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The Struggle Profile Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Masquerade, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. For those accepted into the role play, Tales of Alidaire: The Struggle, this is where you shall post your profiles. Information such as party inventory, gold, map, bestiary, inflictionary, chapter log, and soundtrack.

    Current Inventory

    Cheap Ale x5 (Recovers 5 HP upon use)

    Rubble x3 (Recovers MP by 3 upon use)

    Sun's Vigor x0 (Permanently increases Max HP by 5)

    Winter's Brutality x0 (Permanently increases ATK by 1)

    Earth's Adamance x1 (Permanently increases DEF by 1)

    Spring's Soul x0 (Permanently increases SPR by 1)

    Autumn's Wind x0 (Permanently increases Evasion by 1%)

    Potion of Invisibility x1 (Bestows Stealth for 2 turns; Stealth does not break when action is taken)

    Alarm Machina x1 (Automatically revives the next KO'd player with 25% Max HP)

    Potion of Vengeance x2 (Inflicts Plague, Curse, and Misfortune on target; Range: 3 cells)

    Crude Love Potion x1 (It's supposed to make someone fall in love with the user, but who knows what the true results will be)

    Last Will x1 (Upon use, places a ward on the target that lasts for 3 turns; if the target is KO'd with the ward in place, their remaining HP and MP are donated to another ally of their choosing and that ally has their stats boosted flatly by the KO'd player's stats for the duration of battle)


    Faded Light x1 (Arcane sphere that channels light mana, it is now devoid of the magic that was fueling it)

    Broken Cuffs x1 (Pair of severed, crushed handcuffs that obviously didn't work well on the criminal they were meant to bind)

    Bat Wing x2 (Thin, membranous wing of a bat, it can also be pilfered from some flying demons who possess similar wing types)

    Broken Wing x1 (Severed stone wing that used to belong to a statue of an angel or something of the sort)

    Burnt Newt x2 (Charred and hardened remains of a newt)

    Clean Linen x1 (Oddly clean sheet that seems to glow a bit)

    Nightshade x6 (Deadly herb that is extremely poisonous and capable of killing upon consumption)

    Empty Vial x4 (Simple glass vials used to store materials and liquids like potions)

    Portrait - Landscape x1 (Eloquent painting of a beautiful meadow with mountains rising up in the distance)

    Portrait - Valentine x1 (A portrait of the Valentine family; Albert and Alexandra can be identified in it)

    Essence of Darkness x1 (The most purest form of evil in existence, it takes the form of a black mist excreted from a major source of darkness)


    Enchanted Ring x1 (A ring, potentially received from a deceased lover, which bolsters the wearer’s defenses. Increases SPR by 1; equippable by Helena) [Accessory]

    Rusted Dagger x1 (A dagger which has its blade covered with a thick layer of rust, it is nearly useless. Increases ATK by 1; equippable by Hikari) [Weapon]

    Worn Armor x1 (A piece of light, white armor that, while designed to not burden the wearer, is barely protective. Increases DEF by 1; equippable by Hikari) [Armor]

    Wooden Shortbow x1 (A basic bow with no particular traits to set it apart from any other. Increases ATK by 1; equippable by Helena) [Weapon]

    Light Saber x1 (No, not "may the force be with you." It's just light in weight is all. Increases ATK by 1; equippable by Alexandra) [Weapon]

    Seal Bolt x1 (Projective infused with an anti-magic glyph. Increases ATK by 1; equippable by Kat and Helena; Added Effect: Silence) [Accessory]

    Gargoyle's Wish x1 (Fragment of a statue imbued with the strength of the gargoyles that bestows blessings upon those who hold it. Increases DEF by 2; equippable by all; Immune Petrify) [Accessory]

    Key Items

    Archaeic Scroll (A cartographer's relic, it magically records locations the holder has visited)

    Questral's Note (Mysterious note written by a legendary blue mage and stuffed in a saber with the intention of it being discovered by a future wielder of the weapon)

    Storage Room Key (Medium-sized silver key used to gain access to the storage room beneath Archaea Castle)

    Ominous Letter (Strange letter detailing the release of a certain creature that was once contained in the undercroft of Archaea Castle)

    Current Gold: 1,001,099

    Archaeic Scroll

    ---Business Front
    ---North Gate
    >Masquerade's Bakery
    ---Front Room
    >Broken Cathedral
    ---Room of Worship
    ---Underground Training Area
    ---Item Shop
    ---Meeting Room
    >Archaea Castle
    ---Audience Chamber
    ---West Hall
    ---Basement Stairwell
    ---Storage Room
    ---Front Entrance
  2. Chapter 03: ???

    Enemy Profiles

    Coming soon...

    Neutral Profiles

  3. ~ B E S T I A R Y ~


    Marksman (Location: Archaea/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 2/Gold: 8/Items: Seal Bolt)
    Bandit (Location: Archaea/Number Defeated: 4/Exp: 1/Gold: 2/Items: Cheap Ale)
    Investigator (Location: Archaea/Number Defeated: 0/Exp: ?/Gold: ?/Items: ????)
    Paladin (Location: Archaea/Number Defeated: 0/Exp: ?/Gold: ?/Items: ?????????? ????)
    Albert (1) (Location: Archaea/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 15/Gold: 150/Items: None)
    Sage (Location: Archaea/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 4/Gold: 28/Items: ????? ???, Absolute Eye)
    Paladin (Location: Courthouse/Number Defeated: 3/Exp: 3/Gold: 42/Items: ??????? ?? ?????)
    Allera (Location: Courthouse/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 14/Gold: 225/Items: Iron Will)
    Nanila (Location: Courthouse/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 14/Gold: 175/Items: Autumn's Wind, Astral Sphere)
    Castle Soldier (Location: Archaea/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 5/Gold: 49/Items: Rubble)
    Castle Patrol (Location: Archaea/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 5/Gold: 54/Items: Faded Light)
















    Miscreant (Location: Archaea Castle/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 8/Gold: 65/Items: Broken Cuffs)
    Imp (Location: Archaea Castle/Number Defeated: 3/Exp: 5/Gold: 51/Items: Bat Wing)




    Shadow Heart (Location: Archaea Castle/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 20/Gold: 300/Items: Essence of Darkness)

    For the Inflictionary, please see this link: Status Effects
  4. Name: Alexandra Valentine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Level: 11
    Next Level: 15/36

    Profession: Blue Mage - With the unique ability to learn skills from her enemies, the one who claims this profession utilizes the strength of monsters and other foes in an attempt to scope out the truth about what has befallen her country. (Basic Attacks +1)(Prodigal Eye)

    *Prodigal Eye: Decreases MP Costs of Learned skills by 50%. Also passively boosts Evasion Rate by 5%.

    Noble - An affluent being possessing vast wealth, what could the one who claims this profession actually do in battle? One would be surprised...

    Weapon: Blue Saber - Unique saber capable of passing knowledge of an enemy's skills to the user for learning.
    ---Enemy Skill: Censure of the Guilty: Unleashes a mighty wave of light around oneself to slow down attackers. 170% Int Dmg. Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells. Chance of Slow. 14 MP. Light elemental.
    Armor: Elegant Lady's Dress - A beautiful dress to be worn by a rich...er, beautiful lady.
    Accessory: Sun Parasol - A parasol used to protect one's fair skin from the dreaded sun.

    A-Ability: Delightful Subjugation:

    +Graceful Curtsy: A nice gesture before one battles, one that apologizes ahead of time to the enemy that is about to be decimated. Increases ATK and INT by 25%. Range: Self. 8 MP.

