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The Heartstone

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. The Heart Stone

    It is the second summer in the lands of Hellenstin. A time for celebration, harvests and gatherings of people of all furs and scales. However,as a surprise to you and your fellow adventurers upon receiving a summons from the king – far in his castle in Ravenbrooke - a note calls all able men and women of the kingdom to aid, as a terrible deed has been done, and must be reversed. An item from the chapel of Ferrin has been stolen, and you have been tasked to retrieve it. It is said that the object has the power to alter the very fabric of life itself! He letter has little more information, only a plea that you come to the kingdom's aid.

    Should you take up arms for this cause, and bring the stone back – you shall be a hero in the lands of Hellenstin, and forever in the king's debt! For by the light of Ferrin, might this evil fall...

    Anthropomorphic characters only pls. :3

    Character roles needed:


    Character slots: 4
  2. I'm a dumbass. I FINALLY got the reference made here.


    At least I THINK that's it, feel free to correct me. Anyway, I'm in, time to magicfag it up with a sorcerer.
  3. Not sure if I'm interested at this point, or even if I'll have the time to partake in this, but I do want to ask for the sake of getting some clarification for others perusing the Interest Checks... what sort of "Statistical" do you have in mind here? Are we talking D&D, or ZEJ's 'house blend' of statplaying, or 3S?
  4. Likely D&D - I would like, but that hasn't done very well, likely because the manual to learn this shit is 300-400 pages long (ain't nobody got time fo dat) And yeah, Kevin good job - you got it. (you're a dumbass. xD)
  5. what edition you running?
  6. Yeah, edition is important here. And if I end up joining I'm being a Druid.
  7. i'd personally be a fan of you running some 5e but you know
  8. 3.5 is what I'm running for those interested.
  9. Okay 3.5 Druid it is. By the way I'm not being a support, so you'll be finding your own healer :>
  10. would you use a platform or will it be hosted on zej
  11. Its all up to you guys. I mean, I don't have a proper setup for my Vinyl mat. So it'll likely be on ZEJ and I'll just draw out a grid and image link it. Kinda like what I was doing with Guardian Angels. I've got some free time this week, so I can get up the SU and stuff then. I've just got work this weekend.

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