more vibrant.

    Colours/Theme: Very dark and tense theme, use dark reds and grays, maybe some black.

    Effects: Dark lighting. If you want to give the text an ominous effect, do it. Nothing specific besides that~

    Extra: Rounded corners are awesome. :>
  2. Size/Type: Signature, 550 x 300

    Text: "A world filled with Carnage..." (aggressive red lettering, with a blurred effect as if spazzing out on a television.)

    -- Background: Black, but in the bottom corners having buildings like these on fire, distantly lighting the background.
    -- Main: http://i46.tinypic.com/ru8x7c.jpg Dis guy only
    -- Extras: Change his hair and eyes to match dis guy http://i48.tinypic.com/jrsp4j.jpg and also change his hoodie to black, his inner shirt to red, and give a C like this on his chest, being red. Fade out his eyes and some of his face, hidden under the shade of his hair in a sinister demeanor. Also, if possible, try to edit the grin a little to be a little more wicked if you could. If not, just leave it as is.

    Colours/Theme: Red is the main color, the theme being carnage, destruction.

    Effects: You may give a sort of "red aura" about the whole signature to make it look a little more radically awesome.

    Extra: If you aren't able to make something of the building pictures I posted, feel free to find your own. I'd rather you find more "comfortable" buildings to work with~

    Oh man i so excited to see the result X3
  3. I have two additional ones and then im done

    Size/Type: Desktop size///Desktop wallpaper


    ToLoveIkaros on the bottom right, small though plz.

    -- *Background: I need a fitting background. Something with a nice summer feel.
    -- Main: http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z439/PangDe209/15595-bikiniikarossora_no_otoshimono.png(not rendered :c)
    -- *Extras: effects that fit the feel.

    Colours/Theme: same as extras, those types of colors, warm beach colors, etc.

    *Effects: be creative about it. C:

    *Extra: (Anything else you want to mention?
    * = change her hair to baby blue
    eyes to silver
    wings to silver-ish color
    bikini to a color that fits. :v

    Size/Type: 544x960//for ma phone(s)

    Text: (this is optional, if you cant fit it here don't worry about it.) I need something meaningful, like a quote or something. Something from you and your poetry is also welcome if you deem it fitting. :3

    -- *Background: I need a fitting background. Something night-ish.
    -- Main: http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z439/PangDe209/479484_345292125516971_1136318389_o.jpg (not rendered :c)
    -- *Extras: dark-bluish, silver-ish, etc effects if you want.

    Colours/Theme: same as extras, those types of colors, night colors, etc.

    *Effects: be creative about it. C:

    *Extra: (Anything else you want to mention?
    * = change her hair to baby blue
    eyes to silver
    wings to silver-ish color
  4. *Feels as if the image is too big so I condense it into letter/character format via paper shredder*
  5. *Me fills the pool with the bloody entrails of Mitt Romney and uses a pool cleaning net to fish this out of the water:*
  6. *Doesn't like getting people's hopes up, but still feeds a possum the contents and while bringing it to the free way, then tosses it into the middle. In the middle of the night, I go back out to pick up the carcass and while doing its autopsy, I pull this out*

  7. This one... may be difficult because of the feel I'm going for. Feel free to take your time on it.

    Size/Type: Signature, usual size for my requests.

    Text: "Kudamon", some sort of calm color, in the bottom right. In the center-left (center as in vertical center, on the left side of the image), "Walking the border between good and evil" in gold-red gradient (I think that's what it's called?) if possible. If not, metallic gold.

    -- Background: Something mystic, even divine, but a bit abstract.
    -- Main:
    -- Extras: Give it a sort of dark feel around the edges. The "divinity" should be the main focus, but as it spreads from the center it begins to fade into something tense and edgy.

    Colours/Theme: Give most of the sig a sort of holy, mystical feel to reflect the Digimon. Golds and lavenders that slowly fade into grays and reds as it reaches the edges of the image.

    Effects: Nothing specific that I haven't mentioned.

    Extra: Rounded corners, as usual~
  8. general announcement thingy: I haven't done ANY gfx-related things since I left this place a) because my laptop fucked up recently and b) because I've been worked like a dog in other fields of work.
    I have been writing and drawing, though. o-o; Now I know no one wants to see that. xD

    That being said, I'm not taking anymore requests until further notice.
  9. Having watched you on dA, and seeing a few of your drawings, I think I can speak for everyone else when I say that I'd love to see what you've been up to around here :> (though again I've technically already seen it, but it's still cool stuff and definitely worth showcasing!!)
  10. kaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy


  11. * LaTyrannia reopens request thing thingy.



    Sig I just made right now.
  12. Type: Signature

    Size: Not sure here, make it about the size of Kuda's Signatures.

    Text: Cid. (No location Specifications, wherever you think looks nice. If you can, I would like you to find the final fantasy font, and to write it in that.

    Picture: http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/3/30376/970713-948673_cid_super_large.jpg    
    Try to keep it in line with the Judge Logo. 

    Background: For the background, I want you to put this, try to place Judge Master Cid in a little left of the center, if you can. 

    Colouring/Theme: Well, nothing specific, although I would like you to try and give it a bit of a lawful theme.

    Extras: None.
  13. Lately I've been working on my own drawings and stuff(as some of you know) and I made really silly-lookin' sigs for my boyfriend and me.



    I also made this sig for some guy some time ago:

  14. Two things.
    1. A gif I made because I wanted to learn how to make gifs:

    2. A poem I wrote for my boyfriend.
    1% Talent, 99% Feels, 100% Cheesy

    The first days were odd.
    I had not known what love was.
    I was struck with fear.

    But we took it slow.
    I feared you'd be impatient.
    You prov'ed me wrong.

    Your perfection grew.
    I was quick to fall in love,
    Now you have me close.

    My affection lasts;
    You will have me forever.
    It is meant to be.

    It's all so simple.
    You can call it quite cliché.
    We're just that corny.

    Maybe it looks lame
    To most of anyone else.
    I don't really care.

    I don't care about
    Anyone but you and I;
    Not as intensely.

    This intense feeling
    Lasts only for you, my dear
    Because I love you.
  15. [​IMG]

    I did a siggy for the girlfriend of "NekoJonez"(previous post)
  16. I can dig that. The font's a bit on the unreadable side, mostly due to the colour (I think it should be a tad more of an eyecatch than that, but it may just be a personal thing). Overall, though, I like the lighting and the render is beautifully crisp as ever. Nice job, Tyran-chan~
  17. Oh I didn't see this lol..
    Thanks Eebo! : D I tend to prefer making things blend since I'm utterly terrible at getting stuff to match and be an eyecatch, so yah. ;__;

    But I only saw that comment cos I have something new! Woo!

    This is probably the only real drawing I've ever finished and it's sorta bleh.

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