    +Slash, Distance, Lunge: Slashes the enemy before leaping back quickly to gain distance, and follows up with a devastating lunge ending up with the user's weapon embedded in the target's stomach. 140% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 2 hits. 10 MP.

    +Violet Chains: Fires several chains surging in a wondrous violet energy at a target, and finishes by wrapping the target up tightly in those very chains. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Chance of Seal. 3 hits. 16 MP.

    +Servant's Place: Upwards leap followed by a descending downwards slash with great power, so much that it brings the foe to its knees where it belongs, completely humbled before the user. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Chance of Frail. Chance of Apathy. 10 MP.

    +Superior Blade: Slashes the air with great speed causing light to bend giving one's blade the appearance of a mirage, wavering and shimmering with unpredictability. Bestows Sure Hit. Increases number of basic attacks by 2. 3 turn duration. Range: Self. 12 MP.

    +Rightful Rule: Raises weapon into the air and gathers a sphere of light before one waves the weapon slightly releasing a torrent of projectiles supercharged with holy energy that randomly strike out at foes in the distance. 90% Int Dmg. Range: 4 cells or greater; no less than 4 cells. 6 randomized hits. 10 MP. Holy elemental.

    A-Ability: Knowledge of Monsters:

    +Learn: Studies an enemy closely in an attempt to perfect one of the enemy's skills after which one will be able to execute it against said enemy and any other enemy one comes across in the future. Bestows Learn. [Learn - Adds next enemy skill used on oneself to one's repertoire as long as one Skill Point is available.] Range: Self. 8 MP.

    +Libra: Analyzes an enemy's anatomy and fighting style in order to uncover its weaknesses along with strategical information that could prove valuable in battle. Shows target Weaknesses and Resistances. Reveals general battle info and secret battle aspects of target. Range: Single enemy. 12 MP.

    R-Ability: Overwhelming Luminance - Upon being assaulted from an adjacent cell by any means, releases a massive surge of light to scathe all surrounding enemies for 100% Holy Int Dmg.

    S-Ability: Elegant - Innately boosts ATK by 10% and Evasion by 2%.

    D-Ability: Au Revoir (Holy) - A final farewell in which the user opens a vortex of light above and below the user, both vortices pulling in with great force causing the target to slowly rip apart which ends up with both halves disappearing into oblivion. Deals 200% Piercing Int Dmg to a single target up to 6 cells away. Chance of Oblivion.


    HP: 45
    MP: 35
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 10 (+2 from Blue Saber)(+1 from Sun Parasol)(+1 from Elegant)
    Def: 8 (+0 from Elegant Lady's Dress)
    Int: 10 (+1 from Blue Saber)
    Spr: 8 (+1 from Elegant Lady's Dress)
    Evasion: 3% (+2% from Elegant)(+5% from Prodigal Eye)
    Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Blue Mage profession)

    Skill Points: 3


    As of June 27, 2011 (11:30 PM EST): Level increased to 2, HP +5, Def +1, Int +1. Skill Point acquired.
    As of September 24, 2011 (9:03 PM EST): Level increased to 4, HP +5, MP +5, Atk +1, Def +1, Int +1, Spr +1. 2 Skill Points acquired. Learned R-Ability Overwhelming Luminance. 3 Skill Points lost.
    As of November 20, 2011 (12:06 AM EST): Level increased to 5, HP +5, Atk +1, Def +1. Evasion boosted by 1%. 1 Skill Point acquired. Learned A-Ability Violet Chains. 1 Skill Point lost.
    As of November 20, 2011 (12:07 AM EST): DD updated.
    As of January 12, 2012 (3:41 PM EST): Equipped Blue Saber. Light Saber returned to inventory.
    As of April 25, 2012 (12:10 AM EST): Level increased to 6, HP +5, Atk +1, Spr +1. 1 Skill Point acquired. Learned A-Ability Servant's Place. 1 Skill Point lost.
    As of July 4, 2012 (7:50 PM EST): Level increased to 7, HP +5, Int +1, Spr +1. 1 Skill Point acquired. Learned A-Ability Superior Blade. 1 Skill Point lost.
    As of August 16, 2012 (5:24 PM EST): Level increased to 8, MP +5, Def +1, Int +1. 1 Skill Point acquired.
    As of August 17, 2012 (12:59 AM EST): Learned A-Ability Rightful Rule. 1 Skill Point lost.
    As of September 16, 2012 (12:22 AM EST): Level increased to 10, HP +5, MP +10, Atk +2, Def +1, Int +1, Spr +2, Evasion +1%. 2 Skill Points acquired. Job Promotion acquired. Class changed to Blue Mage. Innate property "Prodigal Eye" obtained. "Knowledge of Monsters" unlocked. Learned A-Ability Learn and A-Ability Libra. 2 Specialized Skill Points lost.
    As of January 5, 2012 (8:43 PM EST): Level increased to 11, HP +5, Def +1, Int +1. 1 Skill Point acquired.
  5. Name: Helena Galangar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Level: 12
    Next Level: 1/347
    Appearance: Helena is a nimble, athletic-looking young woman with shoulder-length black hair and strange red eyes. She is a tanned colour in skin tone. Her clothing style is incredibly casual for someone of her frame, as she clothes herself in a blue undershirt with a light brown vest over top.

    Profession: Night Huntress: Swift as the night is fleeting, the one who claims this profession has adopted the ways of stealth and grace in order to seek out and purge their prey. [Equipment: Bows] [Imbued Quiver] [Basic Attacks +1]

    *Imbued Quiver - Once per turn, Helena has the option of imbuing her basic attacks with an added chance of one of the following: [Added Effect: Silence], [Added Effect: Slow], or [Added Effect: Sleep].

    Profession: Rookie Bowman: The one who claims this Profession deals in ranged weaponry - specifically the classic bow and arrow - to hinder the progress of foes, stopping them dead in their tracks. [Equipment: Bows]

    Weapon: Ravage Bow: Sturdy bow made out of a common wood, it focuses on pure offense to destroy enemies. [+3 ATK] [Range: 4 Cells] [Damage Output +5%]
    Armor: Worn Vest: A clothing article built more for its stylish looks than for any particular kind of protection. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Astral Sphere: Crystal ball blessed by cosmic powers; the future can be seen within. [+5% Evasion]

    A-Ability: Guided Arrow

    + Stasis Shot: Helena nocks an arrow, aiming for one of her opponents’ leg muscles in order to stop them from moving about the arena on their own free will. 100% ATK Damage. Chance of Immobilize. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

    + Cupid's Arrow: Helena invokes the power of the spirit of love, capturing the hearts of those who are pierced by the arrow. Inflicts Infatuation (opposite gender). Range: 4 Cells. Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

    + Snakebite: Helena channels the venom of a snake into her arrow by using a small fraction of her inherent Mana, allowing her to infect her opponent with a poisonous bite. 100% ATK Damage. Chance of Poison. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

    --- Hydra Poison: Upon releasing her arrow, the excess poison begins to drip off of the arrow, causing miniature pools of acid to begin to form on the ground between Helena and her target. Creates one Acid Pool Cell [Denoted
    {A} / Causes 10% Max HP Damage if spawned on a character / Inflicts Poison if Landed or Passed] in a random cell between Helena and Target. Range: Set. Element: Dark. 8 MP.

    + Adrenaline Rush: Helena fires an arrow infused with adrenaline, causing the target to experience a rushing pulse with the thrill of the battle... before slowing down to a halt. 110% ATK Damage. Bestows Haste for 3 turns / Inflicts Stop when Haste expires. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Neutral. 10 MP.

