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The Great Emoticon Revolution (Not Really)

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Kells, May 10, 2016.

  1. idk, i wanted an impressive sounding title but this will probably be more like the "chaotic, scatterbrained emoticon shitstorm" if im being honest.

    ANWHO, j'ai parlé avec l'Eebs for a while about making some new emoji for these lovely forums here and i figured i could turn it into a little poll-contest-thing to see what sort of icons people think are Absolutely Essential™ for all their icon needs. I intend to make the usual emotion face ones + Very Important Gestures like finger guns (heh) but feel free to post here with what you think needs to be a part of the ZEJ Emoji Set! (please keep in mind that these will be tiny pictures that im making in Illustrator so they cant be super complicated)

    im not sure the best way to go about keeping track of what people want the most so maybe ill make a little drop down box after this where i can make a list of what people have suggested and then keep a running tally on which ones get the most "endorsement"???? if someone suggests something you like theres no need to post it twice, just let me know that you agree with the original suggestion. i dunno how popular this will be and i dont want to make 50million icons lol so ill have to cap it at some point (though i dont know what that number will be yet)


    if u have any questions or whatever, hit me up!

    Gorilla: |||
    Teehee: ||| (i didnt know : 5 was teehee lmao)
    Derg (Dragon: ||.5 lol?
    Smug, Shrug, Pokerface, Sunglasses, Surprise: These are all good ideas and will be a part of the "default" set I'll make :)
    [/B^( : ||
    Frog Riing a Unicycle: |
    Walrus: |
    Flower: |
    :^) : |
    Pupper: |
  2. Oh yo this is l'exciting (nice francais dude do you speak the langue)

    I think that :5 is a pretty essential emoticon around these parts, due to how @Jonno uses it in just about every message he posts or sends. In real life it's based off of an emoticon I used to have on MSN / Windows Live Messenger back in the day. I imagine that you (Kellan) had it as well:


    So I guess that'd be a good one to have? I've seen it referred to as 'teehee' if you want to put a name to it, haha.

    I'm also going to toss a vote in agreement of 'gorilla.' LOL.
  3. ftfy
  4. I mentioned this over text to Skolli but I figured that I'd put it here for posterity --

    If it's not too much extra work, maybe we could replace the ugly default thread icons with prettier ones; ones that are actually designed to work with a black background?
  5. fuck i just tried to put finger guns + thumbs up, I GUESS I KNOW WHICH ICONS IM MAKING FIRST
  6. formally requesting derg emoticon
  7. what is a derg?
  8. Yeah, I agree with this.

    Anyway, some other suggestions I'd have would be smug, shrug, "Pokerface" :)|), sunglasses/"deal with it", surprise (As in stuff like ._. or o_o)... And that's about all I can think of right now.
  9. a dragon, though I'm joking
  10. No no, I think we should have an angry (or maybe smug?) dragon face. That'd be great.

    ALSO speaking of ZEJ Memez, we should have that face @"Lord X-Giga-X" uses: [/B^(
    -- As Illustrated by Tyran
  11. How about a completely retarded-looking dragon ("derg") face? If only to spite Kuda

    Ahh. Definitely want this. Can't believe I forgot it.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. yo, it's dat boi
  14. :5 is essential. Ty based @Eebit

    Anywho, toss another one in the hat for that gorilla! We need something commemorating the real memey bae of modern-times ZEJ. On top of this, I'd like to formally request a walrus emote, and a flower one, too, since that could represent the "J" and "E" of "ZEJ" rather nicely in terms of characterization. As far as the "Z" goes... I'd request an ocean quahog. We all know they have a propensity to survive. :5 

    Outside of that, how about a "Jonno 4 Admin Reinstatement" sign

    EDIT: Alternatively, re: @'Nebulon Ranger' - we can always make the gorilla have @Zantok's face. :5
  15. sudden flashbacks to 2014 AKA a much darker era oh boy I want to crawl under a rock those were so iffy

    What about.... the nose + smile.... It's like the nose adds extra meme to everything.... Idk I just made that up????

  16. OK! Here is a preview for more to come! I made these three over the past several hours, I'll continue working on the rest tomorrow.

    >: D

    : D


    These are the tiny versions, they should fit fairly well with text [​IMG] (if i make them any smaller they get look really shitty) Here are the full size versions in case anyone is interested


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