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The Lost Prince of Elysia: The Shining Tower【OOC Thread】

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Gist, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. This is going to be the OOC thread for The Lost Prince of Elysia: The Shining Tower. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know in this thread.


    That being said, I'm going to try a different approach to how Consumables work. I don't want to -punish- the Players for choosing to Utilize Items, and so for this Statplay, using an Item will not -> WILL incur an EXP bonus. In light of having Items be more accessible, I will also do my best to dress them up with additional effects to add a layer of strategy to your fights so that you don't have to blindly afk mash basic attack. ^^


  2. RP thread link is no longer arbitrary.
  3. By the by, if you two (or any readers I may have) have any criticisms for me regarding my GMing, I'd be happy to hear them as this will be the first of my projects to come to full fruition.
  4. I'd just caution regarding bunnying characters. While GM has descretion regarding the RP's events, be careful not to force player characters to say or do things~
  5. My main goal atm is to give you two more of an option since there is no PC controlled by myself (yet), rather than wandering aimlessly for 3 or 4 pages before the dice happen to fall correctly. Is this incorrect?
  6. Oh no I was just offering advice, not accusing~
  7. I thought the characters were meeting in Netherfar???
  8. Outside the Tower, not quite inside the settlement of Netherfar.

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