    + Projectile Explosion: Attaches a powerful projectile to the tip of the arrow which explodes on contact, shell-shocking the opponent and all nearby. 140% ATK Damage (target). 110% ATK Damage (blast radius). Chance of Stun. Range: 3 Cells + Adjacent Cells (blast radius). Element: Fire. 12 MP.

    + Eagle's Eye: Taps into the user's Mana pool in order to enhance their vision, and in turn, bolster their awareness of their opponent's weak points. Increases Critical Hit Ratio by 25% and Increases ATK by 10% for 3 turns. No Stack. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 10 MP.

    + Auric Blitz: Helena's arrow tips glint with an unnatural light from her inner Mana to blind her foes while rapidly striking at them with a multitude arrows. 3 Hits. 90% ATK Damage (first two hits). 140% ATK Damage (third hit). Chance of Blind. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Light. 12 MP.

    A-Ability: Silent Snipe

    + Strafe: Helena uses her swiftness to her advantage as she seemingly uses her Mana to speed up her own movements, almost to gain a competitive edge over the enemy. Increases Movement by 1 and Increases Evasion by 10% for 3 turns. No Stack. Bestows Haste if attacked during Enemy Phase of turn used. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 14 MP.

    + Predator Blast: From lurking in the shadows, Helena nocks an arrow that seeps into her opponent's life reserves, drawing their health out from them and adding it into her own. 40% Piercing ATK Damage. Helena regains total damage dealt as HP Recovery. Damage persists for two turns. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Dark. 12 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    --- Impregnable Concentration: Upon being dealt damage for the first time, once per battle, Helena’s ATK and DEF stats are each boosted by one point. [NOT IN USE]
    --- Abstraction Arrow: Adds an additional hit to Basic Attacks with a chance of non-stackable 10% DEF Reduction. [EQUIPPED]
    D-Ability: Glory of the Hunt: Helena fires a multitude of arrows directly at her opponent’s sweetspot, which pierce through, allowing her to potentially seal the fate of this enemy with one final arrow… 100% ATK Damage (first two hits), 150% Piercing ATK Damage (final hit). Chance of Instant Death. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Dark.


    HP: 55
    MP: 50
    DD: 0/10
    ATK: 14 (+3 from Ravage Bow)
    DEF: 9 (+1 from Worn Vest)
    INT: 2 (+0 from Ravage Bow)
    SPR: 8 (+0 from Worn Vest)
    Evasion: 11% (+5% from Astral Sphere)
    MOVE: 2 cells (+2 from Night Huntress profession)

    Skill Points: 3

    Last Updated: August 5, 2014 (3:57pm EST) - Level Up! Added stat points to HP (+5), ATK (+1), DEF (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total.
    • June 27, 2011 (11:12pm EST) - Level Up! Added stat points to HP (+5), ATK (+1), DEF (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total.
    • June 28, 2011 (2:52pm EST) - Unlocked A-Ability Guided Arrow - Snakebite (-1 Skill Points). Unequipped Enchanted Ring, equipped Seal Bolt.
    • September 24, 2011 (11:54pm EST) - Level Up (x2)! Added stat points to HP (+5), MP (+5), ATK (+2), INT (+1), SPR (+1). Added +2 Skill Points to total.
    • November 30, 2011 (12:38pm EST) - Level Up (x2)! Added stat points to HP (+5), MP (+5), ATK (+2), DEF (+1), SPR (+1), Evasion (+3%). Added 2 Skill Points to total. Unlocked A-Ability Guided Arrow - Hydra Poison and Guided Arrow - Adrenaline Rush (-2 Skill Points).
    • January 6, 2012 (4:40pm EST) - Unequipped Wooden Shortbow, equipped Ravage Bow.
    • April 24, 2012 (11:58pm EDT) - Level Up! Added stat points to HP (+5), ATK (+1), and SPR (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total.
    • July 4, 2012 (8:22pm EDT) - Experience added from battle, DD updated. Unlocked A-Ability Guided Arrow - Projectile Explosion (-1 Skill Point).
    • August 17, 2012 (9:37pm EDT) - Level Up (x2)! Added stat points to HP (+5), MP (+10), ATK (+1), DEF (+1), and SPR (+1). Added +2 Skill Points to total. Unlocked A-Ability Guided Arrow - Eagle's Eye, and Guided Arrow - Auric Blitz (-2 Skill Points). Unlocked S-Ability Abstraction Arrow (-2 Skill Points).
    • September 26, 2012 (7:16pm EDT) - Level Up! Added stat points to DEF (+2), SPR (+1), Evasion (+3%). Added +1 Skill Point to total. JOB PROMOTION!! Rookie Bowman -> Night Huntress. Added stat points to HP (+5), MP (+5), ATK (+1). Unlocked A-Ability Silent Snipe - Strafe, and Silent Snipe - Predator Blast (-2 Specialized Skill Points). Unequipped Seal Bolt, equipped Astral Sphere.
    • October 13, 2012 (3:17am EDT) - Level Up! Added stat points to MP (+5), ATK (+1), DEF (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total.
    • January 5, 2013 (8:21pm EST) - Experience added from battle. DD updated.

  6. Name: Mai
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Level: 10
    Next Level: 26/36
    Profession: Dragon Warrior- A powerful being taught under the way of the Dragon, they devote themselves to defending, fighting, and achieving great things. [Dragon Apprentice- Dragon Warrior- Dragon Samurai- Dragon Spirit] [Monkey Grip] [Dragon Fire]

    *Monkey Grip- Second equipment slot added, allowing the use of two one-handed weapons. Two handed weapons take up both Weapon slots.

    *Dragon Fire- Basic attacks have a 10% chance of Burn. ATK is permanently increased by 10%.

    Weapon: Earthbound- an enormous broadsword with amazing earthen power. [+4 ATK] [Earth Elemental]
    Armor: Flex Plates- Mai has Flexible metal plates under her clothing. It may be thin, but it's better than bare skin!
    Accessory: Dragon Gem- Mai has a hardened dragon scale tied onto a necklace around her neck. The scale gives of an eerie glow, which seems to reflect over Mai like a spiritual shield..

    A-Ability: Way of the Dragon
    + Hidden Power- Mai calls forth hidden power. 50% ATK boost for 5 turns. Non-stackable. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 10 MP

    + Dragon Heal- Mai uses her power to heal. Bestows Regeneration. Range: Adjacent ally/Self. Element: Neutral. 6 MP

    + Trail Blaze- Mai bursts forward and leaves a thick swathe of flames in her wake before slashing at the first enemy she sees. Leaves Azure Flame cells (marked as {f}). Deals 120% ATK Damage to an adjacent opponent at the end of the trail. Range: 4 cells. Element: Neutral. 12 MP

    *Azure Flame: when an opponent passes over or lands on an Azure Flame cell, opponent is afflicted with Burn. If an opponent that is afflicted with Burn lands on or passes through an Azure Flame cell, Burn is increased to Severe Burn and the duration is refreshed.

    +Dragon Aid- Mai reaches mentally within to activate deep reserves of power to leak out. 10% Mana Regeneration for 5 turns. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 12 MP

    +Dragon Edge- Mai coats her blade(s) in a thin, powerful energy. Piercing BA for 2 turns. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. [Level x 2] MP.

