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The Great Emoticon Revolution (Not Really)

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Kells, May 10, 2016.

  1. Skolli, these are seriously stellar. Between Cid and I's, these are easily in second thus far! Kidding, kidding. :5 You're actually amazing. Now I'm really looking forward to a completed initial set!
  2. :D :D Aw, thanks! 
    Hopefully I can get all of these done by the weekend.
  3. Right on. :) Also, let's toss another vote into the hat for good ol' pupper.
  4. I saw a great emoticon over on The VG Resource (previously the Spriter's Resource) -- they have a perfect smug emoticon which I think would be perfect here. I'm not sure if "smug" falls under the default set you had in mind buuuuuuut:


    Also going to show my support for the walrus emoticon and the :^) meme face. Although I hope that the latter comes with just the right level of meme-itude.
  5. Make that two for smug. Perhaps we could think about "character emoticons" for various prominent members of the community? Like the walrus would be representative of Jonno, the gorilla of Zantok, and some sort of flower for Eebit, of course, and the pupper could represent Krista, but we can push further - a rose or a crown for Rose, a small ember for Flamezone, and so forth. That might be neat for down the road!
  6. if that's the case just make mine a fox

    preferably a very specific fox

    no I'm not that vain
  7. And I could be a phone
  8. Endorsing sord, phone, and that vain fox.

    and [/B^( as that is literally Giga.
  9. Next one: [​IMG] le teehee
    //meme trash

    I was thinking that I'll start with the core emoji (happy, sad, etc), then the ones on the list, and personal/custom/user emoji will probably be last if I have the time/attention span/if my wrist holds out
  10. We might want to use something else for [/B^( as Giga will most likely want to use the text version rather than the emoticon.

    Also let's change the ones that are : and a number to = and the number because it's interfering with chatlogging
  11. good suggestions
  12. :5

  13. Definitely a good call. I was thinking about this same thing (at least in the case of the latter) for when we do the overhaul, although rather than change the : to an = I was thinking that we could go the route of having the emotes be assigned to codes like ":happy:" or ":sad:" or ":becauseican:". That way we don't encounter any parsing errors whatsoever.

    Although that also would probably mean that the emotes don't get parsed with the more ubiquitous stuff like ":)" or ":p". Not sure how vital that is for some people. With that said, though, I suppose we can have multiple codes parse the same emote relatively easily.
  14. I'll just chime in and say that I figure multiple codes for the more ubiquitous stuff would work just fine. I mean


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