    + Ambush- Mai strikes down at the opponent from above. Two-turn move. removed from field 1st turn, placed at adjacent cell of targeted opponent dealing 130% ATK Damage 2nd turn. Range: One opponent. Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

    + Spirit Strike- Mai summons the spirit of a dragon to fight with her. Permits the use of Basic Attack twice with one Act command for two turns. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 6 MP.

    A-Ability: Wrath of the Drake

    + Blazing Entourage- Mai strikes the opponent several times in a blazing wrath. 100% ATK Damage. 5 hits. Range: adjacent cell. Element: Neutral. 14 MP

    + Tooth Crush- Mai summons energized jaws that grip and cripple the opponent, holding it in place. 100% INT Damage. If strike successful, opponent is inflicted with Immobilize. Range: 4 cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP

    R-Ability: Dragon Blur- If Mai is attacked by an adjacent opponent, the opponent's attack has 50% chance of failing.
    S-Ability: Dragon Rush- Bestows Haste when Mai enters the field.
    D-Ability: Drakine Judgement- A blur of blue, a surrounding of flame, and the imminent essence of fatality come forth as Mai swiftly strikes the opponent powerfully from all directions, on the final delivering the ultimate blow- severe severing, or decapitation. The body is burned nonetheless. 4 Hits. 100% ATK Damage (First three), 150% Piercing ATK Damage (Last hit). Chance of Severe Burn. Chance of Instant Death. Range: 3 cells. Element: Fire

    HP: 55
    MP: 60
    DD: 4/10
    ATK: 13 (+4 from Earthbound)(+1 from Dragon Fire)
    DEF: 7 (+1 from Flex Plates)
    INT: 5 (+0 from Earthbound)
    SPR: 7 (+0 from Flex Plates)(+1 Dragon Gem)
    EVA: 5%
    MOVE: 2 cells (+1 from Dragon Apprentice profession)

    Skill Points: 0

    6/27/11 Level Up! (2) +1 ATK, +1 SPR, +1 MP (6, 3, 20 [not including equipment bonuses]) +1 Skill Point
    9/25/11 Levle Up!x2 (4) +1 DEF, +1 SPR, +1 INT, +2 MP, +1 HP (4, 3, 4, 30, 30 [not including equipment bonuses]) +2 Skill Points.
    11/20/11 Level up!x2 (6) EVA +2%, +2 MP, +2 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 INT (40, 8, 5, 4 [not including equpiment bonuses]) +2 Skill Points.
    12/23/11 Bought Earthbound for 100 gold. +4 ATK, Earth Elemental.
    8/17/11 Level Up! (7) +3 HP (45 HP) +1 Skill Point
    9/16/12 Level Up!x2 (9) +2 ATK, +1 INT, +2 HP (55 HP), +1 MP (45) +2 Skill Points
    10/12/12 Level Up! JOB PROMOTION! +3 MP (60 MP), +2 SPR, +1 DEF +1 Skill Point.
    8/4/14 Level Up! Changed Close In to Trail Blaze (1 Skill Point), +1 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 SPR.
  7. Name: Strytor Verano
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Level: 8
    Next Level: 18/24
    Appearance: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/15781916/

    Profession: Kitsune The one who claims this profession is a humanoid, fox-like creature with mystical ability and multiple tails. Kinda straightforward there.
    Weapon: Crystal Fang [+1 Int] A long fang pendant carved from clear quartz crystal, it serves to channel the user's arcane ability.
    Armor: Ragged Clothing [+1 Def] These clothes have seen better days. While torn, they still offer a small amount of protection.
    Accessory: Hoshi no Tama [+5 MP] A strange spherical jewel glowing with bluish-white flame, said to grant its holder power.

    A-Ability: Kitsune no Honō

    + Kitsunebi: Sends strange blue-white foxfire at a target a short distance away, which hurts more than one would think. Chance of Burn. 120% Int damage. Range: 3 cells. Element: Fire. 6 MP.

    + Inari no Mahō: Calls upon the power of the god Inari; however, as a nogitsune, the user doesn't get a whole lot of attention from the kitsune god. Oh well, it works for something. Increases Int by 20% for 3 turns. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Light. 8 MP.

    + Onibii: Sends out wisps of foxfire to orbit around the user's allies, giving off a strange warmth that replenishes the target's energy. Bestows MP Regeneration. Range: All Allies. Element: Fire. 24 MP.

    + Konzatsu: Fires off a hard blast of mana at the target, damaging them while hopefully dazing them for a time. 150% Int damage. Chance of Addle. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.

    + Mukanshin: Sends a melancholy burst of mana at the target, demotivating them from even attempting to keep their energy up. 150% Int Damage. Chance of Apathy. Range: 5 cells. Element: Neutral. 10 MP

    R-Ability: Defensive: When an enemy enters a cell adjacent to the user, lashes out automatically with a Basic Attack.
    S-Ability: Power of Nogitsune: Inherently increases Int by 10%.
    D-Ability: Kitsunetsuki: Possesses the target so as to strike at its nearby allies unexpectedly with mana, then quickly flees its host, still leaving the victim confused at the sudden loss of control and injured by the blast of mana. Chance of Confuse. 150% piercing Int damage to target and surrounding cells from target. Range: 5 cells. Element: Arcane.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 35
    MP: 40 (+5 from Hoshi no Tama)
    DD: 0/10
    ATK: 1 (+0 from Crystal Fang)
    DEF: 7 (+1 from Ragged Clothing)
    INT: 11 (+1 from Crystal Fang)(+1 from Power of Nogitsune)
    SPR: 7 (+0 from Ragged Clothing)
    Evasion: 4%
    Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Kitsune profession)

    Skill Points: 1

    • Aug. 16, 2012
    - Stats Increased
    -- +5 HP(Sun's Vigor), +2% Evasion(Autumn's Wind x2)
    - +32 Exp, Level Up x3.
    -- +9 StP(+5 HP, +10 MP, +2 Def, +3 Int, +1 Spr). +3 SkP.
    -- Exp: 2/16.
    - Learned Onibii, Konzatsu, Mukanshin. (-3 SkP).
    • Sep. 16, 2012
    - Stats Increased
    -- +1 Spr(Spring's Soul)
    - +41 Exp, Level Up x2.
    -- +6 StP(+5 HP, +5 MP, +1 Def, +2 Int, +1 Spr). +2 SkP.
    -- Exp: 11/16.
    • Oct. 10, 2012
    - +11 Exp, Level Up
    -- +3 StP(+5 HP, +1 Def, +1 Int). +1 SkP.
    -- Exp: 6/24
    - Acquired R-Ability: Defensive(-3 SkP)
    • Jan. 6, 2013
    - +26 Exp, Level Up
    -- +3 StP(+1 Def, +1 Int, +1 Spr). +1 SkP.
    -- Exp: 8/24
    • Aug. 4, 2014
    - +10 Exp
    -- Exp: 18/24
    • Jul. 9, 2015
    - Updated Appearance
    - Continued waiting for Eebit to post
  8. Name: Katerina Lorraine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Level: 11
    Next Level: 16/36
    A fairly tall young woman wearing a spotless white blouse and a black jacket. No matter the weather, she prefers to wear red skirts--short when warm and long when a bit colder. She keeps everything she needs with her in order to travel in a hefty brown backpack. Upon her feet she dons fancy, black boots. Her clothing and appearance are quite well-kept. Her skin is soft and creamy white and long raven hair cascades down her back and over her shoulders. Her crimson eyes are sharp and calculating, and perhaps a bit mischievous at times when she's not worrying over the happenings of her life at the time.

    Profession: Arrow Sage - Purely focused on the harmony between the bow and its projectiles, the one who claims this profession uses her boosted control over mana in order to unleash versatile arrow-based attacks meant to thoroughly wound the opposition. (Basic Attacks +1)(Mana Control I)

    *Mana Control I: Increases magical damage output by 10%. Also increases the effectiveness of mana regeneration of any sort by 5%.

    Arcanist - Holding decent power over mana, the one who claims this profession channels varying properties of it to produce an array of versatile attacks and boosts.

    Weapon: Blazing Swallow - Beautiful, sleek bow made of a fine, polished wood dyed red. It has intricate markings carved throughout and lacks a bowstring. (Damage: INT)(Range: 4 cells)(Fire damage output +5%)(Fire elemental)
    Armor: Night Jacket - Stylish jacket that's black in hue. Appearances matter everywhere, even in battle. (Evade +1%)
    Accessory: Feather Bracelet - String adorned with beads and the feathers of an unknown species of bird. (Immune Paralysis)

    A-Ability: Essence of Magic:

    +Firebolt: Causes fire mana to swarm in the palm of one's hand, condensing it into a sphere and releasing it with charged speed. 120% Int Dmg. Range: 6 cells. Chance of Burn. 8 MP. Fire elemental.

    +Wisp: Whistles a healing melody that evokes one's own spirit to dance along with the tune, enhancing the body along with the mind. 100% Int HP Recovery. Boosts all stats by 10% for 3 turns. Range: 3 cells. 10 MP.

    +Pierce Soul: Charges an arrow of mana with the arrowhead spinning rapidly as the mana surges along it, and upon release, soars to the target, piercing not through their armor, but their very soul. 110% Int Dmg. Range: 4 cells. Lowers target SPR by 20% for three turns. 8 MP.

    +Torrent: Allows water mana to drip from one's fingertips before lashing out at the air in front of oneself creating whips of water to strike the foe several times. 70% Int Dmg. Range: 3 cells. 3 hits. Chance of Bleeding. 12 MP. Water elemental.

    +Shard Shell: Looses an arrow into the air only to have it stop above an ally and shoot straight downwards, the shaft splitting the air into shards of light before the arrow explodes, the shards forming a powerful barrier around the ally. Bestows Protect. Range: 4 cells. 8 MP.

    +Phantom: Readies an arrow composed of pure darkness before loosing it, watching as small spectral images flicker along its length before embedding itself into a foe. 110% Int Dmg. Range: 4 cells. Chance of Misfortune. 10 MP. Darkness elemental.

    +Subtle Light: Raises a hand and focuses benevolent energies in the form of a shroud of sparkling light that surrounds oneself or an ally, mending the wounds of the recipient over time. Bestows Regen. Range: 3 cells. 8 MP.

    +Array: Holds bow horizontally and nocks several arrows upon it before loosing them expertly with the help of mana such that they splay off and strike random foes without discrimination. 130% Int Dmg. Range: All enemies. 5 randomized hits. Chance of Confusion. 18 MP.

    +Wavering Form: Distorts the air around oneself or an ally with magic making it difficult for enemies to take aim and actually hit the recipient. Boosts Evasion Rate by 10% for 5 turns. Range: 3 cells. 10 MP.

    +Ground Dragon: Fires a solitary arrow into the ground, coaxing earth and rock to gather around it as it travels beneath the ground only to rise up and sunder the earth in the form of a serpentine dragon made entirely of soil and stone, eventually crashing into the intended target. 200% Int Dmg. Range: Straight line; hits all in the way. Chance of Slow. 24 MP. Earth elemental.

    A-Ability: Harmonized Archery:

    +Chain Allude: Conjures a solitary arrow upon the bow and looses it, quickly garnering sharp control over mana in one's immediate vicinity to discharge two more arrows in quick succession to startle the enemy. 100% Int Dmg. Range: 4 cells. 3 hits. Chance of Addle. Chance of triple attack each hit. 10 MP.

    +Pierce Time: Fires conjured arrow in a random direction whose tip shreds the fabric of time causing warp holes through which the arrow may leap multiple times, striking the intended target time and time again. 80% Int Dmg. Range: 6 cells. 5 hits. No damage dealt on the turn this move is used. Damage persists for 3 turns. 12 MP.

    +No Fear: Takes a few steps forward loosing arrows with each step, staring down the enemy with a fierce gaze; just because one fights at a distance doesn't mean that one is afraid. 150% Int Dmg. Range: 4 cells. 3 hits. User moves forward one cell per hit. 16 MP.

    +Imminent Arc: Supercharges an arrow with blistering light and shoots it high in the sky such that it slowly makes its way towards the intended target over time, eventually cascading to strike the target, or if the target is out of range, the arrow bursts into a torrent of smaller arrows that turns the target into a pincushion. Varying damage. Range: 4 cells. Target is hit 2 turns after use. If target is within range, deals 180% Int Dmg. If target is out of range, deals 90% Int Dmg with 5 hits. 12 MP. Light elemental.

    +Blast Flight: Harnesses the power of wind and channels it into a single arrow before loosing said arrow such that it freely and wildly soars through the air, striking the foe only to wind up flying off, diving in later to strike again. And again. And again. 140% Int Dmg. Range: 4 cells. Damage persists for 3 turns. 14 MP. Wind elemental.

    +Night Kiss: Breathes life into the shadows and commands them to release arrows of darkness from all around, throbbing with one's will such that those pierced by the projectiles fall under one's commands. 110% Int Dmg. Range: All enemies. Chance of Charm. 20 MP. Darkness elemental.

    +Pressure: Saturates the air around oneself with more mana such that attacks are amplified allowing longer chains in moves with multiple hits, turning single hit moves into chains by forming more projectiles. Boosts damage output of skills by 10%. Adds one hit to basic attacks and skills. 5 turn duration. Range: Self. 12 MP.

    +Harsh Grounding: Fires a few arrows high into the air at precise times such that they form a net of mana between them, the arrows planting themselves into the ground surrounding the chosen foe thus trapping it within the net. No damage. Range: 6 cells. Lowers target DEF and SPR by 10% for 5 turns. Chance of Immobilize. 12 MP.

    +Ancient Drive: Form wavers slightly, a couple of illusions forming as the body becomes a blur, for one channels the mana of space in order to warp about firing a volley of arrows into a chosen target outside of one's normal actions, for it takes naught but a split second before one reappears in one's original position, ready to unleash more punishing projectiles. 60% Int Dmg. Range: 4 cells. 7 hits. High critical hit chance. Damage persists for 3 turns. 18 MP.

    +Execution: Traps enemy in an expanse of black with oneself after which one promptly creates copies of oneself with mana that circle around the enemy, trapping it, each copy with bow at the ready and a myriad of arrows nocked. All arrows are loosed, piercing the enemy from every direction, arrowheads digging into the flesh--no spot protected. 80% Int Dmg. Range: Single enemy. 21 hits. Chance of Bleeding. 26 MP. Reduces DD to 0.

    R-Ability: Dynamic Shot - When assaulted by ranged magic with the user as a specified target, quickly alters the mana to turn the magic around and fire it back at the attacker.

    S-Ability: Arcane Essence - Channeling magic through the air and suffusing it into the body, the user regains 8% Max MP at the start of each turn.

    D-Ability: The Soul's True Shine (Holy) - "I want to reach out to him. It hurts to see him stray towards the darkness while all I can do is watch. He gave me this life, and now he aims to throw away his own. With this light in the sky, I will show him that not all is lost. I will fire this arrow as far up as I can--far enough that he'll see it ever time. And as the remnants rain down like shooting stars, perhaps he'll wish...wish that everything was back to the way things used to be..." Deals 100% Piercing Int damage to all enemies on the battlefield.


    HP: 45
    MP: 50
    DD: 10/10
    Atk: 2 (+0 from Blazing Swallow)
    Def: 8 (+2 from Night Vest)
    Int: 13 (+3 from Blazing Swallow)
    Spr: 9 (+2 from Night Vest)(+2 from Feather Bracelet)
    Evasion: 7% (+1% from Night Vest)
    Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Arrow Sage profession)

    Skill Points: 0


    As of July 4, 2012 (8:02 PM EST): Level increased to 7, MP +5, Def +1, Int +1. 1 Skill Point acquired. Learned A-Ability Shard Shield. 1 Skill Point lost.
    As of August 16, 2012 (5:31 PM EST): Level increased to 8, MP +5, Int +1, Spr +1. 1 Skill Points acquired. Learned A-Ability Phantom. 1 Skill Point lost.
    As of September 16, 2012 (12:40 AM EST): Level increased to 10, HP +10, MP +5, Def +2, Int +2, Spr +2, Evasion +2%. 2 Skill Points acquired. Job Promotion acquired. Class changed to Arrow Sage. Innate property "Mana Control I" obtained. "Harmonized Archery" unlocked. Learned A-Ability Chain Allude and A-Ability Pierce Time. 2 Specialized Skill Points lost.
    As of October 13, 2012 (3:53 PM EST): Learned S-Ability Arcane Essence. 2 Skill Points lost.
    As of January 5, 2013 (8:52 PM EST): Level increased to 11, HP +5, Def +1, Int +1. 1 Skill Point acquired. Learned A-Ability Subtle Light. 1 Skill Point lost.
  9. Side Quest Log

    Questral's Tome

    -Alexandra found a note in her weapon that was addressed to the wielder and written by a legendary blue mage named Questral. Apparently, Questral set out across Dalmaschior to learn about the monsters that inhabited it, increasing his power as a blue mage along the way while also composing a vast tome of monster knowledge. However, when he returned to Archaea, he was forced to hide his tome and fight against an evil tyrant who had taken the throne in his absence. The tome's whereabouts are unknown, but surely it would be of great use if found.

    Current Objective: Find a lead on the whereabouts of the tome.
  10. Name: Aaron Strider

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male


    Standing tall at 5'11" with a curious air of authority despite his quiet demeanor, Aaron bears the look of a gentleman at all times. Perfectly coiffed black hair seems to stand back on its own, perfectly contrasted by his bright, golden eyes. A beauty mark rests just under his right eye. His skin is a fair white––note exceedingly light tan––and his hands have the slightest feminine look to them. He wears a bangle on his left arm (although he writes and leads with his right) and typically clothes himself in dark greens and muted blues. He also wears easily moved in shoes that almost look like slippers.
    Profession: Aerialist- Soaring through the air with the most graceful movements known to all mankind, the one who claims this profession utilizes his unparalleled dexterity as both an extension of all he is as a person, and the deadliest of weapons. (Resist Wind) (Weak Earth) (Nimbus Step) (True Expression+) (+1 Basic Attack) (Equip: Bangles)
    Nimbus Step: Gathering the wind's aid, the user soars back through the air and lands with the utmost grace. After executing an act action, the user may utilize a free move action equivalent to half of the user's current move stat.
    True Expression+: Releases the body's energies in their truest form. The user's Atk-based abilities have the option to deal damage based upon the target's Spr stat.

    Expressionist- Gathering the true resonances of energy within oneself, the one who claims this profession move forward to project that energy through the full range of motion within the human body. (True Expression) (Equip: Bangles)
    True Expression: Releases the body's energies in their truest form. The user's Atk-based abilities deal damage based upon the target's Spr stat.

    - - -

    Fae Dancer- Having made a pact with the Sylphs, the one who claims this profession utilizes his newfound connection with the Fae in order to dance his way in and out of their realm, utilizing the prowess of a master to manipulate the battlefield with a flourish of movement. (Null Wind) (Resist Earth) (Resist Light) (Weak Dark) (Faerie Step) (Glissade) (True Expression+) (+2 Basic Attacks) (Equip: Bangles)
    Faerie Step: Utilizes advanced faerie magicks in order to slip in between the realm of reality and the realm of the Fae. Grants the user 1 Teleport Charge at the start of battle. Once used the charge has a cool down of ? turns. Also enables the user to ignore negative effects from cells.
    Glissade: Slides elegantly through a full range of motion. Whenever the user is attacks, the user gains a free Move Action equivalent to half of his current move stat. The user is immune to negative statuses that impede movement.
    True Expression+: Releases the body's energies in their truest form. The user's Atk-based abilities have the option to deal damage based upon the target's Spr stat.

    - - -

    Faerie King- Utilizing his natural charisma and connections to the Fae, he who claims this profession has established himself in the realm of the Fae as Oberon, King of the Faeries. Acting as the envoy for their realm in the real world, the one who claims this profession utilizes all of their power to smite foes and whisk them away to a realm where the true wrath of the Fae can be unleashed for an eternity. (Null Wind) (Null Light) (Resist Earth) (Resist Dark) (Faerie Step+) (Glissade) (True Expression+) (+3 Basic Attacks) (Equip: Bangles)
    Faerie Step+: Utilizes advanced faerie magicks in order to slip in between the realm of reality and the realm of the Fae. Grants the user 3 Teleport Charges at the start of battle. Once all have been used, the charges have a cool down of ? turns. Also enables the user to ignore negative effects from cells.
    Glissade: Slides elegantly through a full range of motion. Whenever the user is attacks, the user gains a free Move Action equivalent to half of his current move stat. The user is immune to negative statuses that impede movement.
    True Expression+: Releases the body's energies in their truest form. The user's Atk-based abilities have the option to deal damage based upon the target's Spr stat.

    Level: 10
    Exp: 0/236

    Weapon: Harmonious Flow- Polished bangle made of silver with a single, vibrant emerald embedded into its thin frame.
    Armor: Gentleman's Coat- Tailored for a nobleman, this coat carries not only the status of royalty, but also the measures taken to ensure such nobles are protected during any and every occasion.
    Accessory: Gargoyle's Wish- Fragment of a statue imbued with the strength of the gargoyles that bestows blessings upon those who hold it. (Immune Petrify)

    A-Ability: Evoked Persona

    +Spotlight's ShineIn the darkness a lone figure: under a single light's shine the true performance may begin. Prepare oneself! Conjures a single beam of light mana which draws attention to the user. No Damage. Bestows Center of Attention on the User for Five Turns. Boosts Evasion by 25% for Five Turns, decreasing by 5% with each passing turn. Range: Self. 8 MP. Light Elemental.

    +Firefly LullUnder the starry sky the fireflies dance and whirl with a mysterious glow. Embrace the calm for it shall not last. Evokes the power of a myriad of dim light mana spheres which revitalize the target prepares them for the worst which has yet to come. No Damage. Target recovers 5% Max HP for Four Turns. Increases target's Def and Spr by 10% for Four Turns. Range: Single Ally. 10 MP.

    +Earth's QuakeAs the earth quakes and rends the very ground from beneath our feet, so shall the fighter within continue to rage. Fury released for but a moment. Leaps into the air and lands with such poise that the earth cannot withstand the directness of the impact, evoking its true wrath as it tremors beneath the user. 120% Atk Damage. Draws increased aggression. User lands at targeted cell. Range: 4 Cells + Surrounding Cells. 10 MP. Earth Elemental.

    +Torrential FloodThe rivers race toward their unknown destination, water speeding through and carving the earth with enthused eagerness. Endless determination. Gathering an intense aura of water mana, the user kicks off the ground and surges toward the target at breakneck speeds before releasing the water mana in geyser from beneath the target's feet. 110% Atk Damage. 3 Hits. User lands adjacent to target. User may link a basic attack for 10% increase in MP Cost. Range: 6 Cells. 14 MP. Water Elemental.

    +Embracement ShadeAt one's lowest they stand no chance to defend themselves. Shall the shadows wrap their protective tendrils around the weak and keep them from harm's cruel ways. Brings forth tendrils of darkness mana which wrap themselves into a protective veil around the target, shielding them from harm. No Damage. Bestows Invisibility for Three Turns. If the target breaks the Invisibility early, the benefit from 10% Damage Reduction for the remaining duration. Range: 4 Cells. 10 MP. Darkness Elemental.

    +Soothing TouchIn times of strife all one needs is a shoulder to lean on. Allow me to bear your burdens, if only for a little while. With the gentlest hands, eases the tension from the target and removes their worries for a short time. 125% Atk Healing. Removes 1 Negative Status Ailment. If there is no Ailment to remove, the target's initial healing is increased to 140% Atk Healing. Range: Adjacent Cell. 14 MP.

    +Heart of FireThe fire within burns stronger than any desire to quash it. Let the flames of desire consume everything in their grand, eternal fire. Sends a valiant burst of fire mana right through the target's chest, inspiring them to take a stand and fight for what they believe in. No Damage. Increases primary offensive stat by 20% for Three Turns. Reduces damage taken by 15% for Three Turns. Range: 4 Cells. 12 MP. Fire Elemental.

    +Zephyr GraspAs the winds rip their way across the earth so shall he who embraces their caress. Freedom at last! Calls upon a flowing array of wind mana which wraps itself loosely around the user and those nearby. No Damage. Bestows Haste. Range: Self + Adjacent Cells. 14 MP. Wind Elemental.

    +Victory FlairThe end of battle draws ever nearer, with each breath and action we draw closer to the blaze of glory. Victory is at hand. Expresses one's true belief in victory, alighting oneself with a holy aura which scathes all who touch the user as he expands upon that expression with infinite determination. No Damage. Increases the number of Basic Attacks by 2 for Two Turns. Increases all stats by 25% for Two Turns. Increases Movement by 2 Cells for Two Turns. Increases Evasion by 15% for Two Turns. If the battle fails to complete on or before the turn after the end of this ability's duration, the user receives a 40% reduction to all stats (including HP and MP) and has his Movement reduced by half for the duration of the battle. Range: Self. ? MP.

    A-Ability: Aerial Display

    +AcrobaticsSoars through the air with the utmost expertise to get the blood flowing. No Damage. Allows movement to a cell up to [User's Move] + 4 cells away. Increases the user's Evasion by 15% for Three Turns. Counts as a Move Action. Range: Set. 10 MP.

    +Gale BladesEvokes the user's connection with the winds to conjure forth blades of wind energy which lash out whenever the user expertly weaves out of an attack. No Damage. The user counters for 80% Piercing Atk Wind Damage upon successful evasion of an attack from a range of 3 cells or less for Three Turns. Range: Self. 12 MP. Wind Elemental.

    +Punishing GaleUtilizes one's control over the wind to send it into a ferocious twisting spiral at the target, making it hard for them to move. No Damage. Target's Move is reduced by 1 Cell for Three Turns. Targets afflicted with Punishing Gale that do not attempt to move get blown backwards varying amounts of cells dependent on their weight. Range: 4 Cells. ? MP. Wind Elemental.

    +Wind's DirectionUnleashes a mesmerizing breeze which draws targets toward the user. No Damage. Draws aggression in increments over time for the duration of the battle. Targets hit are drawn to follow the user; these effects have an indefinite duration until a target successfully enters an adjacent cell of the user. Boss-type targets resist the secondary effect. Range: Self [Primary Effect]/All Enemies [Secondary Effect]. ? MP. Wind Elemental.

    +Thundering CrashLaunches one's self high into the air with the aid of the wind to collect vast amounts of lightning mana before crashing back into the earth below, sending volleys of lightning bolts in every direction. 110% Atk Damage. High Chance of Stun. Chance of Paralysis. Range: 3 Layers of Surrounding Cells. ? MP. Lightning Elemental.

    +Refreshing BreezeConjures a soothing gale which washes over the the user's allies, leaving them refreshed. 100% Atk Healing. Range: All Allies. ? MP. Wind Elemental.

    +BreakdownDraws in the fullest power of the wind to swiftly assault the target, moving as fast as the harshest zephyrs. 80% Atk Damage. 18 Hits. Range: Adjacent Cell. ? MP.

    +Cosmos KissA maneuver taken from a lost legend of a knight so melded with the wind that it branded itself as part of her soul. Performs a backflip and utilizes the wind itself to launch an upward blow at the target before launching one's self away on the grace of the air. 110% Atk Damage. The user moves three cells away from the target. Range: 2 Cells. ? MP. Wind Elemental.
    ---Dragonheart: Fell WingA variation on the maneuver taken from a lost legend of a knight so melded with the wind that it branded itself as part of her soul. Melds wind into the ethereal form of a dragon and looses it upon the target, sending them higher and higher into the air before the user, himself, launches an attack that sends the target plummeting into the ground. 130% Atk Damage. 150% Atk Damage. Reduces the target's Def by 10% for Three Turns. Range: Set. ? MP. Wind Elemental [First Hit].

    A-Ability: Dance of the Faeries *LOCKED*

    +TeleportEvokes the power of the Fae to instantaneously warp the user from his current position to a different one. No Damage. Warps the user to chosen cell. Counts as a Move Action. Range: Set. ? MP.

    +Dazzling LightsConjures a strange myriad of multi-colored sphere of light to dance around before shining with such an intense brightness that it dazzles everyone in the immediate area, albeit with different effects. No Damage. Extremely High Chance of Blind [Enemies]. Increases Evade by 10% for Three Turns [Allies]. Range: All. ? MP. Light Elemental.

    +Trickster's TouchSlips into the target's grasp only to land a confusing string of attacks before bursting into a puff of smoke––when it clears the Trickster's work is left on display. 120% Atk Damage. 3 Hits. Chance of Toad. Chance of Shrink. Range: Adjacent Cell. ? MP.

    A-Ability: Faerie King's Dominion *LOCKED*


    +Relief of ReleaseExpression of any kind brings about release of the pent up and unwanted emotions and thoughts. Upon taking a Move Action, the user recovers HP and MP equivalent to 2% Max multiplied by the number of cells moved through.  Only activates for the first move action made on a turn.


    +FluidityBearing bountiful dexterity, the one who claims this profession glissades across the battlefield with the utmost ease. Increases Movement by Two Cells and increases Evasion by 5% passively.


    +Grand DisplayUnleashes the fullest extent of one's prowess, soaring through the air with the grace known only to the gods before releasing all of one's energy in a finite stream of attacks which end with the target locked in a state of shock. 200% Pierce Atk Damage. High Chance of Stasis. Range: 8 Cells. 0 MP.


    HP: 40
    MP: 55
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 10 (+4 from Harmonious Flow)
    Def: 9 (+2 from Gentleman's Coat) (+2 from Gargoyle's Wish)
    Int: 1 (+1 from Harmonious Flow)
    Spr: 9 (+2 from Gentleman's Coat)
    Evade: 11% (+5% from Fluidity)
    Move: 2 Cells (+2 from Aerialist Profession) (+2 from Fluidity) 

    Skill Points: 0
  11. Name: Silas DeLaney

    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Level: 9
    Next Level: 0/192
    If there was one word to describe Silas's appearance, it would be effeminate. His physique is thin and lean, with oddly wide hips for a man. His legs, arms, and chest are well muscled, despite his soft appearance. He isn't tall, but nor is he short; he stands around 5'8". His skin, while fair, is hardly smooth--scars crisscross his torso and arms, there are a few on his legs, and a small scar cuts horizontally across his left cheek.  He's always clean shaven--though the more probable answer is he doesn't grow facial hair--and his shoulder-length silver hair is usually neatly combed, with the bangs somehow staying just out of his amber brown eyes. Overall, he doesn't look like the skilled and ruthless warrior he truly is.

    Profession: Forgotten Commander - Using his charisma and experience, the one who claims this profession assists his allies in combat with auras and physical prowess alike.

    Commander's Reward - Every time an ally is affected  by an aura, Silas restores +1% max HP. Every time an enemy is affected  by an aura, Silas restores +1% max MP.

    Weapon: Nightsteel Katana - A family heirloom, this entirely black sword has an especially wide blade for a katana, around twice as thick as average. The blade gleams in the light, and the edge is maintained at a wicked sharpness.
    Armor: Officer's Armor - A simple, but high-quality set of black leather and dark metal plate. Offers good protection while letting the user still move freely. Mostly unadorned.
    Accessory: Thick Cloak - A large, dark-purple, hooded cloak with intricate patterns stitched into it that is large enough to cover one from neck to ankle, even in full armor. Warm in the winter. [+1 SPR]

    A-Ability: Martial Knowledge

    +Vicious Strike: A heavy, brutal swing intended to stun an opponent as well as wound them. Has a chance to cause either slow or bleed. Range: Adjacent Cell. 8 MP.

    +Inspirational Aura: The user's presence inspires allies, causing them to strike with increased fervor. Allies damage output is increased by 25% for 3 turns. Range: 2-cell square.  12 MP.

    +Defensive Order: Based on prior experience, the user advises his allies on how to better defend themselves. Allies take 15% less damage from all sources for 3 turns. Range: 2-cell square. 12 MP.

    +Intimidation Aura: The user's presence frightens enemies, decreasing morale. Enemies take 10% more damage. Chance to cause Slow. Range: 2-cell square. 10 MP.

    +Taunting Cry: The user taunts all enemies in earshot, drawing their attention. Draws the aggro of all enemies afflicted. Chance to cause Berserk. Range: 2-cell square. 10 MP.

    +Helping Hand: The user dashes to an ally, shielding them from harm and bolstering their defense. Covers an ally for two turns, bestows Protect and Shell. Range: 3 cells 14 MP.

    +Fearless: Due to years of combat experience, the user calms their mind and heads into battle with fearless determination. Basic attacks do 20% more damage for 3 turns. Grants regen. Range: Self. 8 MP.

    R-Ability: Counter: When attacked by an opponent in melee range, Silas deals 50% of the physical damage received back to his attacker.

    S-Ability: Desperation: Desperate times call for desperate measures, so they say. Grants Silas Bravery, Bubble, and Haste for two turns. He skips his next turn when Desperation expires. Can only be used once Silas falls beneath 50% health. Range: Self.

    D-Ability: God of War's Blessing: Mana surges from the user's body, imbuing himself and all allies with greatly enhanced abilities. Doubles all damage dealt for two turns and grants Invincible for one turn. Range: All Allies.

    HP: 45
    MP: 30
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 9 (+3 from Nightsteel Katana)
    Def: 9 (+3 from Officer's Armor)
    Int: 2 (+0 from Nightsteel Katana)
    Spr: 7 (+0 from Officer's Armor)(+1 from Thick Cloak)
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Forgotten Commander profession)

    Skill Points: 0
  12. Name: Tyrel Collins
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Level: 10
    Next Level: 0/236

    Job Promotion: Chain Thug ~ Bound Brawler ~ *LOCKED* ~ *LOCKED*

    Profession: Bound Brawler: Constant fighting, a little magic and a touch of discipline leaves this fighter prepared for anything. [Basic Attacks +1] [Binding Chains II]
    Binding Chains II: Stat reductions inflicted by the user have their effectiveness increased by 30%.

    Weapon: Chain: Description [+4 Atk / Effect: Immobilize]
    Armor: Link Mail: A protective shirt of tiny chains worn under clothes. [+3 Def / +1 Spr]
    Accessory: Brawler's Gloves: Used for smashing things with your fists. [+1 Atk]

    A-Ability: Quarrel

    + Shackle: Description. 100% Atk Damage. Chance of Immobilize. Range: 2 cells. Element: None. 4 MP.

    + Stance Break: Description. 120% Atk Damage. Decreases target's Def by 20%[+6% Binding Chains] for two turns; no stack. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: None. 8 MP.

    + Form Break: Description. Decreases Atk, Def, Int, or Spr by 20%[+6%] for 2 turns; no stack. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: None. 10 MP.

    + Grapple: Description. 120% Atk Damage. Moves target adjacent to user; Chance of Immobilize. Range: 3 cells. Element: None. 8 MP.

    + Pulverize: Description. 120% Atk Damage. 3 Hits. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: None. 12 MP.

    + Whiplash: Description. 120% Atk Damage. Decreases Atk and Def/Spr by 10%[+3%], no stack; increases the user's respective stats by the amount reduced*; 2 turn duration. Range: 2 cells. Element: None. 12 MP.

    + Life Break: Description. 150% Atk Damage. 100% Damage dealt as HP healing to user. Range: Adjacent cell. Element: None. 14 MP.

    + Endless Link "The First Chain": Description. Reduces Atk and Def/Spr by 30%[+9%], no stack; Increases the user's respective stats by the amount reduced*; 2 turn duration. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: None. 14 MP.

    A-Ability: *UNDEFINED*

    R-Ability: Fury Stance: When an opposing unit moves adjacent to the user, that unit suffers a 10%[+3%] penalty to its Atk and Def; no stack; increases the user's respective stats by the amount reduced*. 2 turn duration.
    S-Ability: Siphon Link: Basic attacks inflict 3%[+1%] Atk and Def reduction; stacks twice; Increases the user's respective stats by the amount reduced*. 2 Turn duration.
    D-Ability: Endless Link "The Final Chain": Life is strung together with a frail thread. That's why I carry a chain. 100% Piercing Atk damage. Reduces the target's Atk and Def by 50%[+15%] and increases the user's respective stats by the amount reduced* before dealing damage and for two turns. Range: 1 Unit. Element: None. 10 DD.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 60
    MP: 30
    DD: 0/10
    Atk: 12 (+4 from Chain)(+1 from Brawler's Gloves)
    Def: 9 (+3 from Link Mail)
    Int: 1
    Spr: 8 (+1 from Link Mail)
    Evasion: 7%
    Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Bound Brawler profession)

    *The increase to the user's stats is equal to the percentage of reduction, not the physical number reduced. For example, he reduces a boss's 100 Atk by 20% which is -20, he would only get a 20% bonus to his Atk, not +20. Additionally, all stat increases and decreases inflicted by the user are before equipment/ability bonuses.

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